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Tuesday, 23 January 2018

How to earn money online without investment by clicking ads

Don't have a website,no advertising knowledge,and no money to do email marketing through autoresponder no problem because through the way which I am going to tell you there is a good opportunity to earn money online without investment by clicking ads without having any website,any email lists and autoresponder for doing affiliate marketing.

Lets see how to earn money online without investment by clicking ads through ptc sites

earn money online without investment by clicking ads

What is ptc sites 

Ptc means paid to click where advertisers play the role to provide money to these sites to advertise their content and these websites users are paid to click on these ads some part of the advertisers money And through this process advertiser,website owner,website user all get benefit from it and that's why this business runs.


There is a very small requirements for starting this work which is generally available to everyone and if not then make it available for free.

1)An Internet connection
2)A smartphone or a PC
3)A gmail account
4)A bank account
5) online paying account like PayPal and payza.

If you miss anyone of the thing mentioned above first go and acquire it and then start only.

Benefit of ptc sites

Free to join and earn money.

And there is no tension to wait for money to be withdrawn due to irregular date of payment in other works because here the payment are always sent to bank account at a certain date every month.
It's totally free to join any ptc sites to make money online and if any ptc sites is asking for money to register it's 99% fake.

Worldwide access

Any people in this world have access to earn through ptc sites in this world through the help of their email account

Freedom to work

This type of work gives freedom to the users to work for anytime they want and from any place they live through only an internet connection and your PC or smartphone without any kind of investment.


The best part of this work is that an illiterate is also eligible to work here and earn a handsome amount of money for becoming well settled because their is no criteria or requirement to do this as the work is so easy but their is some tricks to speed up their income which I will reveal later in this blog.

Most important things for increasing revenue from ptc sites.

1) Regular

The first main thing every ptc sites worker should have is that they should be regularly clicking on the available ads so that more ads can come of high rates..

2) Patience

Without quitting the main thing an ptc sites worker should have is patience which can open the gates of online income as you get well set.

Now there are different types of ptc sites to earn money online without investment by clicking ads which makes interesting to use it for making money by playing games,lottery and other tons of things but the main motto is to click on ad to earn.

List of Best ptc sites to earn money online without investment by clicking ads


As it's one of the most famous ptc sites of this time this deserves the 1st spot.
The paying rates of ads are extremely high here which keeps growing as you keep working regularly.

The best thing about this website is that you don't need to fill any captcha while watching ads through which you can click all available ads within a minute while other sites do have different type of captcha which takes time and also a limited time we need to watch the ads but there is no such thing in neobux it instantly loads the website and credit the amount which saves our time and efforts.

You need to register first here


Clixsense is one the most growing ptc sites and have grown much by providing pleasures to earn money online in an exciting way.
The number of ads available is higher than anywhere here.

There are many ways here like easy surveys,games,small tasks and offers which will  clarified in my upcoming posts.

join now


It's the most interesting and fun loving ptc sites where you won't get bored.This is the only site which will keep you entertaining and flowing money through it's awesome features on the website.
But you need to understand about it properly through it's ad unit bap.
It's ad rate becomes very high and goes to almost more than 1000$ per click which is an awesome thing.
Also it's games have very potential to earn unlimited money as other ptc sites have limited the amount of money they can earn from games section.

Register here

I will reveal every secrets of how people are earning from this website  in my upcoming post because there are many ways and tricks which can't be completed here for good understanding.

How to use ptc sites to earn money online without investment by clicking ads

First of all you need to signup or register on the site with your Gmail account.

Then you have to login on website through the details you registered.

Then you will enter on the dashboard like this.
Suppose we take the example of neobux
Let's see what we can and how we can do everything on it.

Your new account will look like this.

First of all go in view advertisements section.

You will see plenty of ads to click their with their rates.
As you are watching now the rate is 0.001 $ because you are new but as you become regular and start doing some effective work which I will mention, you will start getting at least 1$ ads.

Now click on any ad,then a red dot will appear just click in it and you will enter the advertisers website.

Wait their until the O in neobux don't become fully orange and screen says
You earned ....$
This usually takes a or two seconds to happen because neobux is the best of all among ptc sites.

Now just click on all the available ads similarly and wait for other ads to come.
Install an extension available in chrome so that you know when ad appears again so that you won't miss it.
Because as quickly you complete it as quickly new ads will come to you.

Now after completing all the ads you will see a screen like this.

Now come on 2nd option

This option is of offers
Here you answer try other advertisers games,surveys and view other mini job offers to do it and earn more money until New ads comes

Earn from ptc sites through gaming

Now here comes the most interesting option which is neobux gaming for earning money but here are some rules you need to know.

You should play at least for 2 minutes for getting reward as you can play less than 2 minutes but you won't get prize if you do so .
Up to 250 times games sessions you can play within 24 hours which is enough.

The game should be completed because if you quit too many times without winning or losing or blocking advertisements or change high scores then you will be unable to earn from games section in future.

There are also multiplayer games in this which you must win and click "I am ready now" button to get credited the rewards money.

All rewards in neobux are instantly credited once you complete the given work and rewards depends on the rate of your advertisements which means amount of rewards per session will be according to the ad rates which you clicked on.
The higher the rates of ad click higher the games sessions rewards.

Let's see how to play games here

Click on play now.

Like this I have choosed a game whose interface is like this.

Before playing an ad will appear like this,don't block or skip it

Play like this

And see the prize amount have been credited as the amount increased from 0.013 to 0.014.

Have fun and enjoy earning money.

Referrals system to earn money online without investment by clicking ads from ptc sites

Last but not the least there is a referral system for earning even high amount of money.

There are two types of referrals in ptc sites.

1) Rented referral.

You can pay some amount and buy some referrals for a small period of 30 days either from your neobux account where you have earned some bucks or through payza.

After you have bought some referrals then whatever work they do and earn money will be given to you but you need to keep paying them to maintain so these referrals are less recommended

After that there comes direct referral.

Those who referred through your code or your link whatever they earn some percentage of their income will be given to you for lifetime automatically.
So start making a hill of you referrals by promoting your code.

You can also take golden membership in neobux which will double your earnings whatever you made.

Earning money from choosing other than these 3 websites is fully waste of time and risky too.

And the main thing you should note that you need to regular and give time to these sites for 2-3 months then only after that you will be able to earn enough money because in starting it's not going to pay you high due to lack of confidence on you by them that you can leave them any time.
So bulid assurance first by being active otherwise just use it as part time and don't wonder if it paying you huge amount of money.
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