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Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Easiest way to send fake traffic to website for free

Traffic is the most essential thing on the internet doesn't matter which type of entrepreneur you are.

There are number of genuine ways to get organic traffic but they need some time and some efforts.

Many times we think of getting fake traffic as it can be useful at some instant in many places but we again get surrounded by lots of paid bots who are hungry of getting our money 

So today I will demonstrate the easiest way to send fake traffic to website for free

send fake traffic to website for free

You need to understand that many times getting fake website traffic can be beneficial also and many times harmful also so you need to first properly analyse every situations that whether it should be used and how or don't use.

So for that you need to know the benefits to send fake traffic to website or the disadvantages.

So let's start 

Getting fake traffic from bots can be dangerous because they gives unlimited traffic from only one or two ip address which is enough for some strict search engines to harm you.

For example- If you send traffic to YouTube videos from any dangerous bots it's certain that YouTube can ban not your YouTube channel only but also it can terminate your email account also.

The method which I am going to illustrate is simple,effective and unharmful because through this method you will get traffic from different ip address.

Until and unless traffic is coming from different ip addresses no one even Google can harm you

So rather than using any bots use our 
Best method which is explained below to get fake traffic.

Now let's understand where it can be used and the benefits to send fake traffic to website

Fake traffic can boost your stats to let it grow easily but it should also be done with some strategy.

You can use fake traffic to boost your web traffic bounce rate,get niche related country wise traffic so that organic traffic source also provides traffic mainly from there only,send fake traffic to fiver gig for ranking it immediately,boost your Alexa rank,increase your status by showing off and many more

Now let's see how to send fake traffic to website 

First of all you need to download and install Tor browser on your laptop or PC.

Then you need to download a plugin

Using the Tor browser you need to install a Mozilla plugin and after restarting the Tor browser you are ready to send fake traffic to website.

We have completed the setup now we just need to use it.

Go to the Tor browser and open the website url where you wanted the fake traffic.

Right click on the webpage and choose any interval of automatic reloading of the webpage.

You ip address will keep on changing after some reloads but you can also create new identity every time for giving traffic from particular users ip address.

This way you can send traffic to website without facing any kind of trouble from Google and I would suggest boycott unknown bots like hitleap because these methods can harm you on a long run.
So i  would recommend to  analyse any bots on some waste accounts before using anywhere on your main account for being at a safe hand.

Hope you have learned a new thing.

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