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Friday, 19 January 2018

Make money answering phone calls and doing missions

Hello and a warm welcome to everybody who is reading it right now.

Many people are interested in doing home based part time work to Make money answering phone calls but the problem in these things that by finding much they won't able to find these types of work because some are fake and others asks for investment etc stuff.
The reality in these types of work providers is that 95% of them are fake and only wants to take your money.

So if you are here then your problem is going to solve within few minutes reading it as I am going to share a very genuine way to make money answering phone calls and earn atleast 100-200 $ per month working just 1-2 hours a day online without investing single penny.
This work is available for every country in this world.

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So Let's start learning to Make money answering phone calls

Don't worry I am not going to tell you about champ cash(free mlm work)
Nor about any captcha sites to earn money online without investment.

I am going to tell you about a fresh way through a company who launched Squadrun app earlier where you need to signup through your Facebook account only and submit your details.

Just after submitting your details some missions will appear on your mobile screen to do.

You will have to watch the basics on how to complete missions in help section and then complete 4 missions.
Once you complete it properly you will start getting real missions for earning money.

The missions here will be of two type

Investigating missions to earn money online

The first one is text type mission where you need to do something according to the info given in that mission and after completing it you will earn some squadcoins(100 squadcoins = Rs 1 or 6000 squadcoins = 1$)

For Example - Image of one dress is shown and you have to find those type of dress only between 100 dresses.

calling missions to make money answering phone calls

The second type of missions are on calling basis which means you need to call someone(Calling will be connected through company's number free) and gather some sort of information like feedback of the customer on buying a product from any shopping site and answer in the mcq type questions by saying yes or no.

If you will be regular and do this properly as mentioned on the task your level will increase and you will get unlimited missions to do through which you can easily make enough money to live your happy life.
They can see if you have done it properly or not by watching manually through the help of your call recording.

Let me first tell you about using squadrun and it's levels.

On starting everyone starts at first level where there are 5 lives which means if anyone do it wrong for back to back 3 times then his one life will be lost so keep in mind that as the less life you have the less missions you will get and vice versa.

After that if you will be regular and complete every missions properly as they come then with 2-3 weeks you will be promoted to a superuser and added to Squadrun WhatsApp group where you can get back to back update and direct help from the company executives.
Here a referral code is generated for you which has more benefits and chance of extra income without even doing anything.
Whenever anyone joins through your secret referral code then whatever earning he made some percentage of his earning will be added to you for lifetime.

Here you will have 100 life and more than 100 missions a day through which you can easily make 100-200 $ per month

After 2 weeks more if you keep doing properly they will see you as an important user and will upgrade you to pro user where you have 1000 life's and unlimited missions.
After reaching here you can earn unlimited money much more than your job if you give only 3-4 hours a day.

Now once you earned money or squadcoins there is only one way to withdraw it which is through paytm.
You can withdraw it to paytm and then to your bank account from paytm.
The withdrawal limit is 6000 squadcoins only instantly in your paytm wallet.

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