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Saturday, 13 January 2018

how to create an advertisement online step by step easily

As you all know advertising is a method to promote your business,product etc with the help of Advertising Company on internet or other platforms by paying some amount of money depending on the CPC(Cost per click) rate of the keyword or RPM of the keyword so lets learning how to create an advertisement .

Although there are tons of Advertising Company websites which gives cheap advertising platform but their quality of viewers is low which means the attention of viewers on your advertising content will be low but the ads rate from theses websites are very low so it can also be tried.

There are 2 best quality Advertising Company on internet for getting any kind of niche,area related viewers which pays most attention to your content.

Below 2 websites are best Advertising Company because they send viewers to advertising content by understanding the kind of ads and related to those content viewers only that ads are shown resulting quality viewers.

Let's see how to create an advertisement by using them

1)Google AdWords- The oldest and most used advertising company on internet

Lets see how to create an advertisement through adwords Google AdWords is a different website of Google where all advertising business of Google and other big and small companies occur.
If you don't have Google AdWords account then first of all make an account.
But before making Google AdWords account listen a trick to get 30$(Rs 2000 credit) free for starting advertising.
For getting this amount you need to go to Google and search Google AdWords then there will come the results.
You need to be careful while clicking here because you have to click the first ad not results to enter Google AdWords website
Advertising Company search

 Then it will open Google AdWords website and show you a coupon getting landing page where you need to put email id and coupon will be sent to your email to get 30$ free credit.

adwords code

advertising company

After that a new page will open by clicking start advertising now where you will be asked for email I'd and your website url just put it and go ahead as shown below.


Now you have come to the page where you will be asked for info about your ad like how much you want to spend per day,your audience where you want to show ads,keywords on which ads will show,bids(rate per click or per 1000 views) and at last it will ask to design the structure for your ad by entering title,description,heading etc


Set your bid as much you want to spend per day here.

advertising company

Choose your audience wherever you want to show your ads

advertising company

Choose on which network your ad should be placed either search or display.

advertising company

Now choose the keywords on which when people search then they see the ads

advertising company1

Now set the bid like how you want money to get deducted from your balance either manually or automatically.

advertising company2

Now at last create your ad by writing eye catchy title,headings and description.

advertising company3

Now it's asking for your payment information,just put it there and finish and enter in the Google AdWords ad controlling pages.


Here you need to do just one thing check your Advertising  campaign or create it by clicking on + sign
Add required informations like rate,keywords,ad structure etc and start publishing ads.
Once it get approved by AdWords team it will be live.

Now one thing you need to know is that you have to put some money in the account and put promotional code then after 24 hours you will get 30$(Rs 2000) in your account.

There is so much to understand in Google AdWords and many ways through research there to get more conversions,more leads,views while spending less money by having knowledge on keywords through the help of very important tool keyword planner.
In further posts I will explain some easy ways to get more conversions by spending less money through the use of most powerful tool keyword planner so stay tuned for that.

2)Facebook-the cheapest and most famous advertising company

Facebook is the best competitor of Google which provides advertising rates much cheaper than Google and have more than 3 methods for advertising.
Earlier it only uses only demographics and interest to show ads which part provides not that much accurate visitors like Google AdWords.
But nowadays they are taking it seriously and have more than 3 types of method through which they are no more less than google which we will understand below.
As they are cheaper most small business owner also try it.

Now let's understand how to create an advertisement using Facebook ads network.

First you need to have a Facebook account and if you don't have then create it but I don't think you wouldn't have it.
Anyway create it by signing up and putting informations like Name,email I'd etc things

First you need to go to Facebook Advertising Company and then click on create ads or if you already have some ads running then manage ads.

Then you will see 3 methods for advertising,let's see it one by one.

1)setup an ongoing promotion

This is the first option where targeting users through keywords is missing,it Target just by audience.
Let's see how

First you need to click this option after clicking create ads then it will show some interface like below.

facebook advertising

Here it will ask for a goal
There are two goals you can choose  any goal because after that process is same for both.

facebook advertising

So for now we will choose the first goal to get more website visitors
Then it will ask for your website url if you have not already place on your page.
Now click next
It will take you to a new page where you can add your ad structure.
By default there will be one ad already made and it will ask you to make any other ad if you want.

facebook advertising

Multiple ads should be made to check which ads are performing well and the other one which is not working well should be turned off to save money.
Now after that click next
It will take you to a new page to select types of audience through location,age and gender only.

facebook advertising 3

After clicking next just choose you daily plan

and then add any payment method like PayPal or credit/debit card and then click save so that after some your ad goes live.

facebook advertising payment

facebook advertising credit

2)get more website visitors

facebook advertising main

After clicking create ads here comes the 2nd method where you can use keyword to Target users too so after click this option  it will ask for which page you want to advertise.


Once we choose page it will show a option to Target location,gender,keywords,age etc things and then apply the daily budget.

facebook advertising 5
facebook advertising budget

facebook advertising 7

At last we can schedule her till which date we need to run this campaign
And then start adding payment method.
Once this added your ad will be live after some time.

3)promote your page

facebook advertising 9

Now here come the third best and quick option to create ads.Here you will get the professional look in ads and can edit as you want.

facebook advertising sponsor

After clicking this option just enter as usually Target audience,location,age,gender,schedule of running ads etc

and click on add payment method and just after saving payment method your ad will be live.

4)boost your post

Now it's important to understand that all the previous methods was to promote fan page but this method is basically made to promote posts inside fanpages so just after clicking boost your post option you will see an interface like below.

facebook advertising boost

Choose any of the post you wanted to boost or promote and go ahead and choose your target audience,age,location,gender,keywords etc and just like before add payment methods.after clicking save your ad will be live

Like this you can start advertising on Facebook and make full use but understanding the full concept and some crazy ways to get maximum conversions by spending lowest money ever wait for my next post which will be coming soon.

There are some more Advertising Company websites where you can invest for getting high level of advertising level for which I will update soon because many people don't have much money to spend on Google AdWords and there are many other sites which takes very less money and advertise,their advertising is not of that quality but that's worth it depending on the low rate. So stay subscribed for getting full details.


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