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Sunday, 7 January 2018

How to make money on the internet genuinely

In this Internet world daily more than thousand ways of earning money online keeps developing but the best and genuine ways are only those which I am going to illustrate in this blog.After knowing genuine ways how to make money on the internet  you only need smartness and your efforts to keep getting more and more success here which is guaranteed if you are regular.

Everyone should choose this option because you are the boss here,anytime you can work and anytime you rest you will get all the benefits once you made your place here.

But everyone should be alert because most of the work here on internet is running by fake people and without properly understanding the genuine ways on How to make money on the internet  you will keep roaming here and there in search of money but you won't get it.

How to make money on the internet

First let me tell you all the genuine and best ways on How to make money on the internet  and then remind you of all the main fake places where every starter keeps roaming.

So let's start learning How to make money on the internet 

1) How to make money on the internet from Blogging

It's the best but toughest and both easiest ways of making money online.
It will be tough without proper guidance and knowledge about specific things but it will be easiest if you know about the secret most important things about blogging.
There are tons of things to know about to start blogging but there are only few most important things which a blogger should know which I have demonstrated here.

Now let's understand How to make money on the internet through blogging

1) Advertising

First let's understand about advertising and how it helps in making your money wallet full of dollars.

Basically advertising is done by two people, the first one are called advertisers who gives ads and money and want to popularise their brand,business etc through the publishers who gets money depending on page views,cpm,impressions,clicks etc things using the support of the main traffic source provider Google,facebook,youtube,Yahoo or bing search engines.

Advertisers and publishers needs to go to Google Adwords and AdSense website and according to their need make account and use like

Advertisers just need to put money on Adwords account and according to their money and rate on different keywords use money to get views or clicks on their ads.

But publishers need to sign up and get approval for their website in order to start getting ads for their website and according to certain things like impressions,clicks,page views,cpm,cpc earn money about which you can read properly on adwords site.

Although advertising is the only main source of earning money online but it also has many types and ways to increase earning more and more.

Let's clarify How to make money on the internet other types

When anyone from your blog watches affiliate ads of other online shopping website and earn that particular ad object within 24 hours of their click on that ad then you will get 10-15% of the price value of that object depending on the type of object and website mentioned rate  from that site in your bank account.

Let's understand it properly through an example

There are tons of affiliate network program websites which provide affiliate ad for your website like Amazon.
you made account on Amazon affiliate network and you linked your website there then they will provide certain codes for all different type of just need to choose any object code and paste it on your website then that object with it's info and pic will appear on your site.
There are different rate on different types of object with different rates of commission for you which will be mentioned on that affiliate network sites.
After that if anyone purchases anything through that link on your blog as ad within 24 hours after clicking ad you will get commissions as mentioned on affiliate network sites and it's price.

3) How to make money on the internet through Short links

When you put links on your site to external websites then you can make it short through some link shortening websites and when you do that then everyone have to visit an ad after clicking short links for reaching the linked website.

Let's see by an example

Suppose I have  a link like this and I shortened it in this format then when anyone click on it it will first show the ad page like this and then the linked website.

4) How to make money on the internet through ppd or file sharing websites

It's also a way which can Increase your revenue.
Basically the idea is to join any website which show ads when someone download from any important file from the link.

So whenever you share any file on your blog then convert that url with that website and put that link for downloading whenever someones download it you will get a very good price of 5-50 $ per download depending on the file size and quality.

2) How to make money on the internet from YouTube

Nowadays YouTube has become one of the best ways to not only earn money but also for gaining popularity or face value.
The thing is pretty simple you just need to upload awesome videos so that people love to watch it.
The main idea here is to regular uploading and if you do this no one can stop you in the journey of making money online.
It may take some time depending on your quality videos and luck in order to earn enough money but that time will come guaranteed if you are regular.

For making YouTube journey easier and growing faster there are many important stuffs which are important which you should know about in order to rank it well and diversify everywhere on YouTube so that people reaches to your videos easily.

3) How to make money on the internet through Email marketing

One of the quick money making method is right in front of you which is email marketing but first let's understand what it is in order to use it to fulfill your wishes.
When you promote yours or others product through emails to all of your email contacts and when they use that product then you get money.
So it's called email marketing where you do marketing through emails.

For doing this you need 3 things

First is landing page where you collect the emails of everyone who loves you it your info.
Second is an email autoresponder which will send automated emails in form of product to all your email contacts instantly.
Third is PayPal account where you will collect all money earned through email marketing.

I explained about email marketing in short here but you can learn each step by step methods to do email marketing and earn money  with all available tools. coming soon

4) How to make money on the internet through ptc sites

Ptc means paid to click which says that you will get some money if you click on their ads Everytime.
There are also different types of games and a way to make your team's so that they earn for you to make money easily.
This is the easiest way but it needs more patience if you want to earn enough money from these websites.

Also you should be regular here so that you don't miss any offer and chances,different types of lotteries are also here for increasing your revenue.

Athough there are many ptc sites but you should rely only on these websites to earn money.

5)How to earn by doing freelancing works

This is one of the best and fastest ways of earning money which doesn't require any patience,the only thing which it requires is any online skill from digital marketing,graphic designing,writing or programming etc.
So for earning through this method you should learn skills from many free websites mentioned here easily step by step with others help too.

After learning any skill you only need to make account on any of these best freelancing websites and make your profile with mentioning about your service(the work which you can do for others).
Then those who wants your service will come to you and ask for doing their work and pay some amount as you want and then you have to deliver your work within some time which you have mentioned on your profile.

On these websites there are also a way for you to reach others and accept their job as the job providers keep uploading their work regularly whenever they want it to be done.
You need to provide a very attracting proposal so that they accept it and you become ready to start work.

You can learn each and everything about freelancing for earning easily through these special techniques.

6)How to make money on the internet using bitcoin

It's a special type of currency which works in every country and whose value keeps changing.

The best part here is you don't need to work here for getting money.
You only need to invest some money here and as it's value keeps changing you should get your eye their that when it's value is low or high.
Whenever it's value is low you buy some bitcoins and whenever it's value is high then sell those bitcoins for earning profit without doing anything.

Let's understand it by an example

Suppose now Bitcoin value is 2000$

i.e 1 Bitcoin = 2000$ and you bought
0.1 Bitcoin by investing 200$.

After 1 month you saw that the value of 1 Bitcoin = 10000$ and by grabbing this opportunity you immediately sold your 0.1 Bitcoin whose value is now 200$*5 as it's value is 5 times now than earlier.

So you earned a profit of 800$ within a single month.

For doing this you only need any Bitcoin wallet which is best for your country and after making account there use your wallet to do this business.

If you don't have money to invest then there are tons of websites which helps you to earn Bitcoin but
Only take help from the special websites because they are trustworthy and pay higher than other sites.

7)How to make money on the internet by facebook

No one can forget Facebook but many people doesn't understand the power of Facebook in order to get traffic and get help in money making.

Facebook advertising rate is less than Google AdWords so if you have some money to invest to get traffic to your website of Facebook fanpage then you should try it.

But the question is How to make money on the internet from facebook

1) the first method is pretty simple
Just grow your fanpage of Facebook by creating it and sharing and regularly posting eye catchy content and then share affiliate marketing link there.
Interested people will sure buy it and you will earn commissions.

2) Watching the success of YouTube Facebook has also thought that they should display ads on their videos and give some share to the publishers.
But its going to come soon for enabling us to earn money.

But for now they have upgraded an other way to earn which is also through fanpage.
People can show ads in every post of their fanpage by linking their fanpage to Facebook developer network which will give ads to the fanpage posts.
For approval you should have at least 10 posts on fanpage and any blog either from WordPress or blogger.

8) Buy/sell domain for making money

Daily more than thousand domains are sold and bought and everybody wants a clear and easy remembering domain for their business and they want that type of domain only.

Here you can investigate and search the easiest names domain and buy it for smaller price and as it's demand arises in online market sell it for a very high price as many people are very eager to buy easy name domains which suit for their business.

I have seen many people become millionare by just selling a few domains.

You can buy/sell on GoDaddy,bigrock like websites.

There are many tools which can help you to search best easy domains
So don't hesitate to take help from that.

You can learn everything you need to know about buying/selling domain business first.

9) How to make money on the internet by online survey

Many big companies wants to survey about some products,people, Interest on their things etc in order to get information for taking step ahead on a particular category to their business and that's why they do it.

But this way can't be a regular source of earning money as the surveys do not come regular basis and also there are many issues on all top survey sites for getting surveys.
Only one site is little regular and pays nice money which is none other than Google surveys.

You can blindly trust Google surveys as they are most trusted site and pays 40-80$ per survey of an hour.
There are small surveys too which pays 1-2 $ of 2-5 minutes.

Learn everything about surveys first.

Now it's time to awaken you of the fake ideas and work where you should not go

1) there is no sms sending,email sending type stupid jobs on the internet where company asks for registration money.
So to understand if the work is fake there is a signal
If someone asks for registration money then it's 99.9 % fake site who just tried to earn money from you.

2) captcha entry jobs site are either fake or it's going to just waste your time as it will give you very very less money. So stop it now if you are doing it.

3) mlm jobs companies are mostly fake.only join any mlm company if it's free to join there like champ cash and tiens.

4) All the money making apps will just waste your time.
It's not that they will not give you money but problem is they will give very less money through which you can only recharge or do something on internet to spend it.
It will ask for referrals and other offers for their benefit only and very less benefit to you.
If you want you can do it for just fun use but don't waste time and rely there expecting for regular good amount of money from it.
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