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Thursday, 8 February 2018

How to index websites in Google news instantly

Oh ok so you want to appear in Google news but before doing anything you should first check that whether you are already in Google news or not

Google news

Google news index guide

So for checking it go to Google and search site:your in news category.

If your websites posts show their then congrats you are already in Google news but if not displayed go forward check the ways to index site in search results.

The main ways your website will get indexed in Google news is regular news uploading.
It means if you upload regularly news content then the bot will understand and will keep showing you in the Google news through your latest post.

Now let's see what to do to be included in news results.

As you have seen that you are not included in Google news results all you need to do is apply for inclusion after reading and maintaining your site as instructed in Google news guidelines.

Before reading the rules applying your site for inclusion can be waste of time for you because once you got rejected you will not be able to apply again within 60 days of rejection.

After 60 days you will be eligible for re applying so read the rules and implement it properly before applying for inclusion.

Now as you have seen your site is not on Google news and you have implemented your site according to the Google news rules and guidelines you are ready to apply for inclusion there.

You just need to fill this form and apply,they will ask some basic information there which is site url,location of original articles,contact info of author etc.After applying just wait for few hours for results.

Make sure that your site imply to all the rules and guidelines of Google news because after rejection you will not be able to reapply for 60 days.

After you got approved you can head on to the next step which is submitting sitemap of your Google news but note that only do submit after getting approved for inclusion otherwise you will get an error

Google news sitemap

Sitemap are not that much necessary because it doesn't help you site in any kind of ranking but it's still effective for fast crawling by Google robots.
The information can be properly displayed on Google search results with meta data.

To help you setup Google news sitemap go ahead to this page and do as instructed.

Put sufficient amount of keywords on articles before submitting sitemap.

Articles should contain a publication date and should not be 2 days old.

Now for submitting sitemap search Google webmaster tools on Google and submit you site and verify it by the instructions given their.
After that go to sitemaps section in optimization category on the dashboard page.
Just after entering the path of sitemap click create or test sitemap and submit it.

Now many people asks how to rank in Google news or increase visibility to reach more people.

Google news has different rules of SEO which is different than the main SEO so listen it carefully.

Write a catchy title and metadata with the main keywords.

The more frequently you upload the more chances are there that you will get ranked quickly.

There is no backlinks method is implied here fo ranking on top of bottom but authority can play a role.

If you have still any doubt or face any issue you can use this helper

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