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Saturday, 3 February 2018

Learn digital marketing basics to setup pillar of your business

Digital marketing is increasing it's reach to more and more people due to its effective performance everywhere.
Basically Digital marketing is the the type of marketing(buying and selling products) which is done without opening a shop or you can say it's done online digitally which is the number 1 marketing exists on this planet now.

digital marketing basics

For any type of business owner digital marketing can boost their business without doing any man made efforts.

But for getting most out of it you need to have an overview of digital marketing basics

There are basically two types of marketing 

1) Offline

Those marketing which are done without the use of internet world is offline marketing 

If done properly through different strategies offline marketing also have a good reach to grow further but we need to learn it's basics too before learning digital marketing basics.

In offline there are only few things you need to analyse and implement for succeeding which is demonstrated below.

1)Have a business card and distribute wherever possible.

2)Keep generating unique offers and provide gift certificates 

3)Keep attending events and discuss your business plans

4)Use calling strategy to call people to explain about your business benefits by asking their requirements.

5)Use mlm networking to keep growing your business.

6)Reach out to local publications and advertise as much as you can.

Although business is a kind of topic which never ends but these things are enough to grow business offline

2) Online

Online or Internet digital marketing is widely spread and a very powerful method to grow your business.

I explained earlier about offline marketing so that you have some basic knowledge of marketing so that you can upgrade it's use through internet.

But unlike offline marketing digital marketing has many things to learn for understanding the whole concept of it.

So let's start.

There are many types of Digital marketing


Basically search engine optimization comes under search engine marketing.
Search engine marketing is done through the traffic of major search engines like Google,Yahoo and bing throught optimizing website by the help of Search engine optimisation.

It can also be done directly by the search engines advertising network to fulfill the needs of promotion within a short duration of high values.
Google AdWords is prominent in fulfilling this need due to its humongous reach.

1)Content marketing

Content marketing comes under search engine marketing only which is basically marketing products through the help of your content.

For getting the help from this kind of marketing you need to make niche related great attractive content regarding the product which you want to Target.

For doing content marketing well styled content have also a great role in it's success.

2)Viral marketing

These kind of marketing is very attractive but little difficult to implement.

Only a great content will not drive you far,you also need a way of marketing to become viral marketer.

You can choose any place which has potential to make anything viral.
Mainly viral marketer use Reddit to implement their viral marketing.

The first step is to create content people love to share which means content should be shareworthy.
And then use Reddit or other viral marketing tool such that it goes viral.

2)PPC Marketing

Pay per click marketing is very cheap marketing but can provide valuable benefits for your product.

For doing this kind of marketing you need to choose ppc sites like neobux which is doing exceptionally well in the market.
You can also do this marketing with the help of Google AdWords,Facebook etc but for more conversions(more impressions per click) by spending less money you should choose ppc sites like neobux and paidverts.

3)Social Media marketing

Digital marketing is not only the play of search engines but also of social media network sites.

We need to do marketing on social media such like that it doesn't look spam and offers a great value.

It can either done through YouTube by creating and growing a YouTube channel or by creating Facebook or Google+ page.

Facebook is a very good platform for marketing of your products as it's advertising rates and methods are too unique and impressive.

The whole stats of engagements are easily available on Facebook which determines it's quality.

4)Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is really famous although it's new because it's a shortcut to digital marketing.

The main idea here is to promote products through similar other internet marketers by specifying value of our brand.
In return you also need to speak and promote other digital marketers to make a great bond between them so that you can again use the influence marketing strategy in future.

Due to the influence of other marketers you pretend to succeed through this marketing thats why it's called influencer marketing.

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