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Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Easiest way to make money online through bitcoin

Bitcoin untold strategies to make money online

make money online through bitcoin

Bitcoin has got very hype these days due to its mind blowing method of creation.For knowing how to earn Bitcoin you should first understand what basically is Bitcoin because I have seen most of the people doesn't know what exactly Bitcoin is,but as it's going to pick hype people are just following it blindly.

Bitcoin is a digital cryptocurrency which is cashless and supports every types of transactions which is mined through very strong stable computer with fast hardware depending on the transactions people are making.

Some people say it's very risky and why people invest there due to sudden change in it's value.It can be 1 million also at a time and other time can be zero also.

They are right but as it's very easy to invest and gain money many people are investing here and earning.

But I would suggest that don't invest your whole salary or everything into it but only invest those money which are extra and gain profit and then withdraw and then again after gaining profit keep investing and earning more and more.

If you want to take my opinion everything in this world is risky then can we stop living or doing it.
So investing money here is a smart move,you should not invest there where it's fraud,no security etc.

 Bitcoin has become a very big company and there is no chance of any fraud fake issue and as it's well secured.

Doing investment here is good but it is blinded game but investment in stock market is through estimations and supported by government as taxes are given to government by it but Bitcoin investment is not supported by government because here no taxes are given to government.

Bitcoin is a great way than ever to earn money without doing anything,no work not even doing estimations as we do on stockmarket. And the good thing is that it's 100% safe and secured.

One thing here we need to take care is it's not for earning regular money but it's efficient to earn smart money by having always an eye on its value.
It's value keeps changing according to the high and low transaction during time and time.Whenever its value is low be prepared to quickly buy it before it's value increases and whenever it's value increases be prepared to sell it.
By doing this you can earn a huge profit from it.

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For example

Suppose now rate of Bitcoin is 1btc= 1000$ and you have purchased 1 btc.

Now after some time say 2 months the value of Bitcoin has increased which is 1 Btc = 10000$ and you have sold it then you earn a profit of 9000$ or 9 times more profit  than your investment.
I hope now you have understood the main fact.

You need to just create a wallet or use others created most used famous wallet like zapo or if you are Indian zebpay and start your investment.

Let's see how to create bitcoin wallet to make money online

But first understand what is Bitcoin wallet.

Bitcoin wallet is like a purse through which you can buy or anyone can sell with you.
But Bitcoin wallet have two keys knowns as private key(used for your transaction only and known to you only) and public key(used for transaction from others to you and it's public to everyone means everyone's can access it).

Go to Google and search for and after going there you see an interface like below.

You need to put some random numbers until the whole area get filled and reach to 100%.

After putting whole random numbers automatically one two bitcoin address will be generated that is public key and private key.
You need to print it or save it as PDF for further use anywhere.

Now there are 5 types of wallet who has different speciality for making your Bitcoin wallet more secure about which you can learn through that website and start using them too.

Let's see how to use already made and most used bitcoin wallets to make money online.

For that main wallet is zapo for international and for Indians it's zebpay who are well secured and very easy to use.

You just need to signup and make account there.
After taking your information like I'd cards,email address,bank accounts etc it will grant you a Bitcoin wallet for using it easily and for selling/buying purpose.

Now if you don't have money then there are some tricks for earning bitcoins but if you want to earn from here you need to understand one thing first that you need to use atleast 20 websites,be regular and have patience and if you work regularly there you will be able to earn 0.5 to 1 Bitcoin in 6 months to 1 year.

But before learning how to earn bitcoins from these sites you should know how these sites make money online.
There is only one method through advertising.
After opening all those sites you will notice that there are plenty of ads on these websites and they earn money through Google AdSense or other big platforms ads provider.

So I would suggest if you are interested to earn from Bitcoin then do it but put your main focus of earning money online through blogging by creating websites and growing it only.
I can understand that growing websites and making money from blogging needs dedication,time,patience and it's not that much easy but blogging is a long time money earning source.
In starting it's very tough to grow due to lack of knowledge and many other factors  but don't forget I am always here to help everyone who is struggling and I will never hide anything from you because I have no jealousy like many bloggers I have seen.
As if you ask them how much money they earn or some secret questions like how they grow they will be always saying put original content and be regular like as if people doesn't know these things.

Ok forget it.
Come on the track.

The thing is simple you just need to understand how websites are working and how you need to work.
There are no tough work their,you just need to visits site,click ads,play games,solve captchas etc

One thing you need to know and on each website there will be some time gap for grabbing satoshi(small unit of Bitcoin) after each grab of 5-15 minutes depending on the websites.
Here you can see the list of best and highest paying Bitcoin sites.

Maybe you would have hesitation that will I be able to earn enough bitcoins from it or not within less period of time then let me show you a scenario what will happen after 6 months or a year if you work like as I have told earlier before starting telling about earning from websites.

Suppose you have started working from today on all those 10 websites only.
As through mine and some other people who have done it has experienced that every websites that I have told has potential to earn 0.1 to 0.15 million satoshis a day and if you combine all 20 websites earned satoshi then it's 2-3 million satoshi a day and if you keep working like this for 3 months then you will able to earn 2-3 million × 3(30) = 0.3-0.4 Bitcoin and in 6 months 0.8 Bitcoin and in 1 year 1.5 Bitcoin whole value is now 15000$  as 1 Bitcoin = 100 million satoshi.

So if you are earning 15000$  a year or approx 1200$ a month from that only then it's not bad,it's worth your effort but I still say you need to do much effort like be regular on all those 20 websites,have patience ,have belief,have confidence because it's not possible to earn enough money from only one or two website.

Apart from that if you can't be regular and don't have these essential things then also there are some ways like making referral on these websites but for that also you will need traffic from social networking sites or blog or either a YouTube channel.
The benefit of referral is that you don't need to work regular on these websites as the money which your referrals will earn from that 20-50% depending  on websites will be transferred to your wallet for lifetime.

Once you made good referrals to will not have to be regular on these websites to work but your money will keeps on growing.

Except that there is a main method to earn bitcoins which is through mining bitcoin but it's not easy and not everyone can do it until he have the all resources and high end computer and hardware and other essential things.

But there are some good websites like and some other I already specified in the list of top 20 bitcoin earning sites where you get some share from the total mined bitcoins according to your value on those websites.

Instead that there are some extension on Google chrome like bitdigger once you add it your chrome keeps on mining bitcoins according to your devices capability.

Except the sites which I have mentioned here is fully waste of time because the payment and method there is very low and unsafe.
I have checked almost all websites which is for earning bitcoins and then prepare this list of websites according to quality,ranking and most used by people's on Google.

Now before start first decide properly that if you can give time on it otherwise don't start it as it will not benefit you,there are many other options available too to make money online because time is very valuable.

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