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Friday, 26 January 2018

How to do a blog - Everything you need to know about blogging

In this blog post I am going to provide the full resources which you need to know to become a successful blogger without investing a single penny within a very short time so that you never need to search What is a blog post,How to do a blog,how to make blog seo friendly etc things.

Blogging resources
Blogging is easy and fun

How to do a blog to be able to make money online

Although I don't know which type of people you are but I believe that with human efforts and blogging knowledge which is provided in this post anyone can make enough money and name so that he can live prosperous life without doing any hard jobs.

First of all let me tell you that blogging is the best platform in this world where you are free to work anytime and any amount of time as you wish and get nice amount of money sitting at home.

You should only trust Google and other reputed companies on internet if you want to make money because more than 80% work on internet are just a waste of time and efforts.

So now if you are ready to earn through blogging then let's understand the full Information on How to do a blog as if you missed any info mentioned below will make your blogging journey tough


Before starting just understand how Google works

Web Crawler

Google is the most popular search engine where millions of websites are connected.The website which has more niche related high pagerank website  connected is more popular in eyes of Google.
Google robots crawl each site and check for it's backlinks everywhere and find it and gives importance according to it.

Blogging platform

There are many place for starting blogging but among all the best platform is Wordpress and blogger.

I hope you are a newbie so for new bloggers blogger platform is best and recommended by me because if you choose wordpress you have to buy domain and hosting although domain price is very less(1-2$ only/year) good hosting will cost you a lot and you need to pay it every month.

The biggest problem is that if you will not able to pay on time then hosting company will delete your all data which is very annoying.

If you have money then you must go for wordpress without any doubt because helps are provided their step by step on How to do a blog and if you face any issue implementing it the hosting company employee will do it for you.There are many other benefits of Wordpress which i willdiscuss later.

But if you don't have enough money blogger is best as blogger in no way less than Wordpress for free(its google product) and step by step help is here,what more do you need?

So for starting a blog tips we need to go to blogger now

Firstly login on with your email id.
Choose a domain name in blogger for free or buy 99 Rs domain name from GoDaddy.
I recommend to buy domain name because your .Com domain name will help to get AdSense verified easily and help to look professional too.this is the only area where you need to pay a small amount but if you don't want then you can start with blogger domain name
Set up custom domain on blogger 


After that start posting on blogger and write at least 20 blog posts
And add about us page and Contact us page(add page on blogger) and add a good looking xml theme and edit its font on template section to make your blog look like ready.

After that signup on AdSense and add your domain name there if you have bought,then send it for approval.

For approval it's necessary that you should have about us and contact us page with 20 blog posts with 50-100 views everyday until approval which will take less than 5 days so most importantly make sure you share it to get 50-100 views per day so that AdSense thinks it's engaging website and approve it easily.
Watch the sharing trick on WhatsApp to get more than 250 views once shared by joining unlimited engaging groups.

After approval you will get hosted AdSense account


If you haven't bought a domain name then signup and after creating free domain name go to the earnings section on blogger it will redirect you to AdSense and ask for your information,fill the info and send it to approval.

After approval you will get hosted AdSense account

Note- if you have already linked AdSense with YouTube then there is no option instead of buying domain name to get verified adsense on that email id.

Apart from AdSense there are other ad networks too which can be used if by any sort of problem you are having problem using AdSense.
AdSense alternatives
Now you are ready to work on your blog internally and externally to make good reputation on Google search engine.

Lets See how to do a blog through Other earning methods 

Affiliate network

Affiliate marketing sites

There are tons of affiliate network sites like clickbank,amazon which will give you some percentage of total cost of the product if your blog viewers visit site through your link and buy the product within 24 hours.
List of most popular affiliate network sites.

Short links

Short links

Whenever you use link in your website use short links from websites like or so that you get money whenever anyone clicks on that link.

There are many other ways of earning money online from blogging if you have traffic.

What can we do Internally to grow our blog

Although there is almost everything in our hand on seo but now we are going to see how we can create a blogsite internally to make it seo friendly which is called on page optimization.


Short links

It is done by submitting sitemap information to Google so that Google give attention to your blog and index on search engine quickly through their web crawlers.
How to do sitemap?

Choose one keyword(E.g-make money) and use this keyword on your blog posts but it shouldn't look like spammy.
Note than you can mention any number of percentage of this keyword on your blogposts but condition  is only that it shouldn't look like spammy and exists everywhere on your blog post. 

Make all type of headings in post and put that keyword in all the headings so that Google can understand your keyword signal as Google understands headings keywords as powerful signal for knowing which type of content it is and for which people it should show on search engines.

There will be a meta description section,write eye catching short summary of your post in less than 150 words with main keyword added in it.

Write very long post because if you write long post there will be more chances that viewers read for more time and chance of low bounce rates which will increase your rankings(although bounce rate doesn't depend on visitors watch time but it helps) 

Put as much links on your post to other websites post or your previous post so that it looks your website is well connected but don't put links more than sentences.

Put sufficient amount of long tail and short meta keywords or tags for reaching everywhere.

Make appropriate permalink according to the title of the post which is easy to remember.

Permalink which will become url of your website after publishing should include the keyword on which you want rankings on Google.

Title should be eye catchy so that it gets more clicks than others so that Google thinks it important and rank higher with once main keyword written on it.

As first impression is last impression title should be given more time to write on your blog.

How to do a blog from outside to grow(Off page optimization)      

These type of optimizations are basically done to increase the number of backlinks on your website from other sites which can help in increasing influence of your website away from your site.

For information about backlinks you need to read this

 where I have mentioned the only secret way which can grow your blogging carrier very fast which no other famous blogger will tell although almost every famous blogger use this method

Below I have mentioned all the basic ways existed on internet to have backlinks from other site.

Social bookmarking

Social bookmarking

Bookmark which means putting your sites content on other sites is very much essential for decreasing bounce rate of post and increasing domain authority to get high backlinks and traffic.

Most importantly there are 10 social bookmarking sites where you should rely  on to help your site but if you want you can reach more sites list here


Dofollow blog commenting

Blog commenting

Commenting your sites link is not that much important or helpful because they give nofollow backlinks mostly which simply means they don't want to follow you but at some extent this is not bad.

But what if I tell you that there is a way where you get dofollow (both sites follow) backlinks which gives juice and authority to your site.

Search on google "dofollow commenting sites" for reaching there.

The sites which are dofollow commenting site have different type of comment box where they will ask your name,comment and your sites url.
If you find a website where they don't ask for your url simply means that this website is not dofollow commenting site.

For getting most important dofollow blog commenting site list click here

Directory submission

Directory submission

These sites have directories which means information about different topics.
Here anyone can submit their sites for free.

Just click on submit link option and after entering your site info submit it for approval.
After few days it will get approved and you will get a free backlinks this way.
 Best directory submission list

Guest posting

Guest posting

Guest posting is actually posting your content on others website or blogs to get a quick backlinks.
Many website owners allow to do it so there is a good chance for you to get a nice backlink,you just need to email them your quality content.
If they approve it's nice and easy.

List of best guest posting sites

Search on Google for more on How to do a blog on other blogs

Web 2.0 blogs

Web 2.0

Many web 2.0 blogs are a good source for getting quick real traffic and backlinks from Google as they help their bloggers to give some traffic from Google by ranking at top for few minutes so never miss this chance.


These 10 are the best to use but if you want more then click
Or search on Google by how to do a blog using Web 2.0 blogs

Link exchange

Link exchange

Exchange your link with your friends blog or link exchanging sites but the best rule to exchange is through broken link method which means analyzing broken links(links where website doesn't occur) on others website and asking them to link your site instead of that broken link by saying him that broken link is harmful for their site.

Social sharing

 Social sharing

Sharing regularly on main social sharing sites like Facebook,Twitter,Google plus,Pinterest,Reddit,linkedin helps to make your blog popular by reaching to more people.
You can increase social followers  through websites like addmefast.

Other search engine index

Now our site is on google who have more than 95% traffic on internet but other major search engines like Yahoo and bing also have much traffic not like Google but enough for your website to give boost so it's better to index your website there also.



Forums are basically places where people interact according to different topic and situations which is also a better place to promote your website.
Most popular of them is, and

Check more popular forums here

Most important and free tools which will help in this journey.

Compulsory Tools to design your blog

The plugins which I am going to tell are the best and useful ones and should be compulsory if you grow as a blogger for free

Related and popular posts

Once anyone watches you one blogposts then may be he would be interested to watch other related and popular pages on your blog so for making him easy to go there and watch you need to add two gadgets called popular posts and related posts from blogger.
Simply go to layout section on blogger and then according to your template go to any corner of your website like sidebar and click on add gadget-add javascript-popular posts then click on save it will be added.

Subscribe button

You need it very much because those people who wants to get your upcoming posts regularly then you need to do this work to add a subscribe button on your blog so that then can subscribe for getting your upcoming posts as email.

The free service in blogger for subscribers is fulfilled by feedburner where you should make an account to check details of your subscribers and their interactions.

For adding it again do the same work as you did previously for adding related posts gadget but here you need to choose follow by email gadget instead of related posts and it will get added.

Social sharing gadget

For free on blogger the best gadget is add-to-any where the visitors get many places or options to share posts although a gadget is on blogger to add.

Just visit addtoany website and see how to add it.

Most important

After knowing all of the required knowledge most important thing which you need to have in your journey is Consistency and quality.

Without them it's next to impossible to succeed in blogging journey.
When you become good blogger and get enough traffic everyday and earned enough money then move from blogger to WordPress due to two benefits
1)  you will have full control in WordPress and it's easy to use.
2) in blogger you get 55% share of whole revenue generated but in WordPress you get 75% share.

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