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Tuesday, 13 February 2018

All the tremendous ways to find trending topics easily using some free tools

Trends on internet always help us to know what's going on internet without having an eye on every topics stats which is very helpful for blogger to find trending topics and use it to increase their audience gathering fast without doing any seo.
In this blogpost I will explain all the ways through which you can find trending contents on every kind of category,

So Let's start learning to find trending topics

find trending topics

find trending topics using Google trends

Googles own tools is always a special one in order to get most out of it in any category.
In order to find trending topics on Google nothing better than Google trends can help you to solve this issue.
All you need to do to find trending topics is just go to Google trends.You will see the homepage where it will show all the lates trending things available.
The thing which you need to know here is that you can search for trending contents according to different countries and all countries too and with every different categories like tech,sports etc.
This will help to gather trending niche related info for more clarity.
You can go to three horizontal lines menu and click on it you will see the option of trending searches where you will find the trending searches of 1 day,1 week and 1 month.
Also you can find YouTube's trending videos here.

Social Media trends

Social Media trends can be little different than search engine trends so having way to find trending topics from social media is also important.
There are only few social media sites where we should focus for trending social media content.
Let's see

Facebook trends

find trending topics using Facebook

Facebook is undoubtedly the most used and most famous social media website and finding trending content here is not a rocket science.
All you need to do is go to the homepage of Facebook and open in desktop view,you will see an option of trending content in Facebook where you can check the most viral and latest trending contents.

twitter trends

find trending topics using Twitter

Twitter is another great place for finding trending contents using hashtags.Mainly in social media websites hashtags play a keyrole in finding or expressing trends.
Hashtag is nothing but just # symbol before any keywords.
You need to just go to the homepage of Twitter where you will see the option trends for you in the left sidebar.
Keyhole is a great tool in Twitter which helps to get each and every important values of different trending hashtags.
 find trending topics

You need to just put the keyword for which you wanted to gather trending informations and click on search.
Then you will see all the trending latest tweets,users interactions,impressions,demographics,users interests etc.

find trending topics using Reddit

reddit trends

Reddit is also called the front page of internet because almost every content goes viral after sharing through this place only and that's why this place is must to find trending topics on almost all types of categories.
It's speciality is that that it has large number of subreddits or categories where you can find trending contents on any kind of topic.
Go to Reddit and click on every subreddits in it on top,you will see the most trending content there.
Also you can search for shorter subreddits in search options.

find trending topics using Google+

Last but not the least Google plus is also in the race to find trending topics although it's not over used like Facebook,it's worth to use for our purpose as it's Google product.
Just go to Google plus and watch the what's hot for you section there to find trending topics.

Buzzsumo trending contents


To find trending contents or articles on internet buzzsumo is the one and only great resource which analyses the most shared content on  internet among all websites and provide the result of articles according to the number of shares it got.
You just need to go to buzzsumo and search any particular keyword and it will show you the results according to the more number of shares.

find trending topics using Social mention

Social mention tool

Social mention trend

social mention

Social mention is the search engine for finding not only trending content but also other related keywords.
It can find not only most trending keywords but also trending blogs,questions,images,videos etc things so it's worth of using to get trending content info.
You need to just search the keyword and select the category so that you can get the desired result.

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