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Wednesday, 7 February 2018

How to create free wordpress website for professional use

Websites are meant just like your home where you decorate and live and earn money from it.
Similarly websites can also become a source of money online through advertisement and other methods.
Just like a house websites can support you to grow live and face any difficulties.Creating home needs money as so website too but thanks to our trick to create free wordpress website

So as websites has many advantages we should first learn how to create it properly because if you did mistake while creating a website then it will no longer able to support you like cheap materials building house.

Manywhere you will see people asking money for domain and hosting and other things to create a website and to an extent they are not wrong but here I will explain step by step easiest ways to create free WordPress website.

There are some advantages and disadvantages of free website than paid websites but through my way to create website there will be very less disadvantages left.

create free wordpress website

So lets start learning how to create free WordPress website

How to get free domain name

First of all we need to get a free domain name and for buying free domain name we first need to go to freenom which is the best free domain name provide which exists on internet.
No one can be as effective than this free domain name provider but you can also choose other domain name provider to buy like, etc

freenom domain

How to get free Web hosting

For getting web hosting blogger is the best as you get the worlds best hosting with not a single disadvantage you simply need to add your custom domain in settings of blogger by adding nameservers given on blogger to your registered domain name provider freenom by going to manage domains option there.

But if you only wants WordPress and it's your wish to use WordPress only then the solution is below

Now after that you need web hosting and for getting free web hosting nothing can be better than webhost to host for free because its capable to break most disadvantage of getting free web hosting.

Although other free hosting provider has many disadvantages like less space,irritating ads,slow speed,low uptime but the webhost provider I am going to tell has everything like a paid hosting but only a single issue which is that the website will sleep for 1 hours during a day but good news is that you can change the timing of any 1 hour within 24 hours so you should set the time for sleep at that time when most of your users don't use internet for being at a safe end.

Unless then you nothing need to worry about it.

Let see how to buy or use it.

Go to 000webhost and you need to create a webhost subdomain under which you can add your main domain got from freenom.

After doing signup and all go to set web address and click on use my own domain and add your domain name.

Then an email will come from webhost with their nameservers
Just go to freenom again and go to my domains and in manage dns add these nameservers.

For example

Name type ttl target
Rahul CNAME default nameserver

After doing this wait for webhost to detect nameservers change as it can take few hours.

After that go to build website.
There will be 3 options to build a website.

If you want instant website making without doing any effort then click on first option.

If you want WordPress blogs or sites then click on 2 nd option.

At last if you are developer and designed a website then click on 3rd option upload own site.

So as our need is WordPress website click on install WordPress.

After installing click on go to configuration page

And now you are welcome to WordPress after login with you username and password you setup on webhost while registering to use it's plugins and easy to use all tools to make blogs or websites for earning money.

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