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Monday, 15 January 2018

how to start affiliate marketing to make hilarious money online

First we should understand what is affiliate marketing programs before learning how to start affiliate marketing.

When we use the marketing skills for selling anything which is not our product then the commission which we get from that is called affiliate marketing money.

There are tons of useful websites for doing that but we will talk about here some most famous and best affiliate marketing programs sites

The first thing you should have for doing this is traffic,it doesn't matter it comes from your blog,YouTube channel,Facebook fanpage,Twitter,Instagram,Pinterest etc. But one thing you should take care is share niche related affiliate links for more rate of conversions because those who are visiting blogpost like top 10 Android phones then they are Keen to buy it so mobiles affiliate links should be placed their instead of clothing or some other products.

You just need traffic first if you have it then you have won 90% battle.

Easily the big affiliate marketing programs sites gives you only need a website which can be made professionally by spending only 1$ or if you want then free also.
But I would suggest to choose spending 1$ because we should have a custom domain atleast for good attraction at any cost. We don't want our domain to look like,her.ui or

But if you want free domain and hosting website only then go for it because from that also you can get approval for affiliate marketing programs .

Let's see  how to start affiliate marketing by joining and using any affiliate marketing programs site

All you need to do is go to Google and search Amazon affiliate marketing program
And then click the first result.
You will enter it's affiliate websites.

Then you need to do signup using using website as I explain.

Just provide your account information as it's asked by Amazon.

Add your website url or any other social profiles url here or if you have mobile app then you can also put it here to get ads fort it.

Enter the information as it's asked.

In associates id put your any name like sengupta,shampooten etc because it's basically your I'd which is used in the url to identify your affiliate links.

Now you can add your payment information whenever you want.

Now it's done your account has been made,it's time to see how to generate affiliate html and urls.

Just to go the above menu bar and select product links then you will have to click any 3 methods here to generate url.

1)product links

Just search on the product links page the product with it's keyword and then it will show all the products of that keywords as a result.

Now you can do two things.

If you just want url of affiliate product  to paste in any social media platform then click on the arrow next to get link button and you will get the url for that product,you need to copy and just paste anywhere you want.

OR if you click on just get link button then you will get the script for pasting on your website only so that it shows affiliate links their wherever you placed the url.

Easy way to paste it is just go to layout on either blogger or WordPress and on anywhere like sidebar, have header,footer etc click on add gadget and then select add html/JavaScript option and it it just paste the whole script copied from there.

2) banners

Now there is another type of affilate ads by Amazon which is banner ads.
You need to just copy the script and paste it on your website.

One thing to note here is that this type of affiliate ads will show any type of products simultaneously not only a single product like earlier which you choose.

You need to just select the banner option and copy and paste the script to website as described earlier.

3)links to any page

Sometimes we need to promote some pages of the Amazon website where it's list of some products or any search results of any product.
So for that also amazon have an option.
You need to just select the links to any page option and put the url of any page,choose category from Amazon and put it in submit url option and give your link name like below.

Then again copy the script code and paste it on your website but it's important to know that whenever anyone clicks on this affilate ad link then he will be sent to some best pages as chose on Amazon whichever url you have pasted,now if anyone buys anything from that page then you will get the commission.

Now one thing to most importantly know about affiliate programs that once anyone clicks on any type of affiliate links from your website to amazon then whatever he buys from Amazon within 24 hours you will get the commissions for it.

You get the commissions depending on the product category.Every category has different kinds of prices as it's mentioned here.

There are many other affilate program websites but Amazon is the most famous and best of them all.

There are some highest paying affiliate program sites which you should have a look at.

There are many other things also like link checker and API in Amazon about which you should know also.

Link checker on Amazon checks whether link is ok or not so it's suggested to check link their first before pasting on website as you may not want a dead link to be pasted on your site.

API is an option to make url of any type of products found on Amazon easily through the API key.
You need to use this key to generate links from anywhere on the Amazon.

Soon I will update some secret sites where you can earn easy money through affiliate marketing programs from my pro tips and tricks about it.

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