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Saturday, 25 August 2018

Shortcut trick to earn 1000$ per month without investment

If you have proper dedication and determination then earning money is nothing but still we should have ability to grab chance whenever given don't refuse otherwise you will regret in future.

I am also giving you a useful chance to become self dependent by earning enough money per month required for living
And if you used this strategy as I said then no-one can stop you from earning 500-1000$ per month easily.

So let's start without wasting time

Tools required:

GBwhatsapp app
1000 WhatsApp groups
Android smartphone
Good network connection
TextNow app
Registration on website.
Trending or most watchable topics


First of all download gbwhatsapp which is a different version of WhatsApp where you have more reach of features.

After downloading install it and it will ask for phone number now.
Don't put your actual phone number to sign in there instead use TextNow app to generate a free virtual phone number of USA for security purpose and other reasons that may harm you.

So through that virtual number you can hide your real identity.

For creating virtual number you don't need to do much just download and install TextNow app and follow the instructions suggested by app to create you virtual number.

Now use this number to create WhatsApp account on GB WhatsApp.

Now your WhatsApp is empty you have no messages ,groups etc but don't worry within a day only you will have loads of messages and groups  which you have to handle.

Join 500-1000 active WhatsApp groups which have at least 200 members in each group easily .

See here how you can join unlimited WhatsApp groups easily without any admins permission using WhatsApp group link.
You can also visit my YouTube channels timeline to see some most effective ways to join groups easily at one place only.

So now you have joined enough whatsapp groups.Right!!!

Now you need to find the topics which people are mostly interested in.
You may take help of Google,Facebook,Twitter trends to see what's trending now.
You may even go for adult topics or videos.

Now join website and get ready.

Now whatever topic you choose to take just copy links of that topics content or even videos and then paste it on the website.

It will give you a link now you need to share those links to all whatsapp groups you have joined at once which will give at least 1000 views by sharing once.
And will pay 2$ for 1000 views on an average.

Although it's mentioned in the website that maximum rate is
 160$ per 10000 UK views
100$ per 10000 European countries views
80$ per 10000 remaining countries views.

But as I have used it I have seen on an average 2$ per 1000 views rate.

For best conversion you may use
I mean you shorten the link from your interesting chosen topic from and then use shortened link on so that gives you another shortened link.

As is more reputed link people will not hesitate to click on that link which will lead to more views equivalent to more revenue.

Now let me prove you through logic how much revenue you can make through this method.

Suppose you have joined 1000 groups which have 200 members in each leads to
1000*200=0.2 million people reach.

As I have seen if you share any interesting topics once then easily you get atleast 1000 views from 1000 groups,it may go to more than that but we suppose 1000 views only.

On an average I told you rate is 2$ per 1000 views.

So if you share once to all groups you get 2$.

If you shared it 10 times a day only you will earn 20$ in a day which means 600$ per month.

If your message is being shared by others  and gone viral then you can't even think how much money you can make.
But let's keep that apart because that's an exception it happens rarely to anyone.

Problems that may occur.

Now this method seems easy but some problems may occur which can lead you to failure.

If you don't have good smartphone and network connection then it will be difficult for you to share and get views.

So I would suggest have good one and if still you can't get good one then see my sharing strategy below to sustain even on poor Android smartphone and internet connection.

How to share

As I had asked you to download gbwhatsapp for extra features then I hope you have downloaded that.

In normal WhatsApp you can send message to 256 members only at once but through GB WhatsApp you can even send to 1000 members or groups at once.

But if your smartphone takes more time to load and send messages then you should use whatsapp group broadcast option in gbwhatsapp.

That broadcast option will help to send your messages to every groups you have instantly. But you can't send picture and videos there,only text allowed to avoid overloading and easy message sending even on poor internet connection.

Millionaire in one day strategy.

It's said in cricket that if you hit ball on right moment then only you can get boundaries which means timing is very important.

This thing is also effective here.

For example if you shared some message or  viral script on any message related special event then it will be most effective and can make your message go viral.

Suppose I shared some websites which is made to celebrate on new year on new year day only then it have high chance that people will share it even more which lead that message to go viral which means we can become millionaire through this method in a single day.

I think I have given you enough resource and knowledge to earn money easily so don't ask me everytime how to make money.
But still if you have any doubt about this method feel free to ask me by commenting below.

I will share any other startegy as I get to goodluck and enjoy.

Share this blogpost with your friends too and help them make money easily too.


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