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Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Achievable ways to get free youtube subscribers fast

Subscribers pay a very important role in the success of any YouTube channel and it's the first perspective of every YouTuber to respect and take proper care of them without milsleading so to get free youtube subscribers fast never support lies.

But for YouTubers it is important to think from earlier about getting active subscribers for more engagements because it's seen than after subscribing also subscribers doesn't able to reach them due to several reasons.

If you will be overactive then subscribers will also start taking more participation on your channel and other important thing is that you should notify your all subscribers to click bell icon because if they don't click bell icon,only subscribe button then video may reach to their front YouTube page but they will not get any notifications about the upcoming videos.

get free youtube subscribers fast

Now let's see how you can start boosting your subscribers numbers in short time to get free youtube subscribers fast

Social Exchange websites to get free youtube subscribers fast

There are many social profile exchanging websites on the internet which is useful at some extent if they don't give dead subscribers.

I am going to mention that type of two websites which is really useful to get free youtube subscribers fast.

The strategy of these websites is simple which is just follow,like or share others and gain points and after gaining points use that points to get shares,like,followers on their social media accounts.


This one is the most famous social media sharing exchanging websites which I would recommend only and stop using any other related to it.


This website is the best in the market which doesn't need anything to do for getting daily 20 subscribers through one account.

You need to just paste url of your YouTube channel after registering on website.
And keep getting subscribers.
This websites speciality is that it doesn't need any coins or points for increasing subscribers.

Subscribe tools to get free youtube subscribers fast

It's very important to specify a method or remind your viewers to subscribe your YouTube channel either on starting or ending the video because many viewers doesn't know the use of the subscribe button and sharing buttons and someone even thinks that for subscribing you need to pay some money.

There are many methods developed which you can choose to use them as reminder for sharing,commenting and subscribing.

Use subscribe bell intro

Nowadays this method is working very well to stick as many subscribers as we can.
You need to just use any video editor like camtasia or kinemaster and show through a small video of not more than 10 seconds how to use subscribe button and why should they subscribe.

Use subscribing end screen

Youtube has launched a way to provide a round subscribe button which shows before the last 10 seconds of video.
Viewers need to click and subscribe the channel.

For enabling this button you need to go to separate video and click on edit and then End screen and annotations.

Click on add element and add subscribe end screen with any earlier video.

You can also choose annotations and put on anywhere on the video but the problem with annotations is that it can only be used for pc devices.
I mean mobile viewers will not able to see the annotations.


Content is always the key to success and if your content is extremely well you don't need to do anything to let people subscribe.

You content will stick everyone because they will be influenced by you.

So put all the efforts on creating the video.
Because a great thumbnail can attract visitors but your content only can attract them to subscribe your YouTube channel.

Subscribing joke or quotes

It's seen that subscribing jokes at the end influences and change the viewers decision who was just going without subscribing YouTube channel.

So if possible entertain viewers with a subscribing joke at end.

Same type of content on one channel

People always subscribe any YouTube channel by influencing through any video and wishes of same types of videos in the future but if he watch that the channel have some cooking videos and some news videos and other different types of videos then he may change his decision of subscribing.

So it's better to upload same type of content on a YouTube channel and use other channel to upload other types of videos.

But if not possible then you can stay with a single channel with different types of videos.
Because unless you are providing quality content in every topics then there will be not too much degradation of subscribers.

Use trends

Trends always help to grow your YouTube channel in one go.
For understanding trends powers What can be a better example than jio in india

If you use trends wisely and upload videos regarding that then you can see too much growth in a single night only.

trends graph

For using trends go to the Google trends and choose the most trending topcs and check it's graph,if it's graph is going down then don't use that keyword but if the graph is increasing and going high then upload one interesting videos regarding that topic as quickly as possible to use the full benefits of trends.


Being regular is the guaranteed ways to get free youtube subscribers fast depending on your quality videos.
So don't post video in a week and sleep for two months and then re upload then you can't use the power of being regular to get subscribers.

If you are regular then your videos reach keeps on multiplying with viewers related viewers and hence after some time being regular you get to the top of mountain by having a large audience gathering.

Look professional.

Look professional

Professional look gives more attention to your product.
Similarly professional type looking channel attracts and influence more visitors.

So don't miss this chance
Now you maybe wondering I am a simple guy not a professional then how can I do it?

The answer is simple as you decorate your house main door in a festival to give attractive look to your house similarly decorate your YouTube channel to give a professional look to attract others.

You need to first of all make a banner either in Photoshop or any other simple photo editor.
Then Choose a image which suits your YouTube channel name.

Now the most important part is YouTube by default shows a simple overview of YouTube channel.
You need to change that default layout to professional one and put featured videos and popular uploads for new users so that they get amazed by seeing your channel and immediately subscribe it.

After that just add channel description by specifying what visitors are going to get from this channel.
For adding description just go to the about page and add it.

Embed at other places

For getting some quick real subscribers never forget to embed or post your videos on web 2.0 sites like blogger,WordPress,Tumblr,wix etc

The advantage of embedding website their is that whenever you post on these websites you get instant views from their own source of traffic to motivate newbies.

Use video description

In YouTube channels videos description ask viewers to subscribe the channel by uploading links of your other awesome videos and you social media profiles.

This can give a friendly feeling to them so use this way too.

First and last impression is most important

Always bear in mind about the advantages of first impression and last impression and put most efforts to make this area of your video amazing.

First impression is important to let viewers stay on your videos and last impression to subscribe your channel.

Interact as much possible


Interactions increase the engagements of your channel and conscience viewers that you are always there to help your followers to let them achieve what they want to achieve so if possible interact to every response if your viewers at least at the starting stage of your YouTube channel because I understand that if you have too many subscribers then it's next to impossible to reply to every comments.

So in that case either you can come live and solve their doubts or make a separate video for them



You all would have heard the story of the power of being united so you can also use the same power here also.
Wondering how?

You need to just contact other channels either through their email ID,social accounts or by directing YouTube contact and ask them to collaborate by advertising your channel in his channels videos or by specifying in their channel's homepage feature channels layout.
And in return you also do the same for him.

This way can increase your channel reach to multiple times depending on as much channel you collaborate with.

Note that you need to find the channels for collaborating through Google search or suggested videos section with almost same number of subscribers which you have because it's possible that the channel with more number of subscribers than you shows dignity and will not reply you.


Giveaway gifts

When you provide offers and gifts to subscribers then it's called doing giveaways.

No doubt giveaways attracts visitors but there is one disadvantage people things that new YouTube channels cannot do giveaways because at that time rarely they have enough money to provide gifts.

So if that is the case for you also then you can provide paytm cash,some other money making apps money and many other small money to your subscribers because for free everyone would desire to grab that.

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