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Sunday, 7 January 2018

After understanding what are the uses of internet it will be your best friend

Internet has just not changed us but our lives too,it has made our life easier and it's benefits are unexplainable.

In this blog post we will understand what is internet and what are the uses of internet and how it can solve our all problems.


what are the uses of internet

Internet is a global system which connects all the systems all over the world through wiring by specifying every system by unique ip(Internet protocol) where www(world wide web which collects all the data submitted on it ) and main server ( which serves the information from one place to another) make it usable.

I have explained here the basic information about internet which I think every internet user should know but if you want to know everything about internet that how it runs and which parts works how etc things then read it here.

Now it's time to understand why should we use it or why I tell it my best friend as in every situation,in any problem it never disappointed me.

First of all we need to understand what internet can do or the power of internet and it's loyalty for making it our friend.

Although internet can do almost anything but let's see the most important ones for understanding what are the uses of internet

1) communication

communicate through internet

Internet has made the unimpossible work done which is to communicate.It taught us that their is no need to travel for communicating or sending some files.
 Earlier anything we need to send from one place to another needed time and money but through internet anything can be sent through mail within a second.

There are also many social networking sites where people interact and share their feelings with awesome clear ways and connect with other people too.

2)Education or gaining information


Anytime you wanted to know something except googling it and getting the info nothing is that much efficient that's why it's the most useful work of Google.
This also helps in learning new things which led to make them more educated than earlier.
For different types of course related education we can also simply go to the teaching websites which teaches us anything beautifully through many easy ways easily which is better to understand than outside boring classes.
The best about education from internet is that you can go with your speed and time.
Any type of books are also easily available here.


money import

For transaction related work like buying or selling or transferring money no need to go to various places and waste time and efforts.
Internet has made everything easier.
You can do any type of transactions within a minute without any worry.
Different banks has made their website through which you can use internet banking and use your money anywhere.
 There is also a way to do transactions without having or using bank accounts.
PayPal and payoneer are the big companies which can help in transaction worldwide without any bank account by deduction very small amount every transactions.



For being updated anywhere you can take help of Google which brings every newspaper for you if you news,live video news channel helps in updating everything about world that when where what is happening.
There is also a way to get latest news according to your niche and interested category straight into your email through the help of Google alerts.

6) Entertainment


All surveys find that internet has become the main source of entertainment nowadays surpassing televisions and radios as everything is available on internet and we are not dependent on particular time for watching anything which makes internet different than other entertainment source.

All the entertainment source are accompanied in it.
Youtube,Facebook,and other interesting websites are a very good source of  entertainment nowadays and everyone are found their who spend most of their time there so i hope you would be understanding what are the uses of internet.



Nowadays shopping means Flipkart,amazon etc because everything are found there which is the speciality of working of these websites.

In shops it's very difficult to find many objects but through Internet we can find anything but the problem is just that it takes little time to come which is the only disadvantage there.
But internet has mostly big advantage than this like anyone can grow their shop big through internet as if they sell products only on their shops then their reach is limited to only a few people's around shop but if they are connected to internet and joins with big sites like Flipkart,amazon or create their own site then their reach is unlimited and people from anywhere can find and buy from him which is a very good opportunity for them to grow.

From foods to clothes and all other things can be sold and bought through internet which makes everything easy and mobile.

Internet is the best source for generating money but like all methods it also needs good efforts.

There are many methods to earn money online but many beginners struggle to know where and how to earn money and In starting fall to fraud sites and people which wastes their time and money and lightens their hope of earning money online which led them to think that everything is fake and no one can earn money online.
For those people only one question can solve their problem as they strongly believe through hrsh situations.
How internet has existed for long time and keeps growing if no one get profit from it?

As surveys say that without sharing no one can achieve success so how Google is succeeding without sharing ?

Once anyone ask this question to themselves of others they will easily get the answer and will able to understand the genuine ways through which they can earn money online.
But if they don't get answer then they can check this post for getting the answers of genuine and fraud ways of making money online.

9) promotion


Advertising is a very big and most successful business which is the pillar of life of internet and outside business. If it's not there it can't grow.

Because many people need promotions of their brand,product movies etc etither it's product of any company or new Cinema or songs launch.
Everything needs promotion for it's working and nothing better than internet can solve this issue because internet is the cheapest and mostly used which makes it familiar for doing promotions.
Outside in newspapers or televisions or even radios the rate of advertisement is pretty high which many people unable to afford.
But in internet it found that small business owners also use it to advertise due to low rate.
If you don't know how to advertise anything on internet check this post.

10) booking


For travelling and tourism also internet plays a great role by booking tickets anywhere within a very short time without wasting time for going here and there to buy tickets.
Not only travelling tickets anyone can also buy movies,shows tickets online.

Now let's understand why internet is best and it supports in any situation but here we will see what are the uses of internet in our regular lifestyle.

By living our life we need to learn many things so that we can stand at good positions but the problem is that In real life if we ask someone for a solution of anything then either they will make fun of us or teach by scolding which is a bit irritation.

So the best work internet does is provide us any information we want without scolding or making fun of us.
But we should know properly how to take use of internet otherwise we will not be able to get useful information easily.
So learn to use Google properly 

Manytimes we become alone or our friends and family are not with us and we feel being bored so here also our friend internet has a variety of things or websites to entertain us like watching movies or other entertaining videos,playing games,listening music etc.

This world is pretty big and manytimes we don't know the path to go anywhere then through our internet only we become able to go the destination.


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