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Friday, 15 December 2017

how to be a freelancer through these easy steps and tricks

Manytimes on internet and anywhere there is a discussion about freelancers and their enjoyment.In this blog post I am going to discuss everything about what,how to be a freelancer and who are freelancers and why they are effective than other workers and how to become one like that through some easiest ways.

Let's start learning how to be a freelancer?

Basically freelancers are those people who are free to work anytime,they don't work for anyone for a longer time.

Note that Freelancer can work on internet or outside internet also.
On internet there are tons of freelancing websites where they invest their time to gain money whenever they want.
Outside internet there are many event jobs and other 1-2 day work where people invest time and enjoy to earn money.

Let us start with becoming freelancer online and then tell you the way how to be a freelancer offline.

First see the top 10 sites where only you should invest time to become freelancer.

Here I will demonstrate 3 most important sites for understanding you  how to be a freelancer

First of all you need to make account on all freelancing websites and then make your service which you want to provide there.

Let's understand it by an example

Suppose you made account on fiverr
Then there is different types of categories depending on different types of work there available which you can do.


You need to create any service there by going to selling- gigs and then need to give title description and tags and one photo or video for publishing your service which is called gig In fiverr.

Like that you can create 7 total gigs if you are new seller.
Basically there are 3 types of sellers in fiverr.
First is new level seller who can create 7 gigs only.
When they post gig and publish it on fiverr then chances are that less people will able to reach it because as their profile is new fiverr and other buyers gives less importance to that gig owner.

Second is level 1 seller

When any seller sells 10 gigs within 1 months with more than 90 % positive review then they are nominated to level 1 seller where fiverr and other buyers give some importance that this seller is not new and helps your gigs in reaching to more people.

Third is level 2 seller

When any seller sells 50 gigs within 2 months with more than 95% positive review then they are given level 2 seller badge which helps in boosting your gig views by giving more priority to your gig than new level seller and level 1 seller so that it's become easy for you to get sales as you have got good level on your profile.

Top rated seller

This is the best seller category which is appointed manually regarding rating,delivery rate,messaging time,amount of sales which guarantees regular sales as there are very few types of these sellers on fiver.

These levels requirements are a matter of change so you can check latest update on fiverr only.

There are also another option on fiverr where every buyers posts requests regularly.
All you need to do is check them and if it looks appropriate according to your work then send them your interesting proposal so that they accept it and you get one sale.

Mainly sellers use buyer requests when they start their carrier on fiver for getting first few sales.

There are two types to get payment

Payment takes 21 days to process which means once you earn money on fiverr account then the payment is kept on hold for 21 days so that if you earned money from bad methods or without doing work then it could be refunded to the buyer again.
For level 2 seller this processing time is 14 days and for top rated seller it's just 7 days.

1) PayPal - All you need to do is go to revenues section on fiverr and add your PayPal email.
Then your payment will be transferred to your PayPal email account when you click on transfer money on revenues section.
You will get a notification on your registered fiverr email account and once you confirm there by clicking confirm your payment will be transferred within a few seconds to your PayPal email account.

2)payoneer - Another mode of payment is through payoneer also called bank transfer in fiverr as it deducts one time small money of 2-3 dollar to transfer money directly to your bank account.
The procedure for getting payment through it is same,you just need to click on bank transfer on revenues section then it will transfer money to payoneer and then to your associated Bank account.

Now I have mentioned all the basic things about fiverr to earn money.
But after that I am going to reveal some best secret methods and other useful tips to boost your sales on fiverr easily.

So let's start

Fiverr search engine is not like Google which takes many things like title description tags to rank any gigs.

First of all understand this that fiverr doesn't rank gigs through any method so wasting time on ranking gigs is meaningless.Many fiver sellers are in confusion that why my gigs are not ranking well.

The real thing is that it's picked randomly and also fiverr sometimes keep revolving gigs up and down to support new sellers.

So I mean to say that you may get rank on first page from any particular keyword with only 5 sales or 5 postive review also and no ranking with 100 positive review also.

But still there are some ways which will not guarantee first page ranking but help in showing your gig on many places and after getting ranked retaining that position as possible.

So keep in mind all the following points always

1) Always put eye catching title for your gig with one main keyword not for ranking purpose but for explaining buyers that what your gig is about.
Title should be short because if it's long although it's eye catching it will not help because fiverr only shows a few starting words of title.
If it will be long some part of it will get hidden and buyer don't understand and don't click on it

2) In description the most important thing which you provide should be clearly mentioned with decorators that fiverr provide like yellow colouring,bold,italic,numeric,underling etc to provide clear information about your service.
It doesn't matter if it's short or long but it should have all info about your gig clearly mentioned so that buyer understands everything and get interested.
3)For increasing sales sellers can put special offers in description
For example - if you buy this gig within 2 days of it's arrival I will do it for half price.

These things will encourage them to Immediately buy gigs once seen.


Tags should be related to your main keyword which you can either find by searching on fiverr search engine or by watching other well settled competitors of that category or keyword.
You can find tags by putting main keyword on search engine then it will show related keyword there or once you search results for that main keyword it will show related keyword as results with their gigs.


Thumnails are mandatory for your gig and it should be also eye catchy.
There are many methods and tricks to make any thumnails eye catchy.


Uploading videos for your gig is optional but you should upload videos because people love watching about anything rather than reading.
Fiverr also says after experiencing that the gigs with videos sells 200% more.
All the important info which is mentioned in description should be summarised in a video properly.

After that you have to ask requirements for doing your gigs work from buyers and then just publish gigs.

You can earn extra by adding extras to your gig which means you add like I will do this work within 1 day only for an extra 5$.
Those who would be interested will buy it.

There will be also option while creating gig to create it 3 module or forms which is like simple,medium and advanced work where you can put info according to work quantity and quality to earn high amount of money.
You can specify interesting info their promoting the advanced module so that everyone pretends to buy the advanced module.

All in one you should give as much time as you can to make title, description, tags,thumbnail and video so that once any buyer see it he become eager to buy it.

Now let's see some tricks to get easy sales.

1) for trying this trick you need to go to the gigs of best sellers from your category and check their reviews.
You need to click on all the people's profile who reviewed on his gigs and if they are available to contact then send them proposal by mentioning the benefit to buy from you than his previous seller.
There are high chances that he will atleast try you for doing work as the same work you also offer as he desires.

2) After creating gig share it on your WhatsApp groups.If you don't have more WhatsApp groups then try this way to get full crowded WhatsApp groups.
Once you share it to let's suppose 200 groups you will get atleast 100-200 views easily.You need to keep sharing it for 3-4 days.
You will feel that your gig is instantly Indexed manywhere on fiverr and as all were real views fiverr will understand your gig as important and will diversify it around fiverr for some time like say a week to a month getting high amount of views from fiverr and if the viewers would be interested then lots of sales.
If your gig worked well and people interested to buy from it then there will be no problem.
Your gig will not only get ranked well but also get regular sales but if it didn't work well and buyer would not be interested to buy it then slowly it will start loosing views from fiverr and collapse with a few sales.
Then you need to again make gigs which other people interested to buy and then again try this method.

Now you need to know a very important thing once you got well settled here by getting regular sales.
If you don't try this method then it doesn't matter how much reviews you have and how much level your profile have your sales and money will get stopped for a long time.

So understand properly that you should never ever be late to submit your order otherwise your delivery rate will decrease and if it happened and your delivery rate ever gone to 95% also from 100 then your gig which ranked for any particular keyword will loose their rankings and you will not get even a single sale until your delivery rate become 100% again.
If left in its own it will take almost 1-2 months to get 100% delivery rate again as it's measured according to few months.
Same thing applies to messaging rate also.

If it happened to you and you immediately want to overcome it then there are 3 options to achieve it.
You can either apply those 2 methods which I earlier mentioned to get sales easily or try on buyer requests regularly to get sales and when you submit those order within time then your delivery rate can become regular.

Second thing to keep in mind that you should not get a negative review as it will spoil your profile resulting in no sales as other buyer will see your negative profile then don't want to risk their valuable money and time thinking you as bad seller due to negative review.

Either compensate with them to give more work quality or quantity to gain good review or just refund his money and ask him to cancel order and review mutually.once mutually cancellation happened on that order your negative review will get omitted.
This is the only way to get your negative review omitted.

Fiverr is the best website for freelancing so you should not break it's trust.
You should not copy other people's info and doesn't share contact info with buyers.
You need to do freelancing here only otherwise fiverr will ban you.

If you face any more issue you can ask other well settled sellers on can also share your gig there as many buyers also visit that forum) or ask me by commenting below.

how to be a freelancer through upwork

Another most important site for freelancing is where you need to get approval after making profile there.

Once you get approval you need to search on for your keyword on which you need work.

There are always back to back jobs keep posted there you need to just sent interesting proposal on their posted jobs so that they give you that work.
You can choose amount of time and money to there.

Once you made your profile and got some work your profile will keep advacing and reach to more buyers so that they can directly hire you and give lots of work.

Upwork is not interesting sites like fiverr with many options and tricks but it has many buyers which enables us to make easy money from there regarding our skills.

Third one is seoclerks

Which is also very interesting site like fiverr and have everything same but little less popular than fiverr.

Some freelancers also do outsourcing to earn money without doing work theirselves,learn how they do it here easily.

I won't suggest working on some other websites as freelancer but there are also some websites popular for doing freelancing.
If you think I should also demonstrate about them then reply me in comment.
If you would be interested I will update this post by adding all information and tricks about them and seoclerks too.

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