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Sunday, 21 January 2018

Tricks to upload files and earn money through PPD sites

I didn't wanted to write on this topic but due to the requests from my friends and the trouble every visitors of internet face when they try to download some files on internet I am forced to write on this topic and clarify everything about upload files and earn money  PPD sites in which downloading file surveys,ads,best sites to display downloading ads or best ppd network without and with survey occur.

I am going to mention all the safe and best site which no one have told on internet through which you can make money also by letting your visitors download file easily and those who are visitor and want to download file by passing survey or ads can download it easily.

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 let's start from the beginning about learning tricks to upload files and earn money 

upload files and earn money


First understand what's ppd network or file sharing websites

Whenever you see any downloading file on any website and you wanted to download it then you clicked on download then different kind of ad will come,after watching that your file starts downloading then the website owner earned some amount of money depending on rate of downloading setup by the ppd network sites from which this ad appears.

Basically ppd sites are another version of file sharing websites like Dropbox and mediafire but these types of file sharing websites are completely free to use and you can also share their downloading link on your website so that people can download file from it by just visiting their site.

Now there are two types of upload files and earn money sites

1) with survey

If you are a blog owner and you want to put use this type of ppd sites survey in your downloading link then the rate of revenue is very high because 90% people doesn't able to download it and it's a very annoying thing for your visitors.
I will never suggest any blogger to use this types of ppd sites to upload files and earn money.
It's just a waste of time for you and your visitors.Neither you will earn any good amount of money through it nor your visitors will able to access the file.

2) without survey

Putting these types of ppd sites downloading file link is a good move to increase your revenue.
The revenue from these type of ppd sites man be low but it's worth it as there are no ads or survey which user has to face before downloading file and still you get money.
These types of ppd sites provides good environment and trust for your visitors too and it's recommended to use.

Except this list of file sharing websites for earning money every other sites maybe fraud,waste of time and dangerous to use.

 top list of best ppd sites to upload files and earn money


This is the best and most famous file sharing website or ppd network for generating revenue by uploading files with an Alexa rank of 1781 and millions of members.

Maximum rate per 1000 downloads is 15$ here and the minimum per 1000 downloads is 0.5$ which depends on the countries advertising growth.

Payments are send daily here through Bitcoin Payza Paypal Perfect MoneyWebmoney Payoneer NetellerWire Transfer
As soon as you have earned 5$.

For more info check this website

With an Alexa rank of 2527 this website is also among the top ppd networks which pays maximum 40$ per 10000 downloads and minimum 5$ per 10000 downloads depending on the downloader country advertisement growth.
Withdrawal limit is 5$ here also and payments are made via PayPal ,payza,bank transfer,Neteller,bKashand will be issued within 10 days after payout request made.
No income will be generated for files smaller than 1 mb or if uploader downloads it's own files.

This one is the most Interesting file sharing websites for generating revenue in my opinion due to it a new offers with an Alexa rank of 3256.
It pays maximum 7$ per 1000 downloads depending on the downloader location.
The best part of this network is that it pays for downloading the lowest file size like 1 byte also
For small file sharing this network is best.Its withdrawal limit is 1$ only which is paid through paypal,perfect money,webmoney,AdvCash,Bitcoin,litecoin,Neteller,skrill,payza,payoneer,Western Union,Visa card,American Express card and many more you can check in the website

With an Alexa rank of 5603 it's also one of the famous sites with a famous rule to share videos,music and any files which makes it lovable.

Like every other ppd sites it also pay according to the downloader location and pay through PayPal,payza etc.

If any other person does multiple download here then also they pay it but there should be 1 day difference between the downloads.

With an Alexa rank of 5746 it's also one of the important  websites to upload files and earn money for generating revenue but it doesn't disclose what and how to earn money from it.
Just upload and download and share files the revenue will be keep generating.

With an Alexa of 7348 it's a must to use ppd network with a maximum pay of 16$ per 1000 downloads to 1$ per 1000 downloads depending on the location of downloader.
Porn,movies,music images are not available here to share.

This is at the last but not least as it's the highest paying ppd network which is 21$ per 1000 downloads to 2$ per 1000 downloads.
Minimum payout is 10$ through Bitcoin,payza,webmoney,Neteller,zebpay,paytm,mobikwik,bank transfer and many more you can check on website.
It's Alexa rank is 12749

Except this list all the ppd networks like sharecash,fileice etc are just waste of time and risky too.

At last I am going to tell how you can upload files and earn money or ways of sharing.

First you need to signup on these websites go to upload and upload some files and share it anywhere on any blog,YouTube channel,web 2.0,social media etc. so that it becomes available for others to download.

Among the list although all have best qualities but my favourite is because here you can share anything like videos,music even on WhatsApp to friends and if this video goes viral it's huge income and many times it happens.
Just share the video which comes to you in WhatsApp which seems very interesting and your friends will keep sharing to their friends and their friends share to other friends.

After knowing everything I would recommend you to only share it either your YouTube channel,blogs,social media pages like Facebook fanpage Google+ page where you have great traffic source because individually sharing doesn't matter how many peoples to you share files online then you will not able to earn enough money.

So for earning through this do only one thing choose any viral or most interesting video or music or file and once share files online to all your social media accounts.
If the content would be nice people will themselves only make a chain so that your video keeps getting shared to different people's.
So don't keep sharing yourself only everywhere.

And the second place is to use it to share files online on your blog,youtube channel and social media pages where you already have traffic.

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