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Monday, 15 January 2018

How to earn money from best paid online surveys

Make money online through  best paid online surveys question

best paid online surveys

Paid Online surveys are another easy methods for earning money online but if you have felt doing it you have seen the difficulties while operating online survey questions as any time it can stop.The problem with this type of survey questions is that maybe surveys would be regular or maybe not and after that also it's said that you are not eligible for this survey due to certain strategies of company which I will discuss here so that you can get regular eligible best paid online surveys .

One thing bear in mind it can't be a regular money making source unless you do for more than 5 companies websites.
You should behave it as pocket money for spending anywhere although the cost of doing surveys is enough which is for 2 minute surveys you will get 1-2$ and if you do long surveys of one hour you will easily get 50-100$ each surveys.
But the issue is that the surveys will not present always on your timeline,it will be sent directly to your mail whenever there is availability for you which also depends on your regularity and your profile information about you.

So before starting let's understand how and why companies gives best paid online surveys  and money to the survey operators.

Actually many big or small companies who have launched some product wanted feedback so that they can enhance their product quality and know what type of costumers they have and their need or other informations too according to paid online survey questions.

As you know that cause is very important in order to get results from anything that's why these companies are spending money in it for providing increasing opportunities to online freelancers.

Now we have understood why there is online earning source developed in internet through paid online survey questions but we have to see only the best and secured places for earning money online.

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  2. how to sell domain names to make money online easily
  3. How to earn money online without investment by clicking ads

That's why through my experience and lots of research found top 7 websites where only you should invest your time to earn enough money from best paid online surveys .


There is no place better than Google to do anything on internet and if you are going to work for Google then forget anything about security,fraud as you can trust it blindly due to its maximum payout too as no other company will pay and help like they do.

So Google provides two places for doing surveys

1) best paid online surveys through app

Google opinion rewards on app is the place where you can do paid online survey provided by Google but this app and place made only to do small surveys of 1-2 minute only which pays 1-2 $ per survey.

You can download it on Google play,it's easily available their.

2) best paid online surveys through website

Google has made its own website named to provide online survey operators long survey questions of more than 1 hour which pays more than 100$ per survey.
You just need to signup here and start doing a online survey whenever it comes to your email.

Notice that the first survey which you do here is free and doesn't pay you any money as this sample survey is just to show you how it's done and see yours performance too.

After that new online survey will be sent to your provided email whenever there is availability so that you get paid.

One thing here you need to know is that you can withdraw money to your bank account or use earned money through gift cards.
If you want to get money only then you have to give some shares of earned money to the charity which is compulsory but if you take money through gift then you can use whole money to buy anything on internet.


Swagbucks is very famous and most used worldwide site to do surveys,watch videos,surf sites and do other things to earn small amount of money.
It's Alexa rank is nearby 1000 so it's the most trustworthy site to earn some extra money through small works.

Now there is 5 only best paid online surveys  providing sites


Toluna needs no introduction as it's the best paid online surveys  providing company after Google whose payment is also much higher like Google.
It's Alexa rank is nearby 5000 and it deserves 2nd spot in this category.
You just need to register here and start getting emails for earning through survey questions.


My survey is also a very known and old survey sites which offers job of doing paid surveys and in no way less than toluna as it's Alexa rank is nearby 5500 and in the eye of Google it's most trusted online survey providing website.
Register here and as usual start getting new emails for doing surveys and withdraw money.


My gov is very famous government organized Nationals survey questionnaire
 for every region to get people's info also for increasing job opportunities and other government works with an Alexa of nearby 10000 which is growing rapidly.

Just signup and get emails straight into your email I'd.

Ipsos I-Say 

This site is one of the highest paying online survey providing platform with a good motto to do welfare of the society with Alexa rank of nearby 18000 and little less used by people than other websites mentioned earlier 

inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars is also famous for its high revenue providing for new surveys site with an Alexa rank nearby 17000 with an easy to use interface to register and send new surveys directly to emails whenever there is availability.

Now as I have told earlier that getting surveys become very difficult some time in low developed regions so I am going to reveal a way so that your emails can be always loaded with new 
online surveys opportunities.

For that you need to first download any proxy extension for PC or VPN for smartphones and change it to the most developed country location which is USA for more best paid online surveys .
But you need to take care of the fact that while registering you need to provide information regarding that location only.
I mean to say that choose any permanent address name and other things regarding to that proxy location and use that info while registering because if you don't do this they unable to take you forward as they examine that your registration info is different than your current location.
Hope it helps.

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