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Tuesday, 9 January 2018

how to write a good book or blog which can go viral

In almost every books there is some mistakes which makes everyone's mind away from it..
Thinking how to write a good book and doing it is not a play of left hand but the connection of your soul with each and every word.
The main a idea a beginner should know that once you write anything it's not like that you cannot edit it
As a painter keeps omitting and drawing until he get the perfect elevations a writer should also write and edit until he doesn't able to feel it like reader.

Always keep in mind these methods on how to write a good book 

1) tough words used

A high percentage of people don't love to read books which is difficult to read and understand because of tough words used as it troubles them to understand the meat of that thing that's why people love to read blogs except books for finding any solution of problems.
Sometimes it also happens that people takes other meaning from it due to typical words so as possible avoid it.

2) less or no images

There is no doubt that people and especially kids love to understand anything through images or if possible videos because it's a better explainer which is the only reason people loves to visit YouTube for gathering information or entertainment.

3) Example

Defining or explaining anything is important but without example it's a waste of your energy to describe anything to anyone because example is the heart of understanding anything as it will clarify the knowledge properly to anyone.

A great book should not have these things for being successful easily.

4) how to write a good book by styling

Styling is an art to present anything so that it looks better and you are able to win the half battle but everyone need to keep in mind the danger of over styling as it can even badly affect the results.

For styling there are tons of things you need to know but most importantly the use of formatting and colours with few designs are enough

For it to become likeable until it's visible properly.

5)describing anything should not be too long not too short.

Anything which we want to explain should cover an average amount of words so that it doesn't look overwhelmed or incomplete due to more or very less words while understanding.

Too long paragraphs may have hidden the idea to properly teach but it has the disadvantage of fat in it which makes unable for readers to grab it.

Similarly short paragraphs may lacks amount of explainability in it.

Before writing create best points for writing

It's very special method which many famous writers use to first narrates whole story for book in points so that while writing they doesn't need to struggle Everytimes reminding what they have to write.

Behave like a reader before publishing

It's a very major problem every write have that they think him just writer and writes like that only and simply publish it but every famous writers at the end of writing start behaving like a read until he got the full satisfaction because it doesn't matter how much you do only in this this word there is importance of what you do.

Always write from the bottom of your heart

The most important things every writer should have is full focus on what he is writing which means every sentence should have deep meaning and he should never write just to write but write every sentence like as if he is feeling everything what he is writing and his whole heart and mind are fully accompanied in it.

I hope you have something learned about how to write a good book

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