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Thursday, 1 February 2018

Secret paidverts strategy only their officials know

Paidverts is the only ptc websites on internet which has the capability to earn you a lots of money through its unique method which has changed the way ptc sites work.

there are some paidverts strategy people need to understand and implement in order to take most out of it.

paidverts strategy

So we should first understand what are the ways or paidverts strategy to speed up BAP(Bonus Ad points)

The first easiest way to accumulate more baps is to earn 1$ first from paidverts or invest 1$ to buy bulk ads which will provide ads 2400 baps worth 1.4$ and some impressions on your destination site or anything you submit for advertising.

Once you get 2400 baps wait for earning again 1.4 $ from it then again buy the 1$ bulk ads then again you will get baps worth 1.4$  and your earning will become now 2$ and you need to again buy the bulk ads not this time of 1$ but as you have now 2$ then buy bulk ads of 2$ so that you get combined baps worth 2.8$.

Keep on using this paidverts strategy  it will take you from 0 baps(group 1) to unlimited baps( group 8) making an easy platform to earn a lots of money.

Now let's come to the second paidverts strategy  which is playing flip coins

Flip coin is a game in paidverts where algorithm tosses a coin and you need to choose head or tail and choose a value for betting.
If you wins you will get double the amount,if looses then no amount of baps.

The strategy here is pretty simple.
It's seen that people bet on any amount and any way and there is large chance of loosing their baps but the secret info from paidverts officials have told that they have programmed a certain frequency on some value of betting baps so if anyone plays with these values and patterns then there will be very less chance of loosing baps.

The secret pattern and betting values are explained below.

Until you don't loose keep on going with this pattern which means suppose you bet starting at 25 baps and you win then change the amount to 53 and again play,again you win then again change the upcoming amount  to 112 baps and keep on doing it until you loose.
If you loose at any point between this pattern then start playing from starting amount of baps which was 25.


There is one more pattern to play which is play ahead once you loose.
It means start playing from 25 if you win keep on playing with 25 until you loose,once you loose at 25 go ahead increase the amount to 2nd value which is 53,if again you loose then choose the third amount 112 and keep on playing like this.

This pattern is a very nice strategy because once you increase value and win then all the previous lossed amount gets acquired with twice extra value just in one go.

These were the two patterns through which you you can play.
The 2nd pattern is more efficient than 1st pattern so I would recommend playing more with 2nd pattern.

These methods give unbelievable results but one thing you need to take in mind than you should have at least 5000 baps with you so that increasing amount can be possible while playing.

If you still unable to believe it then try as explained in flip coins game on paidverts you will yourself realise the power of this method.

No other games in paidverts have this much probability of winning and earning unlimited baps so I would recommend to give more attention to flip coin only although you can play some games on paidverts which are very profitable.
What I mean with this statement is
Investing only 1 baps can also let you earn 10000 baps on a single go on games like rouloutte or between 0.1$ to 100$ from games like click grid.

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