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Friday, 26 January 2018

Best affiliate marketing websites to earn money quickly

Affiliate marketing is absolute free to join but you need to have a website.
Either create website professionally or create it for free it's your choice.

best affiliate marketing websites

best affiliate marketing websites benefits

Some info are there which you need to know as an affiliate marketer.

Whenever anyone clicks through your affiliate link and goes to that product then if he buys within 24 hours until then you can get commissions from his shopping.

Website is very important thing you need to have for starting affiliate marketing.

Social media pages can also help in making leads to through affiliate network sites,so must create pages on facebook,Google+,LinkedIn and other place wherever possible.

For becoming an affiliate you need to register on affiliate network sites by providing your website url and wait for it's approval.

Although there are more than 100 affiliate network sites deserved to be used for earning money but in this list I am going to place only those who are easy to use,gives more commissions,are most popular and have other important things needed for making our path easy on money making online.

Top 10 best affiliate marketing websites


No other affiliate site than Amazon deserve the first ranking in best affiliate marketing websites because of it's endless support to make more money online.

To first feature it have is there are each and every type of products available on this site to promote which really helps in getting more conversions by pasting it's link to the niche related posts.

For Example - If my posts are for toys then I can place any toys link from Amazon to that blogpost so that there will be high chances of them to buy as their interest is also on toys.

Secondly it's the most trusted and biggest platform for affiliate marketing in this internet world.
So never avoid it at any cost.

There are multiple tools to setup Your ads in a multiple useful manner for more conversions about which I have already explained in detail in my earlier post.


Now let's see the 2nd most popular affiliate program sites
Here also some tools are provided for more exposure but they are less beneficial than Amazon.
Commission rates are some times more than Amazon in eBay
Easy and time to time payment methods is their priority


Flipkart attracted most of the consumers due to its fast delivery and it's no less than Amazon and eBay in some countries and it also provides a good affiliate marketing platform

It's a very trusted and reputed websites which always takes good care of their users so you can trust it blindly.

Best buy 

Best buy is again an exceptional website with a lots of different products found on other platforms.
It's products quality is always recommendable

It's affiliate program suites every needs one need while promoting their product and they teaches step by step ways to complete their work.

Now all the previous best sites was online shopping websites and among shopping websites I don't think any other sites deserves that position although there are many more online shopping websites who also have affiliate network but I think these five are best and enough according to quality,usefulness and popularity.

Now we will see the best affiliate marketing websites other than online shopping websites as these sites have very high commission rates and should be used with shopping affiliate networks.


Shareashale is a remarkable affiliate network site.
It's real time tracking tool makes it different than others because here you can see when anyone clicked bought or where are this user from.
It's commission rates are extremely high than other shopping sites with a great support.
The unique thing only this website has that from here you can even promote others products like hootsuite( others site,software anything)for getting commissions


If you have heard of affiliate marketing then of course you would have heard about clickbank website which provides huge( 70-90%) commissions with a great detail on it's promoted product to catch the buyers eye.
It's famous because they only does everything needed to promote,we all have to just paste their url on our website.
It provides information about which product is easy to sell and which is tough through it's rule of gravity and other things. 

It's a very easy to use and reliable source of affiliate marketing where advertisers  can be many times familiar to your blog visitors which enhance the conversion rates.

The best part of this website is that After joining and get approved by the network you can access many advertisers directly for more payments and it can also happen than manytimes advertisers themselves only contact you through email to promote their content directly for more % of comission.


It's a very crucial website for promoting many softwares of internet related works.
All tech bloggers should must use this affiliate network because commissions here is high .
Only tech related affiliates only can get more conversions so it's need that it's affiliate link should be pasted on tech related blogpost mostly.
Although there are other type of products too but for the bloggers this is best.


The most popular thing in this website is different kind of campaigns which means you can promote thing like realestate to research,dating games products etc.

The other thing here which is it's speciality is it's maximum commisiiosins rates that's why its called maxbounty.

It pays an additional 1000$ if you earn atleast 1000$ each for three months.

Although I am putting it at last due to less popularity than others this affiliate site can make affiliate marketing easiest for anyone to do for earning money online.

It could have been more popular but it doesn't believe in self advertising that's why less people knows about it.

This site provides all type of helpful information and many required data for affiliates to analyse their activity for making more sales.

It's commission is also high and payment is always instant despite of any issue that's why its the best affiliate marketing websites.

Many affiliates praise about this website so it should not be ignored.
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