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Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Top 5 most useful apps of 2019 you must install

Hello and welcome I have brought you some very special apps for you which can really solve your many problems to an extent.

So below there is a list of 5 most useful apps which you should give it a try now.

Connection stabilizer booster

Many times when we play any online games or any other app which needs internet access we face certain problems to play it smoothly especially while doing live stream .

So that's why this app will be game changer for you guys because it will help your internet connection to become stable and increase flexibility and sommothness of you game or app playing experience.

Let's understand it by an example.

When you play any online server game then you most of the times feel lag due to unstable connection because most of our internet connection speed is not stable and not even most wifi provide stable connection.

Force LTE only

Are you still getting 3g speed on your device only and unable to use 4g sim on your old device then this app is especially for you.

In no time this app can force your device to support 4g LTE connection.

The process to setup 4g LTE connection has been providedvin the app.

Telescope 45× moon eclipse

Are you a dreamer and want to see objects at far distance but don't have money to buy telescope or to go places away.

Then till some extent this app will be helpful for you in order to show far distances away objects through your smartphone camera.

Viral booster

Do you have videos but no traffic then this app can be really special for you because it provides a simple strategy to give and get views.

And your videos seems to be interesting then who knows some starting views lead can get them to go viral.

Love Calculator

We people love many thing but what if we we will be able to calculate how much we or others lover us.

Yes you get me right,this app can really help to calculate who is your best lover by knowing certain circumstances.

If you liked the apps then don't forget to share it with your friends because if you liked it then it's certain that they would also have needed it.

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