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Thursday, 11 January 2018

how to make friends and influence people easily

Lets learn now how to make friends and influence people easily

It's important to understand that there are three kinds of person behaviour which will interact and behave with you.

how to make friends and influence people easily

The first are those people's who can see mistakes on every kind of work you did.Every sort of work indicates you are waste by them.They will as as they can ignore you so you also have to do this thing only to them because being with them will lack your confidence.the thing which you can do properly also will not be able to being done by you under their shadow.


The second kind of people can only see the greatness in you only.Whatever you do a new praises will appear through their mouth.
If you don't do anything then also they can see some qualities why you didn't.
As much as they can they will try to connect with you so you can too but here you need to keep in mind that there is large chance that they can make you over confident which is more dangerous than the previous kind of people so if you can control your emotions that which is confidence and which is over confidence then you can spend time with them because they can increase your pleasure which in short run looks good otherwise it's also harmful to be with them


Now here comes the third and real kind of people which will interact with you who are the best with whom you can be with because they are the person's who analyses any situation or work according to their knowledge and then decides you or your work and relate it with you.

These kind of people can be your best friend in the long run and helps in your path to lead properly.

And there are 3 types of people in this planet you should know first in order to learn how to make friends and influence people easily


The first person is like water which get melt by doing any kind of work because of it's pressure and difficulties for whom it's really very difficult to win anyone's heart.

For example- All those people's who do suicide or left work due to the load and difficulties and from other side pressure from there people's.


The second person are just like solid which adjusts it's shape according to the object where it's placed which means all the people who are doing works like it's said from other elders to do fall under this category.

For example- parents told child to study and become engineer and he spent life as they said leniently.


The third category of people is the best category which is like a coffee which after getting melt spreads it's sweet flavour everywhere.
It means these type of peoples also have pressure and loads of difficulties but they still have a smile on face and does work like as if it's not work it's a game and changes the whole scenario of the work so that it becomes easy and of lots of new value.

For example- people told Albert Einstein that he is very dumb,he doesn't understand anything but in future he changed the way science thinks by his quality creative unique efforts.

If you have understood all the types of people and their types of behaviour then you can yourself easily understand how should you be and with whom should be to win hearts.
Once you understand this your haters will also try to stick to you and your work.

Now let's see some effective ways to become attractive for influencing others

Originalilty is essential to become attractive for influencing others

We have seen many people trying to copy others methods which is the sign of a looser and he can never win anyone's heart because more than half of a battle he loose because he left himselves and his originality only.
It doesn't matter how much good work he do he will always be back from the one he copied just like As someone copying others answers while giving exam can't score more than him like that only.

So always bear in mind to show your originality because being unoriginal have many weakness hidden in it like lack of confidence.

how to make friends and influence people easily by being Creative 

A creative mind only can do the welfare of society and succeed in every aspect of life but sadly it's lacking everywhere,people doesn't want to use some extra brain in some other directions.
A creative mind people's eyes are transparent and they can see beyond the limits of any object.

So for being creative try to watch anything through all the other directions and perspective.
For example- A company made phone to talk among two people but other company made phone to not only talk among two people but to navigate,compete,educate,calculate and do other tons of things.
What could be a better example than this.

So it's necessary to understand as you make your mind it will start working like that only so why not make it the best.

to become attractive for influencing others by being Unique

Whatever anyone's doing shouldn't be the aim of your also until it came from bottom of your heart.
Maybe the thing or category is same but as we know that there are types in everything so try to be at least unique in any types because uniqueness attracts people quickly.
Uniqueness is that freshness which lasts for longer time.

For example if someone has created a social network website then it's not that you are also in preparation of creating social network website or if it came from your bottom of heart then create it like if no other have even thought of an idea like that in u nder that category only.

Change yourself to become attractive for influencing others

As change is the rule of nature you should be also changing according to different kind of situations so that you look intelligent because doing work through one method only after watching that it's totally not working is not good.

Changes in you wins other hearts as you are not always same.same things as all know becomes quiet boring and people start avoiding so if you don't want to become avoidable keep changing according to the situation.


Develop a strong humour among yourselves to make anything interesting and entertaining.
Entertainment us that vehicle which will complete your journey without even getting you felt about your hard work.
It's recommended to develop an art to make any work interesting because every thing in this world have a lot of entertaining things attached to it,we just need to analyse and attach it to our work.
Because it's very important to understand all works are interesting but excess and less of anything is worse.

For example- it's easy to understand that either physics,chemistry or maths all have some interesting things to read in it but wherever our mind gives more attention we started thinking that it's interesting and where there is no attention feels boring.

Grow or finding talent

Develop or find any kind of talent among you to become attractive for influencing others
Some talents come naturally and other comes by working on it.
Either the way but you should have some kind of talent so that you become recognisable from that talent and people get impressed.

Listen what said

Listening to others carefully is pretty important in order to learn how to make friends and influence people easily because if you didn't gave attention to him then you will not able to understand what he is saying and then he thinks that you are not doing work according to human and starts disliking you so in order to become attractive for influencing others it's very useful tips you should take care of.

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