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Wednesday, 24 January 2018

how to sell domain names to make money online easily

Domain is the first introduction of internet after Google which is at some extent really important to grow business,keep remembered and loved by people.

So why not learn 
how to sell domain names to make money online

This work needs Investment but you have to become little smart to earn if you don't have enough money.
The first domain you buy on internet is of RS 99 and after that price is RS 500.

So if you are short of money to invest then you have one chance only which is enough to buy a domain name which can create jealousy in others to buy it through proper research.

There are many ways to search the best domain names but you should start with your own creative mind to check on best domain buying selling site (which is GoDaddy and sedo) search bar for your desired domain name which you think will people love to buy.
Put your all efforts to search it properly as there is only one chance keep checking it until you get the best one,here use your creative mind I can understand that many small keywords domain name is already bought but this world is not that much small that you don't have any option left and neither can it happen after many years too.

You just need to see the world and use your creative mind to search.
Once you find some good domain names you must check that what is people's response in it and which one is being liked more and people are attracting to it by sharing it to the social media sites.

Whichever domain name gets best response is then ready to be bought.

Put your whole time on it because if you did it right only one domain name can make you millionare and even billionare so pay full attention to it.

It's the highly profitable business with lowest investment so everyone should try it.

Once you searched and bought a domain name you are ready to earn from it so let's see how to sell domain names to make money online easily by different ways

 there are 3 methods for understanding how to sell domain names to make money online

1)Buying and selling domain names

The first method is pretty simple
You just need to buy an easy unforgettable domain name after a proper research.
Although there are lot of tools to find best available domain names but for finding an unexceptional and unfindable domain name you need to do the work by own searching on GoDaddy only.

But there are some tools which will help for some great domain names so that you get some idea for an unexceptional domain names.
I am going to mention some of the best tools only which should be used although there are many but most are useless.


None other than this tool is as famous and as efficient as it is.
You need to just type any keyword and it will show a bunch of categories in which tons of related short easily memorable domain names are will be listed.
The most important thing here is it also shows a single word domain names and not like other tool who just shows two words domain name only.

The design of this tool is very professional and it's easy to use feature makes it deservable for the second spot.
After just entering any keyword it shows some types of related keywords like most related,most common,few common ,last common and in that it list few domains which are like that.

It's also a beautiful tool which shows one word domains also with two words domains for all over searching.

It's also a easy to use efficient tool but it shows only two words domains name.
But it also shows great offers or coupons for getting domains at low cost which is more beneficial I have seen in it than others.

I want my name is a great tool in maintaining your privacy of searching domains from spammers with some extra plugins which can enhance your blog for free.

Here is a nice way to check all the available extensions in detail which is a good step to buy any keywords doesn't matter it's short or most common.

For example- Except there are tons of other extensions like,,blog etc which is most that I have seen on any tool.

Namestation has a very nice interface with detailed outcomes categories which is little overwhelmed but for a good cause only

Although there was no need of fifth tool but a special feature in it forced me to list it on my blog which is it's community research.
It has a community research feature where multiple people try their tricks to find awesome results which is really useful for our reach as we know the power of combined human resource.

how to sell domain names to make money online using Auction

After that one thing everyone needs to know that there are certain auction always going on where you can easily sell any bought domain by registering it to an auction.
If you domain got selected by anyone and took a hype by more sellers then in one day only you can become huge.
All over a night you will become hero from a zero.

There are many sites like sedo,namecheap where there is only direct method to sell by informing them that it's for sale.

But sites like GoDaddy have direct methods with Auction option also for speeding and increasing sale value.

2)Domain parking

While domain is available for other people to sell you can make out money from it by just parking your domain to the parking space provided by the domain registrar.

Domain name can be parked for free by going here on GoDaddy.
You can also park in sedo if you bought domain name from there.
Similarly you can park domain names for free from wherever you took it.


If it's taking long time for others to buy it try blogging instead wasting time.
Just write whatever knowledge you have their so that people become interested to read your blog and after placing ads on your website you can start earning enough money instead of waiting.
If you do this you will always in a win win situation because if you are blogging and due to your awesome content on blog it grows the value of your website will also grow and if not then also it's available for sale and if it get sold after doing some blogging it's value will still get increased to a some extent.

Note here that you can decide according to the amount buyer is giving that you want to stay earning money regularly from AdSense or sell it anytime.
Choose this according to the situation.

For Example- If someone wants to buy your domain for very high value which you don't think you can earn after blogging 4-5 years also then it's good to sell it because you can do blogging on any other domain also and if you want your efforts of writing content will not be wasted then there is a solution for that also just backup your content and move to other hosting now in this hosting whichever domain name you link will show all the information like your previous site.
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