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Monday, 8 January 2018

how to memorize easily anything quickly for forever

After reading this post you will able to understand how to memorize easily anything quickly for long time and on the other hand why it takes many time to remember same type of stuff for long time.

We all live life and in everyone  of our mind some things are listed for forever which they never forget but there are many things which exists in our mind but everytime we are unable to recall it or sometimes unable to remember it quickly.

For understanding 
how to memorize easily anything quickly for long time let's first understand how our mind and brain works.

As we all know that the most Important part of our body is our mind and we can able to do any kind of work through it but many people doesn't able to understand the use and power of it so they just keep wasting in throughout their life.

Our brain has two types

1) conscious mind

When we are doing any work through the help of our mind with full attention and concentration over it then this work is controlled by our conscious mind.

2) subconscious mind

When any kind of work has been done by ourself without having any kind of attention or focus on that work then it's the work controlled by our subsconscious mind.

So all we need to do is train our subsconscious mind such like that that it keeps doing all of our work without our attention and effort.

Our brain remembers the thing quickly for forever where we give most attention and Importance.

If we don't give attention and Importance it will not able to sent the information after grabbing to subconscious mind that's why we will never be able to recall that information in future when we want.

For example try to recall the situation where you met with a coach and a talender student.your brain gave more importance to coach as he had more knowledge and many other Important things which he had but the student who was just beginner and no qualities so your brain didn't gave importance and just after meeting you were unable to send information to our subconscious mind due to your low attention on him.

In this situation it's very likely that you will not able to remember that student quickly and for forever but you will remember your coach quickly forever.

This example will only let you understand the whole scenario of working of our mind.
So after analysing what should we do in order to remember anything quickly.

Lets see how to memorize easily

So all you need to do to memorize easily anything quickly is give attention to it by finding anyone or two specialities of that thing In order to sent that info to your subsconscious mind from where you can recall it every time so that it exists there for forever quickly.

If you are unable to do that then there is also one other easy way how to memorize easily anything quickly for forever.

You just need to do one thing which is connection.

You need to connect any single thing which you wanna remember to different types of things which are already in your subconscious mind.

For example

When you have to remember the structure of chimpanzee you need to just connect it to the structure of human with little modifications.

Now let's see the tricks which you can use to memorize easily anything quickly forever.

How to Memorize easily by writing out

Studies and surveys suggest that for remembering anything quickly for a long time writing these informations on a notebook or on smartphone too is a very good option.
It helps our brain to move and work so that it's sticked to our memory due to regular movement of information.

How to Memorize easily by Creating pictures or drawing

Our brain picks and remembers any image quickly and doesn't forget it.
It's also said that whenever someone tells something our brain doesn't understand just by picture but through the image of that word it clarifies and understands what is basically being told.

Drawing about the image which you want to remember is also a good option but making picture through mind is fast and doesn't require too much time like drawing.

How to Memorize easily associating with what you know already

As I said earlier for learning any new things associating any previously know things related to it is a very good option and we already have done in schools.
Recall whenever you started to learn a new topic which was totally different than what did you know then it took time to let you understand but those topics which were similar to your previously learned topics was a matter of minutes for you to understand.

So it's very important to understand that making relations with each other makes it easy for anyone to grab it.

Maybe you would be wondering that every topics are not related to any previously known topic always then let me tell you that it is your myth.
It's felt that something is more related and some is less related but there are tons of things and way to relate anything with anything you just need to properly analyse different type of relations.

For example- your brother is not related to you as your brother only you can relate to him as your father's son too,your relatives friend too.
It's only your analysing power and knowledge which will let you understand this basic concept but once you properly understand this nothing can be omitted in your brain.

Use morning or be fresh always

Our most important organ is mind and we need to take properly care of it through all the ways you can but the most important thing which you can do to it is make it fresh whenever you feel like lazy.
Cleanliness is the source for making your body and especially mind fresh.
On natural morning is the time where automatically everyone starts feeling fully fresh because of the surrounding or environment at that time.
For making your concentration,freshness nothing better than meditation can help you in this situation so I will strongly recommend to do meditation everyday for at least 10-20 minutes.
During meditation you only need to focus at a single object or thing without getting your mind anywhere except it,no extra thoughts should come.
If you do this daily it will increase your memory power too much.

how to memorize easily by Breaking big things by small and small parts

It's a simple thing to understand that it's easy for our brain to remember small things than big things but it's not like that that you can't remember big things.
So the main aim of this method to break big things into small and small parts so that your learning rate becomes faster.
As you are trying to learn small and small parts you will easily learn big paragraphs too through this way.

 How to Memorize easily by Teaching what you have learned

Teaching is a great source of learning so it's recommended that teach whatever you know about.
Although if you don't remember anything try teaching it through guides or any other help.
It will not only just make you stronger but also increases your memory in fun without giving too much pressure and worry.

If you are in confusion that how can I teach if I only not familiar to the things then I would recommend to teach online by making course through videos by the help of guides which can help you from feeling ashamed as you can edit wherever you face problem while teaching in videos.

 how to memorize easily by Making a story or song

Remember the situation where you remembered your famous song lyrics easily or stories which your grandmother told but you forgot the theory of classes.

It's very strong indicator of the power of songs and stories to remember everything.

So it's recommended if possible make things like songs and any type of stories to remember it easily.

Make it abnormal

The most unfamiliar and unhappenable extreme
 situations are very likely to stick in our mind
 for long time without putting any kind of efforts
 so if possible make any situations extraordinary
 or cheap to struck it to your mind.

In this post I have told many ways through deep research how you can use your brain to to memorize easily anything quickly for forever.

In last as I and many people's analyse the most important things In order to learn anything is your mind and how you use it as I said earlier it's the most advanced organs or system in this universe.

If you want to do anything from the bottom of your heart with full focus of your mind on that particular work it can never be forgotten from your memory.

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