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Sunday, 5 August 2018

Enlighten your luck within a minute through this magical trick

Have you ever played destiny related games like Cards,Roulette,ludo etc and imagined why some people wins and other loose.
Many times it also happens that same people wins more and same people loses most.

Here whatever I will explain is not just any kind of rubbish superstition while its based on Scientific proof so hold your attention because this upcoming couple of minutes can design your future in the most successful way.

So let's start Enlighten your luck

World vibrance law.

Do you know that each and every particle of this universe vibrates in different frequencies(rate of movement in a second).

Yes thats true and our human body particles also does the same.

Scientifically it's proved that the healthy person have 60-72 MHz vibrational frequency.

If our body particles frequency decreases from 60 mhz we start getting depressed and our luck also get vanish.

But if our body's frequency has been increased than 72 mhz then we achieve high vibrational state which is the reason for attracting high vibrational states like happiness in all situation.

This is what which is called a force called luck.
Inline vibration state the force is low but as we achieve high vibrational state the luck force dramatically increases and increase our luck as much as it can according to the luck force.

Different persons have different vibrational frequencies which is why some are extremely luck but some are not.

Now you may be asking is there any way to increase our body vibrational frequency or increase luck.

Answer is absolutely yes let's see some beneficial and easy ways below.

Methods to increase our vibrations.

Listen music.

Music is the easiest ways to overcharge you through its deep meaning and sensitive tunes which sends you to high vibrational tonal state and hence increase your luck.

So create a habit to listen to most amazing songs daily at least half an hour.

Note that not only music but watching or listening anything(movie eye catching scenes,amazing magic,unbelievable stunts etc) which is capable of filling energy in your body is beneficial for achieving high vibrational state.

Think super positive

Being positive sends positive waves in your brain which is important in increasing frequency.
So that's why people suggests to always be in positive state.
If your mind is not well meditated then you may get negative thoughts so whenever any negative thoughts comes convert it to positive.

Like you got insulted in office then think that your boss is so caring to you,he only scolded you so that you can become better and not removed from office so your luck was good.

Your coach punished you to run 20 rounds of field then think that your fitness will increase after making 20 rounds.

Always think that whatever happened was cool,what is happening is great and what will happen will be the best.

Avoid negative people and grab positive people.

Not only your thoughts but also your environment  can affect your vibrational state.

If you spend most time with those people with negative mindset and give attention to their thoughts then his negative mindset after entering your brain slows down your vibrational frequency and hence your luck will be worst.

So as soon as possible leave negative persons company and join those with positive mindset.

  Create Energy through anger,blowing sweat etc..

Increase your energy by doing more human efforts and become angry.

Are you scaring at me and wants to say that how anger can be beneficial in increasing luck as everyone says to be happy.

Yes being happy is also a way to increase vibrational frequency which is explained below in later point but anger is more beneficial,let's see how?

I don't mean to say that become angry and and start doing massacre everywhere and speak everyone rudely and increase your full anger to everyone unnecessarily.

Being angry here means react to anything with logic and become internally very very angry to solve that situation.

After becoming angry internally your brain will help increase your vibrational frequency very much so thats why it's advised to solve any problem with full anger internally but externally be calm and happy.

For example you are participating in a race then become internally very angry to increase vibrational state and hence your luck force will start helping you to win that race.

Heat is harmful if we unnecessarily use it everywhere on anyones body or on any device but it's beneficial if we use it logically on cooking food,running vehicles.

Similarly anger is beneficial if you use it properly.
I hope you get it.


For increasing vibrational frequency meditation is the best way including yoga and pranayam.

These methods can increase your vibrational state permanently.
This method is single handedly the winner of all methods as for doing all methods
If you do meditation then it eases your efforts.

Enjoy every moment.

Whatever you do do it with enjoyment and make it a habit whenever you do any work,just do it passionately.

This passion will keep you energetic and hence increase vibrational state and luck.

You can invent your own methods too for increasing frequency.

Increasing luck and creating destiny is two different things.

Yes you can increase your luck by these methods and whenever in a lottery someone wins and and other looses is due to this change in vibrational frequency of different persons.

Those with the high frequency will win more times that one with less frequency.


Creating destiny is other thing.

Destiny can be created only through your decisions and karma ( work).

Let's understand it with the examples

Suppose there is two person John and rockey.

John has high vibrational frequency because he applies all the methods to achieve high vibrational state.
He wants to create a computer game but he spends most time in playing games than learning to create games.

But Rockey has an average frequency between 60-72 mhz.
He also wants to create games and spends most of the time learning how to design best games.

After 1 month both decided to create a cool game.

Now I ask you the question who will create best game John or rockey?

Obviously Rockey although he has less vibrational frequency.

The problem with John is he is not creating destiny but Rockey does.

If John also creates destiny by at least giving enough time needed to learn all essential parts of game making then John will win definitely although Rockey gave more time learning it due to high frequency of John.

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