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Monday, 25 December 2017

Google Link Builder Strategy to grab guaranteed high quality backlinks

In this Internet world many people wants a house like a blog where they share their important things to help others and fulfill their passion and from that wants to earn money to become self dependent and live a happy life but the journey here is not easy so in this post I have a very special Google Link Builder trick which no one have told and neither they want everyone to get this secret info although every famous blogger uses this trick for making high quality backlinks to their site.

If you are new to blogging first of all read this
Everything you need to know about blogging
so that this blog post can help you to succeed in blogging journey.

In blogging the most important thing you need is backlink because through backlink from other reputed sites only Google will give your site importance and help your blog post to be visible on Google search engine more.
Otherwise your blog post will keep floating down in the sea of Google and no one will be able to reach you and read your important info.

As I have discussed here other than backlink many things are important but these things will work only if you have good backlinks otherwise how much quality content you write will be in vain.
Yes if you keep writing valuable articles then one day your blog will get sufficient traffic but no one knows when that one day will come.
Maybe after 6-10 years and may be more but not less than that.

That's why I am going to reveal the secret Google Link Builder Strategy which no blogger will tell you to make backlinks.

Making backlinks is not that easy as people tell because many people doesn't understand properly what backlink is?

So before telling you the whole Google Link Builder method to grab high pr backlinks Give you whole info about backlink.

Google Link Builder

When your website link is mentioned on any others website then it means that you have 1 inbound backlink from that website.

When you put someone's website url on your blog post then it means you have 1 outbound link of that website and that website have 1 inbound backlink from your website.

When you put your other blog post link on your new post then you get 1 internal backlink from your website.

All 3 types of backlinks are important but inbound backlinks are most important and then internal backlinks and after that outbound backlinks.

Now there are two types of inbound backlinks

1) Do follow backlink

These backlinks give a point to those sites who get it and favor them by saying that they trust them.
It boosts pagerank,Alexa rank and traffic of that website

2) Nofollow backlink

These type of backlinks doesn't favour any website and don't give link points.Neither they boost pagerank nor provides traffic.

As I have clarified everything about backlinks now you are ready to understand the easiest way to grab high pr backlinks from lowest Alexa rank websites using our Google Link Builder Strategy.

But before that let me tell you that there are other ways also to get backlinks like

Blog commenting
Broken link method
Directory submission
Guest posting

But there are two big problem from these way of creating backlinks

1) the backlinks which you get from these methods are either nofollow or comes from very low quality spammy websites.
2) other problem is that you have to take approval from website owner and in 99% case they don't give approval easily.

So in my opinion using those methods for creating backlinks are time wasting and although you get the fruit which is worthless.


Now let's start learning my unique and the easiest Google Link Builder Strategy to grab backlinks from very well qualified websites.

The tool which we need to use this process is easily available for free which is none other than Alexa.

alexa stats

In Alexa it shows every stats of a particular website like global Alexa rank,bounce rate,related websites,backlinks of that site etc.

We will use this information to get backlinks from many reputed high pr websites.

Let's see how to use Google Link Builder Strategy to make backlinks through the help of easiest Alexa tool

Choose anyone of your competitors website as here I am choosing to let you understand the whole process to grab backlinks.

Go to Google

And search Alexa rank
You can put any of your competitors website here.

Then click on the first result here
It will send you to the Alexa website where you will find whole stats of that website on Alexa.

backlinking method


Google Link Builder

There will be many info of that websites but we only have to see two things there

Backlinks of that website
Related websites.

related sites

We have to see backlinks section first where it will show 5 best backlinks of that website and if you want to check their quality just click on that website and it will show it's Alexa rank
You can also check it's domain authority and pagerank if it's beneficial like below we see the first backlink which is of alexa.

competitor backlinks

Now after you are interested to have backlink from that website due to it's quality click on the link nearer to the website where your competitor has exactly made backlink and check by visiting that page that they have made this backlink or that website owner has given this backlink to him.
If the owner has given backlink then it will be difficult to get that backlink.
But in many case I have seen competitors have made backlink from ownself either by commenting,profile creating,sharing etc.

Let's understand this by an example.

Here in the first backlink is from which is basically a photo sharing website.
Just click on the page where his backlink is listed.

Google Link Builder

Here you can see that the competitor has shared a photo and in description shared his website url and hence got a backlink from very high quality website which has Alexa rank of 45 very easily without any approval.

So we will also do this.
First of all sign-in to and create profile and then share any photo and paste our website url as shown in this pic.

Google Link Builder

Now go ahead and check the 2nd backlink from where he got it.

It's which has Alexa rank of 572 and it's a very reputed website so getting backlink from here would be nice.

Google Link Builder

So without wasting time click on the link from where your competitor got this backlink.

Here it's clearly visible that the competitor has made backlink by creating profile on this website and this website has an option to share our website link their.

check Google Link Builder

So we will also do this and create profile and just share our url on our profile page and hence grab one backlink from that website.

As you have seen you need to go to your competitors backlink section and by visiting the page from where he got backlink, analyse how he got backlink.
If he only has made backlink then it's a good chance for you to grab backlink or if the website owner has given backlink then there is only a way to reach that website owner and ask for backlink but in my opinion leave that.

Google Link Builder strategy

After that when you reached out to all the backlinks of that competitor
Go below and check the related sites category,it will show 5 related sites just click on any one of them and then again watch out it's 5 backlinks, analayse from where he got it and and use the same Google Link Builder Strategy he used to get backlink.

And then again go to related sites and keep this process doing again and again until you made enough quality backlinks but I still recommend to get backlinks from only good websites who has atleast less than 100000 Alexa rank because after getting backlinks from more than that rank is waste so don't become greedy.

And one important note
Alexa takes 3-4 weeks to update new backlinks so don't get worried after making backlinks through this Google Link Builder Strategy as it will get indexed soon after that time.

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