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Sunday, 7 January 2018

How to google with google magic tricks to find anything easily

We all use Google every time whenever we need any help but manytimes we are unable to get the desired results not because Google doesn't have that information but due to lack of knowledge and experience on how to google anything.

Lets Understand how to google mistake Scenario first by most people

One common mistake people does is search Google like as if they are asking their brother or father for solution.
Instead using keywords they start writing their whole story.
For example

If someone wants the distance between two areas they
Write a long term like
What will be the distance between ....To ..... using car and metro.

Instead of searching distance Patna..Delhi due to their low knowledge about How to google.
We need to understand that Google is not a human being as you are using Google it like that.
Google just shows the results of any keyword by checking others site if this keyword found there or not according to several signals.
For asking long question there are other websites or forums or most famous Yahoo ask and quora

In this blog post I am going to reveal all the necessary info and tricks on How to google to hunt the required information wherever it's buried on internet because nothing can be hidden in Internet if it's there.

First of all let's see the first trick which is finding information using multiple keywords.

Many times beginners do that they search the information through one keyword only and when they don't able to see the exact Information which they wanted so they think that it's not on google.
But we need to first search through different synonyms of that keyword because Google treats every keyword as different words although it's meanings are same.

Let's understand it through an example

Suppose we need to find how to check different websites monthly traffic then we can search like

Website traffic analyzer
How to check website stats
Get website views etc.

Like this we need to keep searching through different types of same keyword until we get the required results in post.

This was the very common and easy way for anyone to get results from Google because it has been noticed that people just search once through any keyword and when they didn't get required result they think that it's not on google without using the other related keywords.

Now let me tell you the deep advanced way to search anything on google if it's hidden in any corner.

Quotation marks search

Whenever we search any specific keyword and want result of that keyword only then we use quotation marks between the keyword.
Because when you search for hit Bollywood movies 2000 then it gives results of other Bollywood movies too because it brings the results of all the mentioned keywords like Bollywood,movies,Bollywood movies,hit Bollywood movies etc.

So for getting only the results of particular keyword use quotation within your keyword like

"Hit Bollywood movies 2000" then it will bring only the results from this keyword only and no other small keyword in it.

Now in quotation marks also there are many options to get accurate results from Google.


When we want the results of that keyword between some years then we will write it on Google like
"Hit Bollywood movies" 2000..2010

Where we have to use two dots between two years for getting results between them and note that we put dates outside quotation marks as we don't want it necessarily that this keyword with dates results come only then the result will not come although it will be we just need to understand Google that we want results within that date only.

Specific topic

If we want the results of our keyword based on some topic only which we wants then we can use that topic with comma with main keyword under quotes like

Drama,funny "Hit Bollywood movies"

If we use keywords like that then we will get results of all drama and funny Hit Bollywood movies only

Similarly if we want to exclude any topic in keyword we have to use -(minus) sign after the main keyword under quotes for different topics like

"Hit Bollywood movies" -drama,funny

How to google/Search within pages

If we want results of particular keyword within website pages like in title,paragraph,url,main text etc then we can use some functions on search engine like

Allintitle: "hit Bollywood movies"

Allintext: "hit Bollywood movies"

Allinurl: "hit Bollywood movies"

How to google/Search files

We know that although Google only index html but it index different types of documents like PDF,word etc of if we want to find files depending on our keyword then we can also do it through the below function easily like

"Hit Bollywood movies" filetype:pdf

It will bring back all the PDF files related to hit Bollywood movies Instantly.

Order of search

Order while searching has big impact on Google as it can show different results if you change the order of same long tail keyword.

Let's understand it by an example

Search results of hit Bollywood movies and Bollywood movies hit is different.

Google forced search

There are some words like and,where,how etc which slow down the search results.
But if you really want to include it while searching then you need to use the +(plus) sign as shown below.

Potato 🥔 + or tomato 🍅

Searching content within site.

There are number of times when we want to search anything within the content of site then we need to use some functions like.  "blogging trick"

Find anything between two numbers

We can use two dots or periods between two value with a unit for finding anything between that value like as shown below.

Cricket bat weight 1kg..2 kg

To check backlinks of any website simply type site:sitename
It will show all the backlinks of this website.

You can also check cache version of any website by going to the website and by right clicking click on view page source.
Here you can find very secret information of any website like it's meta tags,meta description etc.

If you don't know about the speciality of How to google with i'm feeling lucky button then let me tell you that the main feature or this button is that if you type any keyword it will directly takes your to the main website of that category.

Private searching

Whenever we do anything on internet Google tracks everything and keep this data on their record which disables our privacy but Google chrome has a feature where you can do anything without it's info recorded in googles data.
It's very important because manytimes as our info automatically get saved anyone through our device can check what we have done.

So all you need to do is start using Google chrome by opening a separate incognito tab and do what you want without worrying about data saved and privacy.

How to google/Search using time location,country and other things

In Google chrome there is a search tool where you can search anything according to it's location country time etc things.

For example- If you want to get results from Google within past 1 hour you need to choose the time category and select past 1 hour and then search through any keyword like.

Under 16 cricket trials

When you do this all the latest information about that trial will come.

Find similar sites

Manytimes we want some similar sites of any category for more help.
So for finding similar sites we need to use some functions like

"" will bring all the similar sites of this website instantly.

How to google by Advanced search

We all do normal search but Google also provides an advance search option where it asks many information and provide the clear and exact results.

We can access the advanced search by clicking Settings > Advanced search at bottom-right of Google’s homepage.We an also get there directly by navigating to “


Google also has a tool of calculator which helps in calculating any type of calculations Instantly and also knows the conversions from one unit to another which is great because manytimes we need it.


There are tons of languages all over the world but here also Google works like Superman by translating each and every word instantly from any language to other.
Sometimes it's not that much accurate but good enough to let us understand

Watch down server pages

 Many websites are sometimes blocked for some area or it's server gets down which let us impossible to use it but there is a trick through which we can check anything about any website whatever happened to it through checking cache page of that website.
By opening the cache page of that website it will bring every info if it and make us easy to use.

For example: “” lets you browse even if it’s blocked for you

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