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Thursday, 2 August 2018

Detect who is really intelligent in just 3 steps?-Intelligence definition

Being practical and simpler can crack any kind of unachievable path easily and that's what is the basic introduction of an intelligent guy.

But wait... It's not the correct explanation.

There are basically 3 steps which an intelligent guy follows but foolish people misses.

So let's start understanding one by one.

A great listener

I can guarantee you that almost all successful people in any field will always be a great listener.

And the most foolish people always interrupt others and never try to listen anything.

The example of the greatest listener is none other than our Lord Krishna who has shown how good listener he is in Bhagwad gita where he almost listened at the whole starting part and never tried to interrupt arjun as he was explaining.

So best listener are those who listens carefully with full attention before speaking.

The logic behind understanding a good listener an intelligent guy because without listening you can't reach the first step and never be able to solve any issue.

Listening is not limited to only different people's perception but also our  innerself opinion.

Once we have listened properly we can say that we are 1/3 intelligent and overcome first stepping stone.


Now Only listening to others will not help and don't increase our intelligence.
 It's just a first step forward in becoming an intelligent human being.

After listening everything about any particular situation we need to understand each opinion through every perspective.

It means before speaking or making out any decision we need to understand everything through all directions.

Let me tell you through an example.

The sun seems to be orange  from earth at starting but soon it becomes yellow and at last becomes red.

If we just see it through one perspective or direction then we will say it's orange and start telling everyone rubbish that its orange.

But until and unless we see it through every perspective and understand through all directions and ways we can't get a real solution.

So an intelligent guy watches everything through all perspective and then learn the truth that the sun actually is white and show different colors at different position due to refraction.


Hope you have understood the previous 2 steps.

The last is the most crucial step which should be must have step otherwise you will be trapped and unable to take right decision every time.

Most people don't overcome this step mainly in underdeveloped and developing countries.

They listen and understand whatever they are needed.

For example if he reads anywhere about a person some bad thing then he accepts that and become a puppet of whoever who is reading him that data.
He should analyse by his own that whether he is actually wrong or not through the data(listening and understanding).

So this step of analysing is very important but it's also incomplete without previous 2 steps of listening and understanding every aspect.

Now those who try all these 3 methods before taking any decision are meant to be an intelligent person.

But I know you may have one question which is that if everyone uses these 3 steps properly then all will become Intelligent.
Then how we can say that who are more intelligent than others.

So there is a simple answer for this question.

After listening and understanding as much needed or as much  data present,the one who analyses to farthest extent will be more intelligent than others.

If you don't understand then let me show you an example.

I hope you have played chess or at least  may have seen others playing.

In chess after listening opponents steps and understanding chess rules the one who analyse most steps than opponent will definitely win .

Let's say I managed to think or analyse the 4 upcoming step of one of my wazir and opponent only managed to think about 2 steps then there are more chances than I will lead over him.

It also depends that how well played planned your each analysation is.

If I analyse only once but my analysation is very well planned than my opponent who analyse 4 times.

Then my one analysation should be 4 times well planned or beneficial than opponent to compete with him.

Although it's seen that the more analysation you have then their are more chances for you to succeed.

For example- suppose I face enemy on all 4 side and my opponent also face enemy from 4 sides.

I have 4 ways to tackle with each of them but my opponent only have one way to tackle with them.
Then there are without any doubt 4 times more chances that I will come alive and he will die unless his one way or analysation is 4 times well planned than my each analysation and sufficient to tackle all 4 of enemies which is very very rare.

And that's why it's told that one with more analysation never loose.

So for facing any problem always keep at least 3 analysation  can save you from problem.
If first analysation didn't worked then try 2nd and if that not worked then 3rd and keep going on like most intelligent and kNowledgeable person like chanakya who defeated most powerful king of the era "Alexander" through his power of analysations.

For using these 3 steps we need human power which is already placed in our human body and thats why we say that everyone has the potential to become intelligent.

Actually no one is intelligent or foolish basically someone have more knowledge and some have less knowledge.

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