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Sunday, 7 January 2018

How to live nice life away from home without single penny

Many times we get irritated from parents and start thinking to leave home but after thinking the consequences of it our irritation and anger get calmed.
We are bound by certain circumstances from where we are unable to get out of it.
We know that they loves us that's why they irritate us wants to do the thing which they thinks right and safe through their experience.
Although however you explain and understand your feelings and thoughts which would feel nice and correct to them but they still after some time starts saying the same thing to do which they realised through their experience.
Not Everytime they say wrong but there is also a good probability when what their experience says is wrong.

And we stuck in confusion what to do.

nice life

So in this blog post I have a great way to live life as you wanted  after leaving home without any big problems.

But I will suggest to do this only when the situation is extreme and no one is trying to listen and understand your feelings because although how much they irritate you the main people who get worried on your problems are your parents only and they are the only one who will try to help you in any worse to worst circumstances.

For understanding and executing my trick to live life away from home without any problem I assume that you have at least a smartphone as you are reading it with your smartphone or laptop only because it will become little difficult if you don't have at least a smartphone but don't worry for that also I have some easy ways.

So let's start

So first of all let's assume that we dont have anything.Neither clothes nor money,no food,no smartphone etc.

But I would recommend to get well prepared with required things before leaving home as it will become more easier for you.
I mean collect some money from your piggy bank or your pocket money which would be enough for few starting  days to setup but dont behave like thief and get everything from home and trouble your family.
Some of your clothes,little snacks,your smartphone,pc and other important things In a single carry bag and try to make your bag little free because we don't want to carry heavy bags for long.

So as we don't have anything let's see how to get that
The most important things which we need is clothes,a place,a smartphone,food,water etc.

Let's overcome every needs one by one through my method but let me tell you that for applying my methods you need to go to the best city nearest from your area or metropolitan city because there only it will be easier to access everything.
If you are already in big cities then it's ok and if not then take the use of train and reach the desired city.
No need to go to buy ticket just use the bathroom when you see the ticket checker and after that just sit on any place wherever possible.

1) Smartphone

Without smartphone many things will become difficult so I would recommend to get this as early as possible so for getting it you don't need to do any labour work and other cheap things.

All you need to do is search for some event works happening in your area.
If you don't know let me tell you that in every city daily more than thousand of events keep going on and they need some boys and girls for completing event easily and in these events you don't need to do anything just need to promote their product,food sampling,share some info,aware others to use their app etc with the support and help of other boys like you from good family in fun and easy way so that within 1-2 weeks you will get enough money to buy a smartphone.
You can search for event jobs by online either going to Facebook( search on Facebook for event jobs then you will get many groups,watch their info and contact those works which interests you and start doing it and making relations so that whenever their are other works they will call you directly)and search for event groups in your area or on google.
And offline by going to mall or other famous places nearby and watch for posters.Manywhere there are posters sticked so that people know and come.

Once you get the smartphone everything will be easy but the below things can also be done without smartphone.

Food,water and place for living

For helping you to get food and water there are no other best place than temple but the best free food you can get from bhandaras.

Everywhere in big cities there are lots of bhandara happens continuously either on temple or outside the house of big people.You need to watch for it and have it.

If you don't have smartphone then you can search by asking people for nearby gurudwara which is the best place for living as they are well furnished and clean and they easily help others to stay there.Their conditioning is good which means you will feel warm in winter and cool in summer so that you stay well and the best part is that they do bhandara and provide quality food daily two times which would be enough for you.

If you have smartphone then it become more easier as you can just search bhandara near me or gurudwara or any other temple near me so that you can reach easily there.
But I would again say that gurudwara will be best as they have many facilities like charging provider for smartphone like things also.


There are many offers going on in many sites which offers free clothes like here

Here is the offer you need to make account and buy one clothes every week for free.
This is the strategy of this website to promote and advertise it's website.
I don't know for how much time this offer exists but like that many offers are there on internet which will help only need to search on internet for free clothes and search latest results by changing the option of all results to last week or month.

Bathing and wash room

For bathing also there is no other place better than temples but gurudwara would be again best for their way of managing it's cleanliness and maintanance or management.

Aftet being well settled without having a single penny we don't want to be like that as we have to do the thing which we wanted to do in our life so for that you have to be self independent first to earn money.

Without any support there are two ways to earn money 1) online 2) offline.
Offline I have just described earlier the way to earn money by doing get paid for per day so you can choose when to go and when to rest.

But I would recommend to try the online way to earn money,it will take time and effort to get well settled through online way but once you did this you will be free to do anytime work or not in best independent way which means when you reach to a level after doing effort there the money will come when you are sleeping and not doing any work also.

You can choose which type of work you want to do on internet.
See here all the genuine ways to earn money online and stay away from fake sites because it will just waste your time and efforts.

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