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Sunday, 12 November 2017

Problems in education system forcing us not go to school

Schools are the stepping stones for making anyone an able person but this school only can make our life hell due to upcoming Problems in education system.

Problems in education system

I know that some schools are very well disciplined and focus mainly on providing real education but those schools percentage is very low.

I don't say that if the schools have only well facilities like air conditioned classrooms,beautiful grounds,tidy classrooms and other rich facilities then only it's good although it would be better if these things will be there.

Now for better understanding let me tell you the scenario or Problems in education system of most schools everywhere first.

In every school the first thing we loose is money and if you count the whole journey of education's spent money then you will realize that you have spent more money than you will earn in the next 10 years job which is disgusting or absolute stupidness.

The most essential part in schooling is the starting stage which I think is most important because if you don't learn how to read and write any specific language then their are high chances that you are not going to do anything and the real fact here is that these things we don't learn from school,we are able to learn it because of our parents who keep focusing on us to read and write it properly again and again until we become correct at it.School teachers are only going to explain it once and ready to scold us again and again between our classmates who does funny comments on us again and again.

Let's see the school scenario now

The first thing school teaches us to get scared because everyone knows that during admission how they treat and after that in school how they treat.
With our parents during admission time they speak kindly to us but don't miss chance their also to scare us by asking confusing question.
Let me understand you by an example.


In my school during admission the head teacher asked me by giving a pen that in how many parts can you cut it evenly.
I said infinite
He says wrong
It can be cut in 3 parts and gave me a stupid explanation which I am not able to understand till now.

After this sweet interaction we enter the 1st day of our school.I see everywhere that many child's cry but in my case I won't because I was happy to go to new place.

That time I didn't understood that why kids cry but now I totally understand and if you don't let me tell you the logic.


The fact which my mind says is that if you send your child to an unknown place for more than the time you keep him in the house then who won't cry.

As we enter the first person who scold us is peon who says to enter properly although we enter like human only.he do this due to his irritation of long time work.

As the Earth's system says that people releases anger not there where they get it but release it at the place where they feel space so that it won't come from their again to him.
This is the world's anger law  ha..haa

Problems in education system doesn't end here,its just the start.

After that we enter an unfamiliar classrooms and don't know to go where and keep roaming here and there and after getting tired asks any kid.If he would be good then he will help let us go there otherwise he would prank with his friends and then any teacher or other head of the school send us to that place.


After that there will be problem to make friends.Here the problem is very tough for uncommon boys because bad boys are everywhere and they will keep pranking on him.
If you are smart in everything then it's ok their will not be any problem here because you will not go to anyone for making friends they will come to you.
If you will be common like most boys then also you will have to face problem there but at last after few months or year I see that everyone gets at least one partner.


After that the main problem starts in the classroom where the first class will be introduction class and teacher asks everyone to standup and tell his or her name as if she would remember everyone's name at once.
After that teacher will pleasantly tell that he is going to teach you only the basics as it's the first class and tells the whole journey in single step which makes every student's mind nervous and overwhelmed.

The worst part while schooling is that teachers doesn't understand that kids can't carry too much loaded bags with books and they keep asking for two type of notebook for each subject plus thick books which is disgusting.
This Problems in education system should be corrected as early as possible.

school bags

If student by mistake misses any copy or book then teachers make their whole day hell.
What's wrong if we use only one notebook in a proper manner so that all subjects info don't get overwhelmed.
But who can tell them?

In my opinion almost all teachers doesn't have any interest on teaching,they just do time pass.
Let me cover on every subject why I said this

In English class when they start a chapter just tells whole story in their regional language and starts telling student's to write question answers given on the chapter as she says.
Many times there spent on pronouncing only as teachers says and students keep writing.
The one who writes all the info which teacher tells is meant a good student and those who don't is a bad student.
Like that the whole period goes on and students miss real education.
Real education says she should tell every words meaning and understand whole story by themselves and if someone doesn't have proper understanding of tense from previous classes then it should be corrected and let everyone answer questions themselves and if they face any problem then they correct it.

Like that every period goes on memorising the things which is written in copies to pass exams and everyone miss the real education.
It doesn't matter which subject it is the procedure is same everywhere.

This is the case of Problems in education system now let me tell you the obstruction the teachers do for time passing.

After entering in classroom first thing teachers do is scolding bad boys and girls and for that they especially made some heatlist in mind and waste more than half time their only and after that takes attendance and specify everyone's guilty and speciality.
They tells everyone's future as if they are the good or they only make destiny.
Then when it comes time to start teaching bell rings after few minutes of teaching.

In whole I can only say that they only teach us remember the things written in copies without understanding the real value and knowledge which separates students interest from study although study is the the most interesting thing in this world if done properly.
And when you will complete schooling and graduation then also your job is not secure because I have seen many graduates struggling to get a job and then at the end open any type of shop

So now question arises what should we do if we not go to school,college.
How can we increase our knowledge.

The best answer is that don't rely on schools and waste time their unless school don't become good.
If you can make schools good or you find anyone which is good then go for it otherwise take the support of the best invention of human which is internet on pc or smartphone.

Nowadays internet has everything.
Every problems solution is on internet.
Use this tool and keep learning new things and become most knowledgeable.
If you have knowledge you don't need anything in this world.

Now if you are thinking that can Knowledge give me money?
Then answer is absolutely yes.

For example- If you learn programming from internet then you can get anywhere job outside.
And if you don't get any outside job then also you can easily earn money from home on internet as there are tons of genuine ways to earn money online easily which I will properly mention in other post for your ease if you want.

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