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Saturday, 27 January 2018

All the available best ways to get any website analytics report

I hope that every readers would have a website or a blog and knows everything about growing blog through search engines?

If yes then let's start and if no then check my guide first for creating and managing any website.

We all newbie bloggers have curiosity that how much our competitors are earning and how much views they get and the irony here is hardly any settled blogger tells about it that how much much they earn,how much views they get,what's their ads click through rates and other website analytics report.

Google request it's publishers to not reveal these informations otherwise they can loose their AdSense account which is also a reason many bloggers doesn't show their AdSense information but I will solve this issue by one way through which snake will also die and the stick will also not break which means without violating googles policy I will show every stats of others website.

But our curiosity doesn't ends and we wants any solution for it so don't worry at the end of this blogpost every reader will able to judge and know every kind of information like traffic,revenues,CPC etc of their other competitors website.

I wanted to tell you about these things because newbie bloggers are not wrong If they want to know about it because before doing anything every knowledgeable person analyzes what's the probability of success on any particular work.
Without analyzing the least and most outcome of any work going on that way is pretty dangerous.

That's why I am going to solve this problem as nothing can be hidden on internet if you know proper ways of searching on search engines

Learn how to analyse Competitors website analytics report

website analytics report

First of all you want the proper stats of your website then for that you can make an Google analytics  account and associate to blogger or WordPress whatever you use by pasting analytics I'd from Google analytics to there.

You can also link your AdSense account and Google webmaster tools to get well stats of your revenues and other important website analytics report.

There are other ways too to get your website traffic stats but it's best,assured,genuine and enough for tracking your sites every type of data.

Once you get your stats you would now be eager to know others website analytics report.

So now I am going to show you the ways to get best estimations stats of any website through many real calculations but at last I will show you a way to get fully accurate stats of websites.

website analytics report Estimation through tools

There are plenty of tools on Internet to watch the estimate traffic,revenues and other stats but here we will mention the most trusted and best tools only.

Google adwords

Google,this name only says everything about the quality of this tool because Internet is meant Google to everyone and it's most trusted.

In Google AdWords there are certain tools like keyword planner,display planner,analytics etc

Here for getting stats of  website
All three tools are important but for getting an idea of any website visitors and revenue we need display planner.

In this there is an option to see any website stats by putting website url in landing page section.
Once you do it the whole traffic stats and other type of demographic stats will appear where it will show the most used keywords on that website too with it's CPC rate so that you can easily get estimate.

As it's googles estimate and every websites are related to Google so Google only can give best estimations than any other tool that's why it deserves number 1 spot.

But many other stats we are still unable to get through this tool like it's backlinks,meta data etc that's why we need some other tools.


Alexa is the number one tool till now for providing any site a label or importance and through this only everyone on Internet measures any site quality due to its efficiency.

In free account it shows many things like demographics, 5 backlinks,5 related websites,no traffic stats

But in it's pro feature it shows almost everything needed to get an idea by showing websites details like accurate pageviews, unique visitors,full backlinks etc.

But it's pro feature is little costly but we can use free account as many useful details are available in free version too so we need to use some other tools.


Semrush is the best tool in free to get almost every stats of any website simply typing the url.

This tool is very famous with an Alexa rank of around 1000 this website is very useful.
You can check the website analytics report of mobile,windows anything.
It's graph is also available which ensures that you can check which month to the views are less and in which month there is more revenue.

It's very important to use it properly that it shows almost everything in free version that can't be explained in short.

But their accuracy is sometimes lagging because it's not that much accurate.


Just like similarweb this tool is also like semrush which shows every stats of website and it has also some unique features for doing seo audit for free and listing top sites on every categories.

The problem here occurs is it's little late which means it takes many time to update site stats,it just shows the stats of any website which got updated 3 months ago still also.

For example- A site with Alexa rank 40000 now can show their 50000 because it still showing the rank  of previous month only due to long duration of update but still it's useful for many purpose.


Ahrefs is a paid tool but it totally worth to be paid because it shows everything about your competitor site very accurately for growing site which was lacking in semrush and similarweb.

Accurate backlinks info,keywords on which your competitor is ranking and it's source,keywords for ranking easily,meta info, of competitors etc like most accurate and useful informations are well mentioned there.
Its that much essential that if any tool on internet asks me to buy then I only chose this.

There are many more tools which have it's own specialty and helps in this blogging carrier very much.

website analytics report Estimation through blog comments

Blog commenting is an option every entertained reader of blogs use to express their impression or certain questions if they may ask.

But through many bloggers research it estimated that in general there is every comment posted on every 200 organic views.

So through this you can take estimate of any pages traffic of any website also.

Whenever you commented on any post or click on any post comments on any blog then on the pages url you will see the number of comments.
Because sometimes number of comments are invisible.
So you can check it if comments amount is huge.

Note that sometimes there are spammy comments too if there are too much links on comments.

Information from bloggers

There are some big communities especially for bloggers where you can interact with them ask about their journey as blogger and other useful informations where some people share their stats screenshots also which helps you to decide to do blogging or not

Information through interviews.

All the famous website owners interviews are uploaded on Google where they give information about their carrier as blogging and the hurdles that they face.
So you just need to search on Google blogger name or sites name interviews like

For example- harsh Agarwal interviews

At last most accurate way to get any website analytics report is to check advertising pages.

Now all the methods which I have told earlier is just an estimations according to the real calculations
It doesn't mean that these estimations are not real but it's not exact.

For example - If it's written on the estimated site that in one month this website got 783000 visits but accurate visits may be less(756000) or more(801900) than that but will be around that only.

But there is only one way now available through which you can check website exact traffic.

There are many advertising pages websites where you can advertise your content.Now as you and any other people should be aware that how many visits that website for advertising that's why all of them show their website traffic,revenues and number of members details on the front page of their website.

So you just need to search on Google about the advertising pages site and you can see an accurate number of visitors that website gets.
After that you can check how much Alexa rank that website has so that you can imagine how much Alexa rank needed for earning how much.

Now let me tell you the estimation after researching everything everywhere on internet.

Websites with Alexa rank 1 million only have the ability to start earning because if websites have more than 1 million alexa rank means they are now struggling and not earning enough.

After that there are five levels of website

Level 1

Website with 1 million alexa rank gets 0.01 to 0.1 million visitors per month and earns 100-1000$ only from AdSense

Level 2

Website with 0.1 million alexa rank gets 0.1-1 million visitors per month and earns 1000-10000$ per month only from AdSense

Level 3

Website with 10000 Alexa rank gets 10- 30 million visitors per month and earns 10000- 0.1 million $ per month.

Level 4

Website with 1000 Alexa rank gets 100- 200 million visitors per month and earns 1 million - 2 million $ per month

Level 5

Website under 100 alexa ranks are just huge  and their visitors starts in billions and earning also.

After learning and implementing all website analytics report estimations and accuracy ways you will start understanding these 5 levels estimation as it's true.
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