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Monday, 5 February 2018

Advanced blogging tools for beginners for growing your blogging carrier

It's right that for growing blogging carrier an awesome content is most needed thing so put most of the efforts in making a content which people love to watch or read.

But it's not only thing which is important.Most often it's seen that people struggle even they create good content.It you want to grow just by content then you need to create a really exceptional content but it's not happen always.

So we need to know many things for growing fastly which is what I am going to provide you in this post.

The most effective Advanced blogging tools for beginners will help you travel whole ocean of blogging by making pools.

So let's start

All the tools have it's own speciality so you need to be really alert while using it so that you can take most out of it.
Some tools may be needed a pro version for being used most but if you are comfortable then only buy it otherwise just use it for free as free version will also help you much which is needed.
My opinion is don't always rely on paid version use the free version as much as you can .

blogging tools for beginners

Blogging Tools for Website Stats


blogging tools

Ahrefs is an all in one tool which has many potential to crack anyone's links and investigate on all referring domain so that we can also get it.
It's recommended by many seo professionals because of it's quality.
It's a very powerful tool which has a largest collection of key phrases.
Here you can check your keywords where you can easily get ranking on Google and other easy keywords where other competitors are getting rank without doing much effort,you just need to see the competitors on page and off page so through this tool only and do like they did and you will be on top of Google for that keyword.

Although I never recommend any paid tool to buy for seo but this this is the only one tool I see worth paying.


It's a very beautiful tool which every blogger should use because it shows many things like any website Alexa rank,traffic source like paid,organic,social and from which system and all other useful informations.
 it has many tools accompanied in it like site audit,brand tracker,social media tracker,track any website ranking keywords.
It also shows the backlink informations but i feel that's not exactly correct like ahrefs but this is most famous tools in seo category due to its all in one feature where you can do almost anything in seo.


This is also very important blogging tools for beginners for seo due to its wide feature although it doesn't do all type of vast works like semrush but it's still has many things which is needed to grow .

You can check competitors website traffic and from where it's coming so that you also can acquire traffic from that source.
Which keywords of your competitors are doing well on search engines you can trace and then check about it's on and off page(cant check on similar web) so that you can outrank him on that keyword.

Although this tool was just mainly for showing traffic of any website but in that also it's info is diverse which is beneficial.

Google AdWords

Google only made many tools needed  for maintaining and growing your site whose quality is awesome.

Keyword planner

Keyword planner is an awesome tool for keyword research.
Keyword research is beneficial for knowing which keywords have low competition,high revenue generating potential,easy to rank on search engines and many more thing.

So properly learning how to do keyword research is very important for growing any business online and for that no tool can reach even on the legs of keyword planner depending on the quality and Google own presence and tracking as almost all traffic comes from Google only.

Webmaster tools

Google webmaster tools have many important tools in it for tracking our own sites mistakes and common problems and solutions.
This website is only for webmasters to easily index through sitemap and do all which should be done to make this website visible on the search engine google.


Google analytics is very important tools of Google again which is beneficial in tracking your own sites every kind of stats needed to grow.
Google understands that you should have these kind of informations thats why they provide it for free.

Traffic source like search engine,social sites or other sites is mentioned in it to check which platform is beneficial for your site and which keywords and blog posts are getting me traffic.
Real time views,site speed,bounce rate,time people spend all the things are easily available to have a look to improve our site more.

Display planner

For traffic estimations of any website except display planner no one can provide accurate estimations like then as all traffic comes from Google and it's Google product.
You need to just type your landing pages on search and it will deliver all traffic details of that site or landing pages depending on month,week or year.
You can also take out revenue estimations through them.


Everyone knows about Alexa and uses it for measuring any websites quality and it's very accurate in estimating it made by amazon.

It also shows many important info like web global and country wise rank,bounce rate,area of traffic according to time,bounce,rate,backlinks and related websites.

In free version it's limited to here only with showing few results only.
For more tools and for more results it asks a pro account.

Moz opensite explorer

Moz site explorer is also a great tool in analysing any website statistics but the unique info it provides which rarely any tool provides accurately is Domain authority and page authority
For watching backlinks also it shows very accurate and real backlinks of any competitors with a spam score in the backlinks with anchor text too.

I really liked this tool and it's recommended to use with some other essential tools like seo audit in it.


If you want to have all the information of your competitors content like which plugins they use,which other tools they are using,how much on page optimization they did is accessible only through this single tool.
Although a pro account can do more but a free account is also enough for accessing manything,you can go for it.


Serpstat is also very useful all in one tool like semrush and provide many more information which lacked in semrush like pagerank.
Instead that it shows traffic details,backlinks,audit site info etc.

It also provides ranking of keyword of different sites which is pretty useful in ranking our posts too.
Many more feature is available on site,you can check it.


This website is the best help for analysing competitors website ranking informations as it's the simplest website to use for comparing multiple websites ranking,links and advertising too.

This tool can single handedly complete the whole analyzation needed to know about competitors .

Moz toolbar

For becoming seo champ you should install this tool bar as it shows many Interesting info to estimate websites while even searching which makes it worth to use.
It can alert us before visiting any site what's it's status which is amazing.

blogging tools for Social media


For getting more shares from social media sites and increase traffic dramatically you must use this tool before creating any new content.

Basically buzzsumo shows the most shared and viral gone content on every keyword through which you can also make content like this or check before creating content that does it have potential to attract visitors or not.

The benefit of making that type of content is now you are sure that if you also create content similar to it then people will like it and you get more visitors.


For getting free shares on your content no tool on internet is as beneficial than this.

People basically share their content here in the community and other people share their content.
When you share and when your content get shared both times you earn some points through which you can add more web posts on it by spending points on it so that it gets more and more shares.

It's just amazing because once you earned 50-100 points by sharing others post first
Then if you regularly post your content their you will keep getting shares and your points also automatically keep getting increased.

Whenever your aticle get shared you will get an email like this,watch out my back to back shares.


If you want to schedule your posts so that it get regularly shared without manual work then don't go anywhere buffer is here and no other tools is as efficient and best for doing it.

You need to first include your social sites link.
It's best because in free version only it allows all major social networking sites to work like Facebook,Twitter,Instagram,Pinterest,LinkedIn while other this type of tool gives hardly two or three social sites to add.

Google trends

For watching what trends is now going on anywhere in the world according to worldwide or separate country the best option is none other than google.
Using their topics has a huge benefits in boosting your sites views so mind it.
As strong flow of water takes you from one way to other similarly viral topics can take your content from low traffic to high traffic

Google alerts

If you are short of topics you can signup on Google alerts with your email and put the keywords there on which you want the content to be delivered on your email and you are done.

For reaching to the press release websites and press to get your content and link on some very well qualified news sites will become very easy for you through this site.


This place is the best place to find top bloggers website which is available for guest posting very easily and nothing else.


This site has all the worlds best reporter whom interaction can serve you a very high quality backlinks from many big news source.

Blogging Tools to check SEO

Google pagespeed insights

Google tools will always help webmasters in one or other type by teaching or using tools.

So for website to grow a very important thing is website speed.

Through Google pagespeed insights you can always check your website speed and if it has problems you can sort out it by the way which Google tells after testing your site.


For analysing every on page seo mistakes quicksprout is the best teacher will make your website 100% optimized.

It's an exceptional website to make your website up to date with seo friendly conditions so that Google search engines loves you to show you everywhere on internet.


Through this awesome tool you can check your rank on search engine of different keywords and others too.


This tool also opens your site from everywhere and show you what kind of things are making your site bad and how to remove them.


Broken links in any website is a very big problem in degrading any website so remove or retreat the broken links which are in your website.


Copyscape is the best tool which can take care that your content is not spread on other blogs without your permission
Although it's not much important but it's still needed.

Till now I have mentioned all the tools I think will take care of your blogging journey.
There are tons of same types if tools on internet but I have only mentioned the most reputed and mostly used by other famous bloggers because of it's quality and I don't think that any more tools now needed except than them but still If I think some tools need to be here in our list I will update it after analysing it properly.

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