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Saturday, 20 January 2018

Untold secrets of email marketing to make money

Email marketing is the most useful and expensive marketing all over the world as emails are accessible to each and every people and it's a great source to provide information

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Let's see how to do email marketing

When we promote any content or other products by emailing to all email subscribers in no time so that they get benefit from our content or product after using or purchasing  then it's called email marketing.

The whole scenario here is like you need to create a landing page(page on your site where you create a subscribe form where interested users can enter their email so that they get subscribed for getting mails) with the help of custom domain,hosting and autoresponder.

There are many ways to do email marketing but doing this needs three things compulsory

Custom domain name

You should buy a custom domain name just by spending Rs 99
So that your work can be started and looks professional because these domain will be the address of your landing page from where you will collect emails of your subscribers.
So for the users to get a professional look a .Com or .In domain is a must.

A professional email account

For your company to look professional anyhow you need a professional email account through which when you send emails to anyone they won't get feeling of an email from common man instead they should make in mind that the following mails are coming from any company.
Example- Email should not be like instead it should be like

You can use zoho to get it for free otherwise you can buy it with your hosting provider.

For creating professional email account for free through zoho or from hosting provider like bluehost get step by step info here

An autoresponder

There are many autoresponder in the market whose work is to collect the emails and make a list and then by making an opt in form or messaging styled templates deliver your message,content or products info to your email subscribers instantly.

The best autoresponder in the market is Aweber and mailchimp which has some pricing per month according to number of subscribers which you can check on their website.

Just make an account their and start using it to deliver emails instantly.

Advertising or traffic

Now the most important thing of doing this kind of marketing is traffic which can either organic traffic comes from search engines or can come through advertising .
You can choose anyone.
If you want to go through organic traffic then you need to create and grow any website which needs lots of patience,hard work and finally time but it won't need money.

But if you want to choose 2nd option for getting traffic which is advertising then in a few days you can generate good traffic which can generate high amount traffic to your landing page or website.
I will recommend Facebook rather than google for getting traffic because of its cheap rate and high amount of traffic.

I have discussed how to do advertising through Facebook in my earlier post where I have shown some easy ways to get more conversions from Facebook by spending less money.

Note- while doing this type of marketing put your most time and mind in creating a type of landing page for promoting your product like that people become eager to buy it.
Clickbank and amazon can be best affiliate program sites

Once you get all these things you are ready to start otherwise please don't It would be very tough to succeed without them.

Now see the whole process behind email marketing to make money

First we will setup an autoresponder.
Then here we will create attractive optin forms for any single niche for promoting that kind of niche products only.

For example If you want to promote electronic products like smartphone,TV's then you can create optin form for the topic like top 10 gadgets,best budgeted smartphones and send these type of subscribe same type of content and product through autoresponder only.

Then we will do that niche related advertising on facebook so that niche interested people only subscribe to our autoresponder.
Now once you get enough subscribers and when you send niche related content or product only to the users then there is a high change of profit and income than you invested which will be regular income source.

Here is a way to do free email marketing to make money

You can rarely found a working articles on free email marketing.
As the profit here is very much that's why the software or tools maker charge high prices for their tools and never give it free.

But there are still some tools found on internet which helps for free.

Mail chimp autoresponder

Earlier there was a hope of totally free autoresponder which was listwire but through the force and loss of other autoresponder proving companies listwire suddenly stopped working and the site is offline.

Now small to smallest companies also charge much for providing autoresponder which is not one time payment,they keep increasing money as your subscriber base grow their greed too grows.

But one solution is there where we need more than 50 email accounts and through all these create account on mailchimp.There is no limit to create account on mail chimp but if you still face some issue while creating accounts use zenmate proxy and keep changing your location for making accounts.
Now for creating email accounts there are many ways to create unlimited Gmail account or other email accounts,you can check .

The policy of mailchimp fo free account is that you can have 2000 subscribers and send 12000 emails a month.

So after creating and registering through 50 email accounts on mailchimp categorise your blog in 10 category or how much you want as you need.
And then keep 5 mailchimp accounts for using on single category .
It means paste these 5 mailchimp forms only on 1 category or niche on your blog so that in these 5 mailchimp accounts you get single niche related subscribers.
Whenever you want to share same niche related content share through these 5 accounts for more conversions and high CTR as you can collect 10000 subscribers for a single niche and can send 60000 emails per month which is enough.

Like this do this again and again for different category  .

As mailchimp is among the top 5 autoresponder provider I think this is the best way to do free email marketing.


After that you can use feedburner too but it has one disadvantage which is that you can't create and send opt in form separately to your subscribers.
Because whenever you post new content then only your subscribe get notifications.

So for doing email marketing there you need to go to blogger or WordPress and create a new post.
In this post create your niche related content and add follow by email button from add gadget option or directly paste subscribe button between your post content through feedburner subscriber script and then keep creating new posts promoting your content or products as it will automatically send to your subscribers every time you create a new post.

According to your choice use any one option for doing email marketing.

Free domain from or

Now the biggest problem got solved now we only need to create a free domain name.
For that just go to or which is the best free domain provider available and start creating domain by choosing your domain name.

Blogger free hosting

For hosting I suggest don't go anywhere although there is free hosting provider like freenom no hosting can be better than blogger hosting,not only because it's Google product but also due to its awesome performance.

Traffic from social media and search engines.

Whatever we need to do on internet we need traffic,traffic and traffic.
Because without traffic there could be no email marketing.

For free we can only get organic traffic from search engines or social media platform or through other less useful methods like guest posting.

For getting organic traffic we should have a blog which should be regularly update so that it can increase visitors.
You should also know everything about seo to apply it to get traffic from it.

Other than search engines social media platform can help so stay focused and keep sharing all your posts and contents regularly and enhance others to share it as well to start growing.

For that to work you need to know everything about how to grow on social media and it's tips and tricks.

It's generally done to promote content or affiliate product to generate money.

If generating money is the main need.
Then you can either promote your AdSense monetized content and your own product or affiliate product.

Withdraw money from PayPal or directly in your bank account.

Thereare one simple way to use email lists and directly send to everyone for getting instant traffic,i will reveal about that soon.
so subscribe us for getting that.
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See you soon

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