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Thursday, 11 January 2018

With these ways to be successful in life no one can stop you to succeed

Its said in this universe that every human have 6 enemies(lust,anger,enchantment,greed,pride and jealousy) and 4 friends(Belief,focus,Never give up,Confidence).

The main ways to be successful in life in any situation are those 5 friends and for failing these 6 enemies.

So for using and getting help from our friends we need to understand their power and ignore the enemies by understanding the harm from them.

Let's start understanding the power of our friends or ways to be successful in life

1) Belief

The best among all friends is our belief.Its the belief only which which encourages everyone to go on any kind of difficult path by showing the scenario of fruits.

Belief is that seed which has the potential to grow large amount of trees,we just need the eye to watch the power of our belief.

Although it's said in bhagwat gita that we should not do work for getting fruit because by doing work for just the lust of fruit we keep thinking about the fruits or results and remove most of our focus from getting work to continuously thinking about result.

But it's not easy for common people to do work without expecting any fruit from it so for doing work like that also you need a strong belief which cannot be broken whatever anyone say about you or do bad to you.
As long as you keep holding your friend belief's hand your belief will destroy anyone or any situation around you for helping you but if you don't grab hand of belief and somehow leave it then it will unable to help you.

It's seen that as you believe and think today or tomorrow you just become like that.

Belief can be made stronger through following things


Whatever you have believe In faith is that tool which will help you to make the root of your belief looking tree become more stronger which can't tremble through the highest pressure of winds too.


 Truth is that energy which will remove your fear and worries from any situation just like water which removes our dirt,we just need to have it with us always as it's the stem of your belief looking tree


 Its the branches of tree like belief which helps in growing fruits.Nothing without discipline is achievable in this world but first understand what discipline exactly is?
Saying hi hello or respecting is not only discipline,it's just an aspect of it.
But real discipline means whatever the situation becomes you need to do whatever needed for completing your work
For example- if your work is to play any sports then for that if anything is required like if it's required to wake up at 6:00 am then you should be well disciplined for that and never become lazy in that purpose.

So all these things at last just helps to make our belief stronger to strongest.

Now it's time for a story on strong belief for understanding whole ways to be successful in life

Once a while there was a lady who wanted to be an author but since now she hasn't published any book so she now put her all efforts to write book and due to her efforts she had a strong belief that this book will work.
So she decided to go the book publishers after completing the whole book.After analysing the whole books content the publisher advised her that it will not work,it will be super flop in the market and just a waste of money and ask her to leave.
But as the belief of this lady was strong enough so she started going to other publishers too but there also she kept getting refused by saying that this story will flop and just a waste.
After getting rejected from more than 15 publishers anyone will stop but the belief of that lady was even stronger than these failures so she tried going back again and again and now the publishers started insulting her too but she didn't release her belief about the book.
So at last while watching that she is coming again and again one publisher told ok we will publish it and he published the book.
After 7 days the response of the book was humongous and it became the highest selling book of that era?
Can you guess who that lady was and what's the name of to that book?

It's none other than Harry Potter and the lady was jk Rowling.
It became only possible because she never make her belief weak,always made it stronger.

Focus is another ways to be successful in life 

I hope you have heard about it earlier which is the centrepoint of both success and failure.
Without focus or I say deep focus doing anything will feel like doing unwanted work forcefully.
Focus needs real attention on any one object,situation,point without getting any our mind to any other extra thoughts or extra place.

Focus can be made stronger through two types of meditation(tratak and real meditation).

As two side sharpening weapon is not useful like that only focus in more than two directions at a time is not useful.
Focus is basically attention to one place or thoughts at a time without arrival of any other things.

For example- there were two boys the first was very frisky who keeps thinking multiple things simultaneously and though to do everything the second one was innocent and always had a dream to become an actor.
Both started their journey at same time but the one who had focus on a single thing and put all efforts in that they success word is also small for him but the second one was very frisky sometimes here other times there keeps roaming here and there until his last breath.

Note- this doesn't mean you can't do multiple works,it only says that don't have multiple focus at same time.
At one time do one thing and other time do other thing but with full focus as its very important ways to be successful in life.


The one with confidence and the other with no confidence have difference like sky and earth.

Whatever the situation being confident is the most stable state for high chances of succeeding in any sort of work.
Recall all your history where you were supreme confident and where you had lack of confidence you will understand what I am trying to say?

Confidence can be increased by the knowledge of knowing all the supreme power of human.
Humans understand that Getting praised can increase confidence and getting insult can decrease it.
But the reality is that confidence is not that thing which can be regulated from outside,it can be regulated only through humans entire belief and knowledge

Knowledge is only that light which can glow confidence in any situation so put all efforts acquiring it because self confidence is the door of success and an easiest  ways to be successful in life.

Let's understand  ways to be successful in life through the help of confidence by a story

Once upon a time there was a businessman who was well settled but during one time due to some issue his business collapsed and he became short of money and moneylenders keeps asking him for returning their money and so he became very nervous and worried.he was unable to think what to do.

one day he was sitting in a park with his worries then an old man came next to him and asked why are you sad then he told all his sad story about his business collapse then that old man said don't worry and brought his cheque book and given him cheque of 500000$ and said go setup your business again and meet me after 1 year here only.the person was not able to believe how it's happened as that old man was a very popular businessman waren buffet written on the cheque.
Now he thought he can again setup his business because a self confidence have been emerged that if he failed in his business then also he has much money and can return it to lenders.
He kept the cheque as it is so that he can return it after business setup.
After 1 year he setup his business which was growing properly and gone to meet that old man who gave him money.
That old man again came that day but when both meet then a nurse came to pick that old man saying that he is mad and through madness says anything.
The man was shocked what happened but at last understood that although he was not businnessman and the cheque was of no value he was able to become successful due to his confidence.

Never give up

Whatever the situation there are only one difference between looser and winner.Those who give up doesn't matter how much they tried because they will become looser only but after deciding once those who keep trying and trying if one thing is not working try other way then today or tomorrow it's fixed he will succeed.

Being regular while never giving up is a important aspect to understand because if you are not regular in it shows lack of interest or priority to the particular work which you want to do

So never give up,but for making never give up attitude even stronger you only need to think why I started?

This question to yourself only will again boost your fuel full so that you can again fight with full dedication?

The story of Harry Potter lady jk Rowling is best for understanding never give up power.

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