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Saturday, 10 February 2018

Learn the best way to drive traffic to your website for free

Hello everyone in this article I am going to share one of the easiest ways to get atleast 1000 views guaranteed genuine real high conversion traffic anywhere(url,social media profile and pages,YouTube videos)

Traffic is the root of your effectiveness on internet,without traffic you are nothing on internet so always work harder to have a better audience gathering and it's mostly dependent on your content.

The traffic making strategy which I am going to tell here is not from Google nor from social media sites and you need not to do any hard work to get it so let's start

best way to drive traffic to your website

best way to drive traffic to your website for free

In starting let me tell you in short what we are going to do in this method to drive traffic to your website.
We will download 1 image related to ok our content and share this image with a url to our related posts where we wanted views to a very nice place where easily on an average every shared image gets at least 1000 views a day.

Now let's see

First of all you need to choose the destination of your url and the topic of your content.

For example- I am choosing a blogpost about creating free wordpress site

After choosing the topic you need to go to Google images and search for any attractive high quality images related to your content or url where you are going to get traffic


Optional step

You can go to which is Google url shortener where you can check how much traffic or clicks you got and from what type of source.

url shortener

You need to just share the destination url where you are going to get traffic here and shorten that url.

Now whenever you click on that short url stats it will show you all interactions happened on it.

It's your wish to use url shortener shorten url or direct same url.

After that go to a photo sharing websites named imgur and create account their by signup through your email I'd.


Then click on new post and select upload images options,now browse the image you downloaded and just click in it so it will get uploaded.


Give the uploaded image a title
And a description,In description type an eye catchy title with link to the destination url forcing the viewers of photo to have more that same content by reaching your website post by clicking on that link.

After that just click on share to community and let the image get uploaded to the community.

Now leave that and check the image by reloading after just 5 minutes how much views it got.


In my experience any type of images on an average gets atleast 1000 views in a day.There is a system of upvote and downvotes on imgur just like like and dislike.
The more upvote any image gets the more visibility or views it gets.

So if you are able to choose extraordinary image and it got many upvotes after uploading on imgur then you can get unlimited views in millions within a day only so it depends how much efficient your work is.

After reloading you can check that it got 33 Views only within 2 minutes so you can imagine yourself how much views it can get within a day

I hope you use this best way to drive traffic to your website to get success easily online to grow audience and make money.

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