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Monday, 5 February 2018

How does Reddit work - Every secrets revealed

How does Reddit work to get traffic 

How does Reddit work

Reddit is one of the most famous social networking sites used on the internet.
It's also called the front page of the intetnet but many doesn't know how does reddit work.

Reddit is just a community with some subreddits included in it which is the smaller community of different categories.

In Reddit you should have more link karma and comment karma in order to your posts become more visible.
More visibility will make your post to reach to more people and get more traffic but new people ok sometimes regular user also doesn't understand how to increase their link karma.

If you post without link karma and comment karma your post will not become visible to anyone
At least 1000 link karma is needed for your post to be visible on posting on any subreddit.
So first we have to increase the link karma ,let's see how.

How does Reddit work to get karma on Reddit

Follow me as I say
For increasing karma you need to choose any subreddit which have less than 50000 subscribers.
Once you choose that subreddit you need to post there whatever type of posting it allows after properly reading the rules section on the right sidebar.

Although you can choose any type of subreddit under 50000 subscribers I will recommend to use the pictures sharing types of subreddit as they are interesting and easy to share.
As it's more interested people will upvote it more.
You must note it that people upvotes and downvotes any post as they likes or dislikes it enabling posts to get more reach and less reach.

Now for posting in any picture sharing subreddit you need to have images which is not shared earlier ever on any subreddit in Reddit.

Now how will you be able to check if images are shared earlier or not?

So for getting images that are not shared you need to go to Google images and choose any nice picture and then go to karmadecay website and share url of that pic.

Karmadecay will show the results of that image that if it's shared on Reddit earlier or not.

If it shows no matched results then you are ready.

You need to go to imgur now and share this image their.
After sharing image you will see a imgur url for your image which you can share on Reddit.

Now you just need to share this image on any image sharing subreddit with less than 50000 subscribers.

Once you share it will start getting upvotes and your link karma will keep increasing.

For comment karma also similarly you can share anything on the comment box of posts under subreddit less than 50000 subscribers.

Now do this unless you get 1000 link karma then share posts on any subreddit.
But before posting it's highly recommended that you read the rules for posting especially on bigger subreddits because if you violate any rules then their moderators will be eager and happy to ban you.

After reading the rules before sharing posts on that subreddit interact with others so that it doesn't look like that you only shares post only and greedy to get traffic only.
Because if they see this type of behaviour of regular shares they have the power to remove your visibility of posts on new category.

So properly interactions with sharing can earn you a lots of traffic from this website.

Hack to get upvotes and traffic

There is also a hack to get unlimited votes and link karma simultaneously.

Just download zenmate extension on your Google chrome and make separate unlimited accounts.

The speciality of zenmate proxy is that you can change ip location every single second and make unlimited accounts and upvote on single post from all your accounts.

I have personally used this method to get upvotes and link karma so you can also use it.

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