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Sunday, 4 February 2018

Blogging tips and tricks for beginners only successful bloggers know

Blogging can be made tough or made easier through bloggers own thoughts but many newbies bloggers doesn't care about understanding what's the root to success on running a a blog and reaching to most as much people as they can.

Blogging is just like a fisherman of an ocean where everywhere fishes or other creatures live anywhere.You need to have knowledge that where the fishes are most and where is least.You need to also grab in mind that if anywhere where there is more availability of fishes either there are more fisherman or less.

According to that you need to hunt or blog on different topic or different ocean.

Blogging tips and tricks for beginners

Let's see blogging tips and tricks for beginners which other bloggers are doin but you don't

1) Consistency

No one can stop you in the world of blogging to grow if you are consistent and posting regularly.
The Cause behind it is only that if you do consistent blogging your visitors keep on multiplying with your previous visitors resulting in large audience gathering after some time.

I understand that sometimes people are too busy that they doesn't have time to do it but if it s your scenario then you can simply accept guest posting by adding guest post button on your blog,Other people will love to post on your blogs.

There is also an option of scheduled posts in blogger and WordPress whatever you are using.So whenever you get time write multiple blogposts and set them to schedule so that content will keep posting from your blog which makes it consistent in the eyes of Google.

2) stop spamming

Have you seen spamming contents on internet either by commenting anywhere,social media  or posting anywhere.
Just check the stats of those people you will always find that they are struggling to succeed because they want to hold a heavy car by him only which is not possible,but if he keep on trying to do it he may face trouble by hurting himself.If he wanted that car should be held up then he either need multiple human efforts or some strategic method or tools to hold it like as big truck holds car.

The scenario in blogging is also like  the above example so bear in mind never spam because it's sure that it won't give you much value but it can happen that you may loose value in the eyes of Google by declared spammer


Making relationships always help in the real world but it can also hurt if you make bad relationships.

Similarly making links between different sites always help by giving value and declaring valuable by Google or other major search engines.

As There are different types of relationships like brother,mother,friend depending on how strong your relationships are according to you or according to them

Similarly there are 3 types of links in blogging according to how strong your relationships are according to you and others.

Inbound backlinks

When some other sites link to you then they adds value to your website which is inbound backlinks

Outbound backlinks

When you link to some other quality sites then still you get some value from them as you are ready to shake hand with them they will also try to move their hand forward.

Internal backlinks

When you link to other pages from your site to some other pages it's internal backlinks.

4) SEO

Seo is nothing but just a signal or a path through which when you go then it will be available to reach to the search engines who will  spread you everywhere so that everyone can know your address and reach you.

So for that Google has some rules which can also be a common sense or can learned by them by watching how they are working simply.

Without going to the path suggested by Google they will unable to reach to you and introduce you to their friends.

5) Social Media presence

Interacting with your own friends and introducing your work and achievements is very crucial because they will always show their love to you and if you keep providing them valuable content then by being pillar of the house they will help you to raise every stairs of your success.

Don't ever forget about this by being active always to help others through social media through our content and if possible then separately.

I hope you will implement these Blogging tips and tricks for beginners steps and continue your work.
I am also, you are also here for watching your success.

Share your thoughts or any problem you face,I will be happy to help if possible.

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