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Thursday, 25 January 2018

How to make your youtube video go viral

As you all know YouTube is the biggest social video sharing websites and no other video sharing platform is nearby him also.

Youtube gets more than billion views every day so to make your youtube video go viral is not a big deal until you understand what's the essential things for doing it and why it happens?
After explaining why and how videos go viral i will reveal a trick with which you can make your youtube video go viral for sometime depending on its content which is guaranteed.

Listen it carefully that there are no tools or shortcut which will make your video viral and if it do have then also you can't use it on YouTube to make video so we have to just go through the genuine ways only to overcome it.

make your youtube video go viral

Let's start understanding how to make your youtube video go viral 


First of all you need to make an interesting content,it doesn't matter it's most common topic or not but the video should be interesting.
An interesting content is that on which most people get attracted to watch until it ends

For making video interesting you can use some attraction elements( like an amazing effects,good humour quote,comedy dialogues) in between the video so user get amazed and doesn't even think of dropping off.


After making a great content the main thing you can do is give time and create an exceptional thumbnail.
Because the first thing people watches on your video is your thumbnail and you already have heard that first impression is last impression so it's very important to make your youtube video go viral .

Thumbnail should be like that type of photo which have the capability to explain whatever you have in your video at one extent while being eye catchy and the fonts, images  or other effects should be designed properly for a professional look and shouldn't  look cheap and bulky because it can remove users attention from it.

Give some time making it,don't worry your time and efforts will pay off.

You can use thumnails creator on Android and Photoshop on laptop for making it.

I will soon upload a post on making an eye catching thumbnail.


It's okay if you don't give too much attention to tags or description although they are also important at some extent but to make your youtube video go viral  it doesn't pay any big role.

Only title should be written with full attention so that it can clarify everything available in the video while being eye catchy but condition is that it should be short so that whole sentence of title would be available for viewers to see and understand.
As in big titles always some part becomes unavailable to be seen by viewers until they click on it.
So for clicking on it they should understand what it's basically about,if they will unable to understand they will just move on for others video.

Watch time and audience retention

Now after doing all these you can do one thing for grabbing most attention and views.

Watch time(total time your videos watched by all users) and audience retention(average time your video watched by all users) are a major fact in getting video viral.

Now wait for 1 day to get some views on your videos by own through YouTube only and no other,please don't share it for 1 day because if you share video you are forcing people to come and watch and they will always in a hurry to leave if any problem they see in your video which doesn't meet their expectations but the views which you get from youtube they eagerly want to see your video and that's why they came to your video either through search engines or suggested videos so there is less chance that they will drop.They will not drop even if they see multiple things not meeting their expectations thinking that ahead their will be something meeting their expectations.

But if after 1 day of wait no views came then you have to share it on social media and get at least 40-50 views and wait for it's watch time and audience report for coming.
If you are unable to get 40-50 views due to less traffic on your social media account try my way to join unlimited engaging WhatsApp groups.

Search WhatsApp groups on Facebook and it will show some groups,join it and it will show group joining links in it's post.keep joining until you get satisfied.

Now once you get the report of your audience retention check from where the graph has sudden drops.
Wherever there is sudden and more drops analyse that part of video and edit it and make it interesting because there would be some thing which is removing users attention from it.

When you will complete every drops content with interested content then again publish it,give it 50 views and see the condition of your video it will keep getting views and views to take the path of being viral.

Now these were the original ways to make your youtube video go viral but after that I am going to reveal some shortcut method to make your youtube video go viral  at least for some time also.

Unlisted way

Once you upload the video you can see four options( direct publish,scheduled,private,unlisted)

You have to upload the video in unlisted(viewers can't see this video without having it's link) category and give it at least 100 views within 1 day through my WhatsApp joining trick easily.
The more views you give would be more better.
My opinion would be to give views till 3 -4 days as much you can.
And then publish it,you will see within few minutes that it has taken a hype and it's growing suddenly very fast.

This happens because until you made it unlisted YouTube algorithm thinks its not published  and when you published with more views suddenly then it thinks that your video is very interesting and getting many views within few seconds only so after accepting it as high quality and engaging video it start showing to more and more people by increasing it's visiblity which led to have a viral feeling on your video.

Note that the video will behave like viral video until it's audience retention or thumbnail will be ok and there will be good CTR(click through rate)

If it has low CTR,thumbnail and audience retention within an hour it will stop behaving like viral video and views will stop.

Law of attraction

This shortcut can really work for those who can control their mind.
The strategy is simple after uploading control your mind such like that that your video has gone viral.

If you will be able to make belief in your mind that it happened then you will surely see that it really happening.

Law of attraction is already proved to be working by many scientistists.
For more detail on law of attraction I will sure update it in my next post because it's not the topic of this post.
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