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Thursday, 18 January 2018

how to make money through youtube- Secrets revealed

YouTube has taken the advantage of video and growing very rapidly and has become the biggest search engine than Yahoo,bing or Facebook.

Undoubtedly YouTube has created an amazing platform for YouTubers and viewers to earn money and at the same moment enjoy others awesome videos.Thats why it has become the biggest source of entertainment than television and radios.

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Many people are Keen to know how to make money through youtube as its interesting and amazing but many newbies fail in achieving attention due to their silly mistakes and less knowledge about the working of YouTube.
In this post I am going to reveal each and every ways which will grow anyone's YouTube carrier rapidly if the mentioned things are followed properly just like a wheel which moves any amount of pressure,weight very easily without any effort.

So without wasting time let's start how to make money through youtube

How YouTube search engine work

YouTube search engine is not that specific like Google but it's no way less useful than google.
It's important to understand how YouTube gathers info and spread it across YouTube.
Whenever a video is uploaded on youtube then YouTube first checks information of it like title,description and tags and through it analyses what type to content it is and try to spread it across same type of content viewers either through search engines,suggested videos,browse features etc.

One thing always bear in mind which most beginner YouTube thinks that the more keyword they place in everywhere,then the highest ranking they will get.
If you over optimize some keyword then it will have opposite effect as YouTube will penalize you for keyword stuffing instead good ranking.
YouTube only asks for informations through title,description and tags so that they can understand what type of content it is.
If they understood it by small explaination then there is no need to keep explaining him about it.
It's a bit irritating and that's why YouTube punish them

For example - If anyone asked your name and your work and you answered once in an explanation.

But after few minutes you keep telling him the same thing about you then it's a kind of irritation for him and instead of listening more he will get away from it.
The same thing happens in YouTube too.
You should  tell him more about you on the same topic so that it looks interesting and he grabs attention instead same keyword stuffing.

The ranking or say more visibility of any video on YouTube is totally dependent on watch time,audience retention and it's thumbnail about which we will study below.

I hope you get that

Area of getting traffic

Search engine

When someone searches on YouTube website and got some results then it's the traffic of search engine.

Suggested videos

When someone is watching a video and then after watching or while watching clicks on other related videos shown on the sidebar from below on mobile or on the right side on PC then this traffic which came from the related videos is called suggested videos traffic.

Browse features

Whenever we watches a type of video then YouTube browser by own understands what type of content should be shown to us and related to those videos they keep on showing that type of videos on the home page of YouTube whenever enters or exits.


Playlists are a way for another chance to get traffic which is basically a group of similar videos of same category.
Some people try to make a list by putting all the viral videos of that category below in the list and on the first position in that list their own videos so that the people who are watching the viral videos on that list will be able to see this playlist and when they enter playlist they are forced to watch our video as it's on the first position in playlist.


Content is always the key,If you made it with your whole heart and mind then you should be full confident about your videos that it's a nice video but your thinking and viewers thinking may be different so analyzing your content is worth it.

You can do it by uploading to YouTube in unlisted category and then share it on all social media networks to gain atleast 20-40 views.

Once you get that after 2-3 days you can see your audience retention(on which time of video audience drops from your videos and on which time your audience watches more).
After watching it you can see how people are reacting to your videos.

If the audience retention graph has ups and downs and below 60% watch time then you need to do work on it and up that slope where it's low by editing the area where people doesn't liked your video.
If everything is right and there is very less ups and downs and watch time is above 60% then go ahead and upload the video by removing unlisted category to public.

Essential items for making videos

Although you can make videos on YouTube and upload it without the help of any essential items but we need quality videos because you may like your video but people doesn't like low quality videos and if people doesn't like you are in trouble and face many issue to grow although your idea of the video is good.

I will demonstrate some most useful items without which no YouTuber should start a channel because either they won't grow or grow very slowly if these essentials lack.
Don't worry I have done full research and found the cheapest best items.

1) Mic

Without mic your whole video would be surrounded by the background noise of either your dog,outside vehicles,birds,other people's voice etc and thus giving your viewers a bad video which they will be hate to watch as it's a bit irritation and also your voice will not be sweet as you say instead it come blurred.

So it's better instead to buy a mic either with headphones or without headphones.

Cheapest and best in my opinion is
This mic which costs hardly 3-4$.

2) Tripod

If you are beginner I hope you would be shooting with your smartphone and there is no need to buy DSLR because nowadays smartphones creates high quality videos so there is no problem in it.
So while shooting videos it's impossible to place a smartphone anywhere and start shooting because once you adjust the position of smartphone to stand you only can make video on that position only.
And can't move your phone to take video from some angles to create a great video because if you adjust your phone to an angle to record its sure that it can't shoot but while trying harder by keeping some objects you will loose your phone also after keep on dropping.

So it's best to buy a tripod instead which can hold your phone through the help of mount in any position,any height and any angle and direction which is superb.
Now once you get it you don't need anyone to shoot your videos or keep on positioning your smartphone.

The best and cheapest tripod is here.

Green screen

If you want to create videos by removing your background and changing it to beautiful places then green screen is a must to make your videos even more exciting and compelling.

There are many softwares like camtasia to edit any type of videos easily and if professionally you want then Adobe premiere pro.

But you only want to edit it in smartphone the nothing best than kinemaster can help to easily edit any kind of videos.

The best place to buy green screen is amazon

If you are not going to create music channel then requirements are over on how to make money through youtube but for music creators there are 3 requirement.

1) karaoke of the song

Karaoke is the music of any song without vocals which can be found here and used in the song to give it real and ear touching sound.

2)pop filter

Many people doesn't know the working of pop filter so let me tell you first that it's a type of layer from which when the voice get passed removes all the blurr sound which can be created if we say p and b most often so as it can decrease our quality video it should be bought and used.

The best pop filter on budget can be found here.
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3) studio mic

Although the mic which I have mentioned earlier can do the job but

For singing we need studio Mike which creates lots of beautiful music buzz like echo in the song.
So I will recommend music creators to get it .
Either you can buy it or choose any other professional studio Mike under your budget there.

Most important things while uploading


Thumbnail in this video has the most effect on growing any video or channel.
So never give it less time and value.
Always give the most time after video making to making thumbnail which attracts viewers to click on it and understands the whole benefits or scenarios for been able to being watched.

It has been seen that one video had a great eye catching thumbnail but the watch time was very low and less people liked it still it got most views than a video with good content and more people liked but average thumnails.

It happens because as it's watch time was less so YouTube algorithm shows it to less people but within the less people the probability of clicking on videos was more so as YouTube seen that it's CTR(click through rate) is high so more people like it that's why it should be more spread as it's demanding doesn't matter people are watching it more or not.
Now you can understand that how effective is thumnails in your YouTube carrier.
There are many ways and software to make nice thumbnails like Photoshop on PC and thumbnail creator on Android.

Watch time and Audience retention

Watch time and Audience retention is the 2nd biggest signal in spreading your video to more people. While watch time is the total time which people watched your video but Audience retention is the average amount of time people watched your video both are important in clarifying a videos quality and depending on that YouTube algorithm spread your videos across it.
Videos with high audience retention and watch time always rank higher than the other videos with less audience retention and watch time than it for the same topic in all platforms(search engine,suggested videos,browse features etc).


YouTube loves those places where people are more engaged.
So all the things like share,likes,comments and subscribers helps in any video to be declared more engaged.

The more engaged content gets more visibility than the one with less engaged than that and is the 3rd best signal YouTube algorithm uses.

Video Information

As I have said putting information on videos is pretty important for YouTube algorithm to understand which type of content it is because YouTube algorithm doesn't  understand through video that which type of video it is and thus show that video to this type of content only using the given written information but it doesn't mean that its used for ranking so don't stuff keywords.


Title is the most efficient information among all so it should be written like as it specifies every kind of content in the video which is eye catching I short sentence so that it can be seen
It should be short because if it would be long some last part of it could get hidden and the viewer doesn't able to understand what type of video it is and thus don't click on it.


Description should cover everything what you have shown in video and how it's important for viewers through telling its benefits but the first paragraph of video should only mention every benefits about the video and should be eye catchy as it will be shown when people search for any keyword related to that video.


Tags should contain all the related keywords of the topic for YouTube to understand the type of content.
You should write as much tags through which you yourself can understand which type of content it is except writing all Mahabharata unrelated to it according to the YouTube's limitations.

Some useful info which if anyone try will succeed in YouTube guaranteed.

how to make money through youtube


The most important thing every YouTuber should have  to make money through youtube is to be regular.
If you posted today 5 videos and then after 2 months another videos then it's harmful until you post exceptionally well content which keeps going viral.

Being regular is a powerful thing you can use to succeed although your content is not exceptional but if you be regular and never give up you can never get defeat,one day you will succeed it's guaranteed already on YouTube I can giver assurance.

how to make money through youtube by being Creative,original,unique

As you are working on YouTube to create videos doing what everyone is doing will not help for quick results.
Being unique and creative you can win the battle very quickly.

So before starting creating videos bear in mind that always in this world quality is far away in the race against quantity.
And quality can only be achieved if you are creative,original and unique.

Important info about copyright you need to know

There is the rule of copyright on Google and YouTube and everywhere too but most people doesn't know about it due to its boring written too much unwanted policies.

So here I am going to discuss all the relevant things which you need to know atleast for youtube.

So here we start

1)You can use 30 seconds of any song in your video,you will not face any copyright.

2) You can use 30% of content from others videos but keep in mind that your work should be more than 70%.
The owner of that video may give strike on your channel once they see their content on other places but you are safe until their content is not the main content and topic on your video which is the meat of the video.
You can send counter notification for that video and you will win.

3)You can easily use creative Commons videos found on YouTube which is totally free to use.

Actually there are two types of categories while uploading any videos owner can choose

1)Standard YouTube license
Which grants the owner copyright on that product and is not available for others for commercial use.

2)creative Commons
Where owner allows to be used their product for commercial purpose

Analytics on YouTube can help you a lot for growing your YouTube carrier but many YouTubers doesn't understand how these things can help in their videos.

Soon I will demonstrate easily how you can use them for growing faster.

Also there is a trick to make any video viral for some moment Which will be uploaded in the next blogpost so subscribe our blog by entering email on the follow by email box.

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See you soon

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