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Friday, 15 December 2017

Every knowledge of Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta will be under you after reading this 5 minutes

Starting the sacred Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta with main aim to live life of Earth.
In Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta it's said that every answer of questions has been simplified.
How to live life,what's soul,how to setup connection with god etc type all question answers and all the secrets of universe has been explained here.

As you all know in Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta According to lord Shri krishna there are three form of God which is Brahma(the creator),vishnu (the nurturer) and mahesh ( the destroyer) who are omnipresent( present everywhere)

All of them are same and no one is more or less powerful as they are from same source of energy ohm.

Originator of the universe

Now as you all know this Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta has been told by Lord Shri Krishna to Arjuna before the arrival of Mahabharata fight in kurukshetra.

So let's start 
 Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta

The main aim of human life as told by Lord is to get salvation by coming out of the cycles of birth and death.

Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta

Salvation means going to the paradice of the main lord where you achieve peace of mind and all happiness so that you can also be called ultimate soul (param aatma)

For getting salvation lord krishna has told many ways in  Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta which I am going to write here as he said.

Before understanding the methods of salvation you need to understand what is soul and how is it?


Soul is a part of lords soul which is omnipresent,eternal,endless,infinite,immortal,firm and permanent.
On whole soul has all the powers like Lord that's why it's said to setup connection through mind to soul and then soul will setup connection with supreme soul so that you can acquire all the knowledge and powers.

But the question here is who will see that where is our soul and setup connection with it.
The answer is simple which is none other than our mind.
When we have control over our mind it will help us to setup connection with soul by listening to us.

You need to understand that no one can do anything to harm our soul because it's the most powerful thing in this universe which can neither cut into pieces nor get worried.
It can neither burnt not drowned or melt.
Soul doesn't need to follow the law of universe because it's a part of god who has made this universe.

As these things like worry,air,fire,water etc can't affect god then how can it affect the soul which is a part of god.

Soul and our body are two different things and soul is not a part of body and vice versa.

soul,body graph

Soul is present from earlier and will be present forever because it can never be destroyed.

But our body can't stay for longer time so it dies.

Knowledgeable person don't worry if anyone dies because he know that who have died will take rebirth and who have not died will die soon.

The most powerful part of our body is our mind which should be under our control and not control ourselves that's why Lord has told to achieve control on your mind through two method in Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta

1) constant learning.

Constant learning means keep your mind in anywhere without thinking about anything instead of a particular thing which you choose to meditate.
Your mind will keep moving from that thing which you choose to meditate just grab it again and again to that thing.


For example- just like the kid of horse doesn't stay at a place for a single moment it keeps moving here and there our mind also do like this.
The more pressure one applies to tame a horse the more difficult it becomes.
But the horserider who is determined will in end gain control over that horse.
Just like that you also need to gain control over your mind.
I know it's very tough but through constant practice you will able to achieve control over your mind.

2) discipline

Once you gain control over your mind if their is no discipline or real knowledge your mind can again divert through the worldly pleasures and you can loose control over your mind so it's essential to understand that this whole universe is a game of maya and simply illusion created by the lords and nothing else.
Once the person will know this fact he would not have enchantment to the worldly pleasures he will acquire discipline among them.

You need to do these things to setup connection with soul and feel it's presence.once you feel it's presence you will be able to see the virtual existence of god in your soul and will be able to setup connection easily with the supreme soul through your awakened soul.


Lord in Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta says to forget the enchantment of your relationship and focus on doing your work because these things are temporary like our body but our soul is permanent.

The human takes many incarnations on Earth where he build relationship every time and forget it in next  incarnation. Any person's soul can be our brother or other time he could be your enemy.So stop the enchantment about them because if human remembers every life relationship he can loose his memory and become mad.

All he wants to say nothing should come in your dharma and karma to stop you from doing it whether it's relationship or love.

Karma Yogi


Any karma which is done by selfless deeds which means not for getting the fruit just to complete your dharma is best karma.
The people who do karma like that is known as karma Yogi.

The mind of karma Yogi is like a small cup shaped oil lamp which never disturbs it's position through wind via wishes.

How to do any karma without getting paap(sin) and punya(virtue) from it?

When we do any karma without worrying about the fruit from it then we neither get punya(virtue) nor get paap(sin) from it.

Karma are those works which is done in order to have expectations to get fruit from it.Good work leads to good fruit and bad work leads to bad fruit,it's simple.

When anyone works not to get fruit but only to complete his dharma so doing that type of work is Akarma.

Lies,fraud,violence and other unrighteous deeds are vikarma

But for understanding these karma we should know that while doing work what's our spirit is very important in order to understand what type of karma it is.

For example- killing anyone is paap(sin) and can be punya(virtue) also according to the spirit of humans at that time.
Suppose someone killed anyone to steal his wealth then it's paap(sin) but when someone killed someone to help any other guy from him then that same work is punya(virtue)

What is our dharma

Dharma is your karma which your soul accepted to do according to Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta.
You only have to decide what is your dharma in any situation because no other from outside can make your dharma because dharma can be different for different people in any situation.

For choosing dharma neither we should take support of our mind nor brain because mind is a trickster which will make you puppet and wander you from the path of your dharma and mind can be disturbed in difficult situation which enables to take wrong decision.

So how anyone choose what type of karma they have to do.

So Lord says in Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta that this universe has been made from three qualities
Satva,Rajo and tamo.

Rajo quality people is greedy for wealth and power.
Tamo quality people are lazy and lethargic.Negative traits such as hatred and greed are prevalent in them.
Satva quality people are honest and innocent.this quality is the best quality.

Those who have the dominance in any one quality they become like that only and wishes or do karma according to that only.

Although All these qualities are present in some proportion in everybody which means someone may have more satva less Rajo and mostly tamo quality in him through which he wish to do anything and choose his dharma and according to that do karma.

Similarly different qualities dominant people worship God according to that quality only.

Satva quality dominant people worships god like Vishnu,Brahma,Mahesh etc and after death go to their paradice only.

Rajo quality dominant people worships yaksh,gandharvas,youngster and after death go to their paradice only.

Tamo quality dominant people worships ghosts,preta and after death go to their places only.

This nature has also been created through these 3 qualities.
According to Lord Krishna this universe is like an opposite tree whose roots are upside down and has been originated from Lord Vishnu only.
As Brahma is the creator he is the main stem of that tree.

It's whole leaf is the whole universe problems like sadness,greed,anger etc which is sinched with the knowledgeable vedas.

Once anyone through knowledge cuts it's leaves then in end his path will become clear to reach to god.

All the negative qualities like lust,anger,attachment,greed,pride and jealousy are the leaves of that tree which makes our path difficult to reach to god.
So in order to reach supreme peace of mind by reaching to god one should remove these negative traits and become stable minded person(sthith pragya).

Stith pragya

Sthith pragya person is like a sea who never breaks it's edge no matter how much water comes from rivers,all water get drowned under the deepness of sea and like that sea always be peaceful which means whatever the situation happens,either worst or best they behave like same peaceful nice person.

But a bad person is like a river who breaks it's edges if water flow is higher which means those person's are worst as they can't tolerate little success.once they succeed they become proudy and behave like a chudra person.

Until now we understand mainly that there are two ways in order to reach to the god

1) Gyan yoga

It's done by controlling mind so that it focuses on soul and after watching the virtual existence of the god in the soul helps to communicate with the supreme soul of god by connecting soul with god.

2) karma yoga

Its done by doing work without thinking about the fruit from it and after removing all negative traits like lust,anger,attachment,greed,pride and jealousy by becoming stable minded person(sthith pragya).

Both these ways helps to reach god through easiest path.


Anything submitted to god whether it's leaf,any object,food or any desire also is known as yagya.

God says that every work should be done like as if we are doing yagya or surrendering that work to god.

There are different types of yagya.
Like Dravya yagya(submit wealth to others)Gyan yagya (sharing wealth)
Etc which is done for the welfare of society.

God says in Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta that these works are far better than fruit desired work.


There are different types of air(vayu) in our body like pran,apan,vyan,saman and udan.
Inhaling and exhaling different types of air through different methods are called pranayam which helps in increasing the life span of human body and get relief from any disease.
There are different types of pranayam which should be taught by a professional guru only because it's very dangerous to do it without their guidance.

Devotion faith love

The Lord Krishna in Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta says whoever don't have faith in him become atheist and he can never be happy because he will always surrounded with the confusion.

As you express the feelings or love to god likewise only you will get love from god because God is love and love is god.

Faith is the only thing which can lead everyone to the peak of knowledge from where he flies to the gods paradice from where he doesn't have to come again and he attains peace of mind their.

So faith is the 3rd way for attaining moksha or salvation because through faith only you will gain knowledge and once you get knowledge god will pick your hand and take to his paradice and give you salvation.


Let's see the rule of this Earth.
In this Lok or place human takes birth and death.the one who has taken birth here have to die one time which is sure.

Once his body die he has to go to heaven or hell depending on his good and bad deeds.
Sometimes good deeds are more than his bad deeds and vice versa then he has to spend some time on heaven or hell depending on amount of his good or bad deeds.

After spending his time on heaven or hell depending on good and bad deeds he has to come again to earth and take birth and live life and again die. This cycles keep on going until that soul gets moksha or salvation through the explained ways for attaining it by Lord.

Now the question is as we know that soul never die and nothing can happen to our soul then who goes to heaven or hell for getting pleasure or penalty through his deeds.

The answer is our jeevatma.

Our body has five tiny body in it also which is not seen by us because these bodies doesn't have five elements of life(air,sky,fire,water,land) in it.


When body dies our soul with the tiny body goes to heaven or hell with the information of all deeds of our body during our whole life.

Our body


Our human body is called brahmpur as whole universe or 3 world's  has been accompanied in it.

From our legs to naval bhulok or Earth has taken place.
Above naval to throat it's sky
From the throat to forehead there is heaven or hell.
Mah janah tapah and satya Lok starts from the forehead.

Learned sages very properly know the creation on human body.
The main aim for human body is to get moksha or salvation as through human body only one can achieve salvation but everyone keeps on  losing this opportunity and get trapped in the cycles of death and birth.

What God wants

During the discussion between Lord Shri krishna and arjun in Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta, Arjun asked to him that you have made rules and regulations for living on Earth and given a frisky mind to everyone which keeps deviating us from our path.
He told that like a hunter you trapped everyone and you just keep watching the drama of their worry and agonise.
Don't ever in your mind comes a thought to help them by picking their hand and show him the right path?

Then Lord Krishna answered him that he always help his devotee,he never keep his devotee helpless but he wants his devotee to ask for help but the problem is his devotee never asks for help because he is always bound with an ego and he himself believes the most powerful person and only trusts in his power. The irony is that he trusts on his power more that of his supreme soul,the god so how can good help those person.
All in whole god tells that until the one is bound with ego till that he can't see me.
Lord only loves the way to surrender.
Surrender means put all your work on the lords foot because every thing is done by god,you are just a medium.

After being asked from Arjun that what does he wants from his devotee for being helped? Lord said...

God said that he doesn't want any precious things like gold silver,ghee,butter etc from their devotee.
The only thing he wanted is faith in God.
For showing his faith only deliver a drop of rice,drop of water or anything with full faith and devotion.
The god accepts it and helps his devotee Everytime.
And if this also can't be done by anyone then show your faith with only a drop your tear by surrendering it to god.
The god loves the way to surrender.
Human believes that every work he do is done by himself but the reality is that god is making you to do these work.
By believing this just surrender your every work to god.

What is destiny?

Destiny is the calculation of your good and bad deeds which led to some result according to your work.
This result is destiny and it's not made by god it's only made through your own work by some rules.

How to do meditation?

Lord explained a very easy way to do meditation in order to setup connection with god.
The one who does meditation needs to sit straight with his spine,neck and head aligned in a straight line and focusing on the front area of nose so that every other direction becomes invisible so that everyone can attain his focus on any single thing without getting any external thoughts to get any disturbance.

But there are some rules too for doing it that the area should be clean where you are meditating and the person should be a follower of balance which means the person should not eat like as if he is born only for eating and neither sleep as if he only loves sleeping.
The person who doesn't follow balance everywhere will not be able to meditate.

Although God has given these things like delicious food,flowers,sea,rivers to enjoy it but it should be enjoyed like normal not like having lust on these things.

There is a secret way which Lord Krishna told through which anyone can get salvation easily doesn't matter how much bad deeds he have done.

At the time of death whatever the person thinks about then he gets next birth depending on that thoughts only.

So good asks to only give attention to him at the time of death for getting easy salvation.because if anyone gives attention to other thing at that time it will look like insult of god because his human gives more attention to God's Maya than him.

Let's understand by an example

One sages saw a deer one time and he loved him so much.the love for him was very sharp as at the time of death he gave attention to deer only so in the next birth he born as deer.

So the shortcut way to get easy salvation is by concentrating on good at the time of death and remove your pran air not from anywhere but only from above the head by chanting ohm.
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