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Sunday, 29 October 2017

how to improve public speaking within few moments

Many times we get an opportunity to stand among crowd and speak on any topic to them.
But most of us fail in public speaking as we talk everywhere so first let's understand this fact how to improve public speaking.

how to improve public speaking without any self improvement course

Have you ever thought about any risk any fear any sort of fear for mistaken while discussing with friends.No you never,you don't care about anything wrong happen you just say whatever comes in your mind.

Many people will tell you that it's very tough to speak among crowd but believe me in only one moment you can learn to speak confidently on stage.


Let me tell you an example for understanding  how to improve public speaking within just a moment

Once upon a time I visited a seminar with my friends where I met the mentor who was trying to explain about mlm(multi millioniare marketing) and asking us to join by paying some fees.
He was telling that no one can speak on the stage like they were doing because they joined that company and after joining the company they learnt it and after learning for months they were able to talk nicely among crowd and before that they were dumb their body frisk and their mind got blurred whenever they come on stage.


After hearing all I just asked him do you even joined any company to see,smell or listen?
He said what do you mean?
I said him you were dumb that time also and this time also because for watching anything,hearing anything you don't need to learn it from someone similarly for speaking you don't need to learn anything,the only thing you need is focus on particular thing at that time.


After losing the debate he just got paused for sometime and after getting irritated challenged me that telling these things are easy but doing is tough and asked me to speak on the stage about mlm.
I accepted the challenge and confidently spoke among crowd for more than 10 minutes although I didn't have much knowledge about mlm.

Then while leaving I just told him that it's only unknowledge that leads to failure in any situation.

I can show you many people who speak fluently amongst anyone,not because they have done any course but only because of their smartness and they understand what's essential for doing that and what are the mistakes that other do who don't able to speak.

In this post I will demonstrate everything needed to know or essential for speaking after which you can speak fluent among crowd

But first Let's see what mistake we do while going on stage.

1) Knowledge.


Knowledge is like a sky which has no limits so if you don't remember anything don't worry because knowledge can't fade.keep inventing will be only possible if through knowledge you understand that knowledge is eternal and have faith in mind about it then you will see that information are continuously flowing from your mind.
Whatever the topic we have to speak about if we don't have the appropriate knowledge and information regarding that topic then it's next to impossible to frankly speak among lots of people.So in order to be comfortable their this step is the stepping stone,without this every other thing to understand is waste.

2) importance to stage


One of the biggest problems we have while anchoring is that we think ourself less important and give too much importance to that stage.
Always bear in mind that never think anyone most important because once you think anything more important than you then you just loose yourself in Labyrinth of thoughts
So it's better to understand yourself important without any ego.

3)fear for mistaken


Everytime we go to stage we think if we get mistaken then what do people think of ourselves.
This mindset of people makes the condition tough for them for public speaking
People don't think that if they don't try then people don't even think of themselves as participation is better than insult because insult is temporary.
So it's better to remove total fear of getting mistaken because it will only hurt you.
Don't afraid that something you will miss because if you miss anything that's not any issue.
Problem arises when you don't say the thing which you remember from the bottom of your heart.


Sometimes people become uncomfortable due to the circumstances that they face during their journey of speech on stage.
There can be different aspects of discomfort
Maybe they focus on others reactions in the crowd or different type of decorations on that area.
So be comfortable and think them familiar to you,.this problem occurs only when you make difference among people and objects and don't give everyone same importance.

5) confidence

Lack of confidence is the most efficient reason why one don't able speak accurately among crowd.
Confidence is like a tree if it's small then you won't get any fruit but if it's big you will get unlimited fruits.

fruitbaby plant

If we will try to find out the reason for failing in public speaking then it will not last.
So I have demonstrated the only main common reasons which people do during public speaking speech.

Now let's see what's necessary for public speaking or what others who speak fluently do

Confidence is extremely important because confidence is like a lamp whose light once gone due to obstacles like wind then their will be only darkness no morning.

Use the power of mind because nothing is more powerful than it is in this world.

While speaking on stage one should only focus on his knowledge of particular topic instead of other thoughts with full confidence that you know everything and whole surrounding is familiar to you.


If in one sentence I need to summarise everything I would say with your full confidence and after attaining knowledge about what you are going to speak go on stage and put your whole attention of mind on the thoughts coming out of it by removing attention from watching the camera or lots of crowded people watching you.

If you understand just previous sentence no more need to ask question on how to improve public speaking

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