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Top amazing Android apps to make your life easy and interesting Join unlimited amazing WhatsApp groups The first th...

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Monday, 24 September 2018

Most amazing 25 apps to solve your daily life issues

Top amazing Android apps to make your life easy and interesting

Join unlimited amazing WhatsApp groups

The first thing anyone who is using smartphone wants to be connected with more and more people to enjoy their time.
That's why this app is at the top of the list because everyone will need it.

Through this app you can join unlimited WhatsApp groups and meet and interact with more and more people.

The best part of this app is that there is no limit on how many WhatsApp groups you want to join and also most groups are active and filled.

Record beautiful images and videos from any camera

We have enabled a habit to click pictures daily and share that with our friends and relatives.
But not everytime we are well dressed up and fresh or ready to click pictures.
Sometimes we are not at lighting area or some other problems.

In that case we really need this app.
Through different unique filters found on this app it clicks amazing beautiful pictures irrespective of what camera your are using.

Create professional thumbnails for YouTube on Android

If you are a youtuber and don't invest more time with pc then this app is especially for you.
Whenever you upload videos you need to add thumbnail also.And this app is amazing for that purpose because through this app you can make any kind of professional thumbnails you want.

Create unlimited fake mobile numbers and accounts

If you want to contact others without revealing your personal identity then this app is definitely for you either you are boy or girl.

Best text to speech app to convert written text into computer voice

This app lets you create different voices of male or female or child using the text provided by you.
It will speak according to their voice set.
You can even filter voices by using additional effects like echo,tuner etc.

Learn to code any programming language with fun

If you are interesting in coding then this app is must for you because through smartphone only you can learn all the programming languages,different data structure and algorithms and can even communicate with other programmers worldwide.

Share anything from one device to another without spending data

This app is most famous and useful app if you want your files(images,movies,apps etc) to be shared to other smartphone devices and vice versa offline in just a minute.

Create powerful body without going gym

To overcoming any physical problem you need to be fit and this app is just awesome in giving you powerful flexible fit body.
Use this app regularly step by step as instructed to become powerful.

Learn English within a day

Struggling to speak or read english then this app is a gem which instructs you step by step most important things to speak and write fluent english

Join girls WhatsApp groups

If you have no surrounding of girls around you then this app will be amazing for you because it helps to get WhatsApp numbers of all the girls around your area to enable friendship with them.

Join unlimited active WhatsApp groups

The first thing anyone who is using smartphone wants to be connected with more and more people to enjoy their time.
That's why this app is at the top of the list because everyone will need it.

Through this app you can join unlimited WhatsApp groups and meet and interact with more and more people.

The best part of this app is that there is no limit on how many WhatsApp groups you want to join and also most groups are active and filled.

Be notified with every single latest news on your phone

Only this app is needed if you want to get latest news everytime on all the topics clearly.

Get beautiful girls WhatsApp numbers

If you have no surrounding of girls around you then this app will be amazing for you because it helps to get WhatsApp numbers of all the girls around your area to enable friendship with them.

Get your nearby girls WhatsApp numbers

If you have no surrounding of girls around you then this app will be amazing for you because it helps to get WhatsApp numbers of all the girls around your area to enable friendship with them.

Create and delete unlimited contacts

The first thing anyone who is using smartphone wants to be connected with more and more people to enjoy their time.
That's why this app is at the top of the list because everyone will need it.

Through this app you can join unlimited WhatsApp groups and meet and interact with more and more people.

The best part of this app is that there is no limit on how many WhatsApp groups you want to join and also most groups are active and filled.

Get every costly books for free to read

Do you love reading books but don't have enough money to buy all your loved books then no problem your smartphone will help you to read all amazing paid books for free using this app.

Get Es file explorer pro to manage secret hidden files

Your smartphone may have file explorer to find all kind of stored files in you device but this es file explorer is amazing.
It can help fetch unknown data of other apps too and also have many more features which enablea us to install it.

Start coding on your Android through this app

Do you love coding but don't have laptop to create apk and programs then this app is especially for you because through this app you can create websites,applications and programs and even games using your android app only.

Play chess online with whole world to increase your brain power

Do you love playing chess then why not join our biggest chess community where many experiences players play chess among others.

Az screen recorder pro without ads and live camera feature/no root

If you want to record whatever happening in you android screen with your face then this app is best for you because it has many more features like live streaming.

Download Instagram videos on Android for free

If you want to download your friends and relatives uploaded videos then it's very easily done by this app.
Must try.

Message your WhatsApp friends offline

Many times you are unable to reply your friends due to many problems and your friends may think you have ego.
But through this app you can auto reply your friends even when you are not online.

So that was the list of amazing apps
I hope you loved it so share it with your friends also because maybe they also needed these types of apps to overcome their daily life problems.

Saturday, 25 August 2018

Shortcut trick to earn 1000$ per month without investment

If you have proper dedication and determination then earning money is nothing but still we should have ability to grab chance whenever given don't refuse otherwise you will regret in future.

I am also giving you a useful chance to become self dependent by earning enough money per month required for living
And if you used this strategy as I said then no-one can stop you from earning 500-1000$ per month easily.

So let's start without wasting time

Tools required:

GBwhatsapp app
1000 WhatsApp groups
Android smartphone
Good network connection
TextNow app
Registration on website.
Trending or most watchable topics


First of all download gbwhatsapp which is a different version of WhatsApp where you have more reach of features.

After downloading install it and it will ask for phone number now.
Don't put your actual phone number to sign in there instead use TextNow app to generate a free virtual phone number of USA for security purpose and other reasons that may harm you.

So through that virtual number you can hide your real identity.

For creating virtual number you don't need to do much just download and install TextNow app and follow the instructions suggested by app to create you virtual number.

Now use this number to create WhatsApp account on GB WhatsApp.

Now your WhatsApp is empty you have no messages ,groups etc but don't worry within a day only you will have loads of messages and groups  which you have to handle.

Join 500-1000 active WhatsApp groups which have at least 200 members in each group easily .

See here how you can join unlimited WhatsApp groups easily without any admins permission using WhatsApp group link.
You can also visit my YouTube channels timeline to see some most effective ways to join groups easily at one place only.

So now you have joined enough whatsapp groups.Right!!!

Now you need to find the topics which people are mostly interested in.
You may take help of Google,Facebook,Twitter trends to see what's trending now.
You may even go for adult topics or videos.

Now join website and get ready.

Now whatever topic you choose to take just copy links of that topics content or even videos and then paste it on the website.

It will give you a link now you need to share those links to all whatsapp groups you have joined at once which will give at least 1000 views by sharing once.
And will pay 2$ for 1000 views on an average.

Although it's mentioned in the website that maximum rate is
 160$ per 10000 UK views
100$ per 10000 European countries views
80$ per 10000 remaining countries views.

But as I have used it I have seen on an average 2$ per 1000 views rate.

For best conversion you may use
I mean you shorten the link from your interesting chosen topic from and then use shortened link on so that gives you another shortened link.

As is more reputed link people will not hesitate to click on that link which will lead to more views equivalent to more revenue.

Now let me prove you through logic how much revenue you can make through this method.

Suppose you have joined 1000 groups which have 200 members in each leads to
1000*200=0.2 million people reach.

As I have seen if you share any interesting topics once then easily you get atleast 1000 views from 1000 groups,it may go to more than that but we suppose 1000 views only.

On an average I told you rate is 2$ per 1000 views.

So if you share once to all groups you get 2$.

If you shared it 10 times a day only you will earn 20$ in a day which means 600$ per month.

If your message is being shared by others  and gone viral then you can't even think how much money you can make.
But let's keep that apart because that's an exception it happens rarely to anyone.

Problems that may occur.

Now this method seems easy but some problems may occur which can lead you to failure.

If you don't have good smartphone and network connection then it will be difficult for you to share and get views.

So I would suggest have good one and if still you can't get good one then see my sharing strategy below to sustain even on poor Android smartphone and internet connection.

How to share

As I had asked you to download gbwhatsapp for extra features then I hope you have downloaded that.

In normal WhatsApp you can send message to 256 members only at once but through GB WhatsApp you can even send to 1000 members or groups at once.

But if your smartphone takes more time to load and send messages then you should use whatsapp group broadcast option in gbwhatsapp.

That broadcast option will help to send your messages to every groups you have instantly. But you can't send picture and videos there,only text allowed to avoid overloading and easy message sending even on poor internet connection.

Millionaire in one day strategy.

It's said in cricket that if you hit ball on right moment then only you can get boundaries which means timing is very important.

This thing is also effective here.

For example if you shared some message or  viral script on any message related special event then it will be most effective and can make your message go viral.

Suppose I shared some websites which is made to celebrate on new year on new year day only then it have high chance that people will share it even more which lead that message to go viral which means we can become millionaire through this method in a single day.

I think I have given you enough resource and knowledge to earn money easily so don't ask me everytime how to make money.
But still if you have any doubt about this method feel free to ask me by commenting below.

I will share any other startegy as I get to goodluck and enjoy.

Share this blogpost with your friends too and help them make money easily too.


Start now

Thursday, 9 August 2018

100+ active USA WhatsApp group links

As you all know that we can join any WhatsApp groups through group links directly without the need of any group admin it's easy to join groups.

But it's tough to join groups of other foreign countries especially USA.

So in this blog post I am going to share active USA WhatsApp group links to join to get traffic from USA to promote their.

USA WhatsApp group links

Watch out the list below and join as soon as possible otherwise it will be filled.

Miss usa
Usa today
Usa live work , and study
Usa beauty
Only Usa girl
Viral usa
Usa job
Know usa
Usa tv news
Usa ultimate
Miss usa
America go talent
We love usa
Usa trick

American whatsapp groups links

Usa market
The USA my country
USA flag
America hotel
Add me America
Worker of America
Job in the USA
Add friend the USA
America in the 1950s
Weapon USA
America exotic

American whatsapp group number

English and USA girl
Unlimited time America
Bitcoin America
Dating group the USA
America beauty
Made in the USA
I love America
Viral American
USA America
World USA
USA football
America entertainment
The daily USA
USA Wrestling
Know about the USA

American whatsapp group link 18+

America captain
Whirlpool USA
USA Archery

I will share more group links soon.

Sunday, 5 August 2018

Enlighten your luck within a minute through this magical trick

Have you ever played destiny related games like Cards,Roulette,ludo etc and imagined why some people wins and other loose.
Many times it also happens that same people wins more and same people loses most.

Here whatever I will explain is not just any kind of rubbish superstition while its based on Scientific proof so hold your attention because this upcoming couple of minutes can design your future in the most successful way.

So let's start Enlighten your luck

World vibrance law.

Do you know that each and every particle of this universe vibrates in different frequencies(rate of movement in a second).

Yes thats true and our human body particles also does the same.

Scientifically it's proved that the healthy person have 60-72 MHz vibrational frequency.

If our body particles frequency decreases from 60 mhz we start getting depressed and our luck also get vanish.

But if our body's frequency has been increased than 72 mhz then we achieve high vibrational state which is the reason for attracting high vibrational states like happiness in all situation.

This is what which is called a force called luck.
Inline vibration state the force is low but as we achieve high vibrational state the luck force dramatically increases and increase our luck as much as it can according to the luck force.

Different persons have different vibrational frequencies which is why some are extremely luck but some are not.

Now you may be asking is there any way to increase our body vibrational frequency or increase luck.

Answer is absolutely yes let's see some beneficial and easy ways below.

Methods to increase our vibrations.

Listen music.

Music is the easiest ways to overcharge you through its deep meaning and sensitive tunes which sends you to high vibrational tonal state and hence increase your luck.

So create a habit to listen to most amazing songs daily at least half an hour.

Note that not only music but watching or listening anything(movie eye catching scenes,amazing magic,unbelievable stunts etc) which is capable of filling energy in your body is beneficial for achieving high vibrational state.

Think super positive

Being positive sends positive waves in your brain which is important in increasing frequency.
So that's why people suggests to always be in positive state.
If your mind is not well meditated then you may get negative thoughts so whenever any negative thoughts comes convert it to positive.

Like you got insulted in office then think that your boss is so caring to you,he only scolded you so that you can become better and not removed from office so your luck was good.

Your coach punished you to run 20 rounds of field then think that your fitness will increase after making 20 rounds.

Always think that whatever happened was cool,what is happening is great and what will happen will be the best.

Avoid negative people and grab positive people.

Not only your thoughts but also your environment  can affect your vibrational state.

If you spend most time with those people with negative mindset and give attention to their thoughts then his negative mindset after entering your brain slows down your vibrational frequency and hence your luck will be worst.

So as soon as possible leave negative persons company and join those with positive mindset.

  Create Energy through anger,blowing sweat etc..

Increase your energy by doing more human efforts and become angry.

Are you scaring at me and wants to say that how anger can be beneficial in increasing luck as everyone says to be happy.

Yes being happy is also a way to increase vibrational frequency which is explained below in later point but anger is more beneficial,let's see how?

I don't mean to say that become angry and and start doing massacre everywhere and speak everyone rudely and increase your full anger to everyone unnecessarily.

Being angry here means react to anything with logic and become internally very very angry to solve that situation.

After becoming angry internally your brain will help increase your vibrational frequency very much so thats why it's advised to solve any problem with full anger internally but externally be calm and happy.

For example you are participating in a race then become internally very angry to increase vibrational state and hence your luck force will start helping you to win that race.

Heat is harmful if we unnecessarily use it everywhere on anyones body or on any device but it's beneficial if we use it logically on cooking food,running vehicles.

Similarly anger is beneficial if you use it properly.
I hope you get it.


For increasing vibrational frequency meditation is the best way including yoga and pranayam.

These methods can increase your vibrational state permanently.
This method is single handedly the winner of all methods as for doing all methods
If you do meditation then it eases your efforts.

Enjoy every moment.

Whatever you do do it with enjoyment and make it a habit whenever you do any work,just do it passionately.

This passion will keep you energetic and hence increase vibrational state and luck.

You can invent your own methods too for increasing frequency.

Increasing luck and creating destiny is two different things.

Yes you can increase your luck by these methods and whenever in a lottery someone wins and and other looses is due to this change in vibrational frequency of different persons.

Those with the high frequency will win more times that one with less frequency.


Creating destiny is other thing.

Destiny can be created only through your decisions and karma ( work).

Let's understand it with the examples

Suppose there is two person John and rockey.

John has high vibrational frequency because he applies all the methods to achieve high vibrational state.
He wants to create a computer game but he spends most time in playing games than learning to create games.

But Rockey has an average frequency between 60-72 mhz.
He also wants to create games and spends most of the time learning how to design best games.

After 1 month both decided to create a cool game.

Now I ask you the question who will create best game John or rockey?

Obviously Rockey although he has less vibrational frequency.

The problem with John is he is not creating destiny but Rockey does.

If John also creates destiny by at least giving enough time needed to learn all essential parts of game making then John will win definitely although Rockey gave more time learning it due to high frequency of John.

Thursday, 2 August 2018

Detect who is really intelligent in just 3 steps?-Intelligence definition

Being practical and simpler can crack any kind of unachievable path easily and that's what is the basic introduction of an intelligent guy.

But wait... It's not the correct explanation.

There are basically 3 steps which an intelligent guy follows but foolish people misses.

So let's start understanding one by one.

A great listener

I can guarantee you that almost all successful people in any field will always be a great listener.

And the most foolish people always interrupt others and never try to listen anything.

The example of the greatest listener is none other than our Lord Krishna who has shown how good listener he is in Bhagwad gita where he almost listened at the whole starting part and never tried to interrupt arjun as he was explaining.

So best listener are those who listens carefully with full attention before speaking.

The logic behind understanding a good listener an intelligent guy because without listening you can't reach the first step and never be able to solve any issue.

Listening is not limited to only different people's perception but also our  innerself opinion.

Once we have listened properly we can say that we are 1/3 intelligent and overcome first stepping stone.


Now Only listening to others will not help and don't increase our intelligence.
 It's just a first step forward in becoming an intelligent human being.

After listening everything about any particular situation we need to understand each opinion through every perspective.

It means before speaking or making out any decision we need to understand everything through all directions.

Let me tell you through an example.

The sun seems to be orange  from earth at starting but soon it becomes yellow and at last becomes red.

If we just see it through one perspective or direction then we will say it's orange and start telling everyone rubbish that its orange.

But until and unless we see it through every perspective and understand through all directions and ways we can't get a real solution.

So an intelligent guy watches everything through all perspective and then learn the truth that the sun actually is white and show different colors at different position due to refraction.


Hope you have understood the previous 2 steps.

The last is the most crucial step which should be must have step otherwise you will be trapped and unable to take right decision every time.

Most people don't overcome this step mainly in underdeveloped and developing countries.

They listen and understand whatever they are needed.

For example if he reads anywhere about a person some bad thing then he accepts that and become a puppet of whoever who is reading him that data.
He should analyse by his own that whether he is actually wrong or not through the data(listening and understanding).

So this step of analysing is very important but it's also incomplete without previous 2 steps of listening and understanding every aspect.

Now those who try all these 3 methods before taking any decision are meant to be an intelligent person.

But I know you may have one question which is that if everyone uses these 3 steps properly then all will become Intelligent.
Then how we can say that who are more intelligent than others.

So there is a simple answer for this question.

After listening and understanding as much needed or as much  data present,the one who analyses to farthest extent will be more intelligent than others.

If you don't understand then let me show you an example.

I hope you have played chess or at least  may have seen others playing.

In chess after listening opponents steps and understanding chess rules the one who analyse most steps than opponent will definitely win .

Let's say I managed to think or analyse the 4 upcoming step of one of my wazir and opponent only managed to think about 2 steps then there are more chances than I will lead over him.

It also depends that how well played planned your each analysation is.

If I analyse only once but my analysation is very well planned than my opponent who analyse 4 times.

Then my one analysation should be 4 times well planned or beneficial than opponent to compete with him.

Although it's seen that the more analysation you have then their are more chances for you to succeed.

For example- suppose I face enemy on all 4 side and my opponent also face enemy from 4 sides.

I have 4 ways to tackle with each of them but my opponent only have one way to tackle with them.
Then there are without any doubt 4 times more chances that I will come alive and he will die unless his one way or analysation is 4 times well planned than my each analysation and sufficient to tackle all 4 of enemies which is very very rare.

And that's why it's told that one with more analysation never loose.

So for facing any problem always keep at least 3 analysation  can save you from problem.
If first analysation didn't worked then try 2nd and if that not worked then 3rd and keep going on like most intelligent and kNowledgeable person like chanakya who defeated most powerful king of the era "Alexander" through his power of analysations.

For using these 3 steps we need human power which is already placed in our human body and thats why we say that everyone has the potential to become intelligent.

Actually no one is intelligent or foolish basically someone have more knowledge and some have less knowledge.

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

All the tremendous ways to find trending topics easily using some free tools

Trends on internet always help us to know what's going on internet without having an eye on every topics stats which is very helpful for blogger to find trending topics and use it to increase their audience gathering fast without doing any seo.
In this blogpost I will explain all the ways through which you can find trending contents on every kind of category,

So Let's start learning to find trending topics

find trending topics

find trending topics using Google trends

Googles own tools is always a special one in order to get most out of it in any category.
In order to find trending topics on Google nothing better than Google trends can help you to solve this issue.
All you need to do to find trending topics is just go to Google trends.You will see the homepage where it will show all the lates trending things available.
The thing which you need to know here is that you can search for trending contents according to different countries and all countries too and with every different categories like tech,sports etc.
This will help to gather trending niche related info for more clarity.
You can go to three horizontal lines menu and click on it you will see the option of trending searches where you will find the trending searches of 1 day,1 week and 1 month.
Also you can find YouTube's trending videos here.

Social Media trends

Social Media trends can be little different than search engine trends so having way to find trending topics from social media is also important.
There are only few social media sites where we should focus for trending social media content.
Let's see

Facebook trends

find trending topics using Facebook

Facebook is undoubtedly the most used and most famous social media website and finding trending content here is not a rocket science.
All you need to do is go to the homepage of Facebook and open in desktop view,you will see an option of trending content in Facebook where you can check the most viral and latest trending contents.

twitter trends

find trending topics using Twitter

Twitter is another great place for finding trending contents using hashtags.Mainly in social media websites hashtags play a keyrole in finding or expressing trends.
Hashtag is nothing but just # symbol before any keywords.
You need to just go to the homepage of Twitter where you will see the option trends for you in the left sidebar.
Keyhole is a great tool in Twitter which helps to get each and every important values of different trending hashtags.
 find trending topics

You need to just put the keyword for which you wanted to gather trending informations and click on search.
Then you will see all the trending latest tweets,users interactions,impressions,demographics,users interests etc.

find trending topics using Reddit

reddit trends

Reddit is also called the front page of internet because almost every content goes viral after sharing through this place only and that's why this place is must to find trending topics on almost all types of categories.
It's speciality is that that it has large number of subreddits or categories where you can find trending contents on any kind of topic.
Go to Reddit and click on every subreddits in it on top,you will see the most trending content there.
Also you can search for shorter subreddits in search options.

find trending topics using Google+

Last but not the least Google plus is also in the race to find trending topics although it's not over used like Facebook,it's worth to use for our purpose as it's Google product.
Just go to Google plus and watch the what's hot for you section there to find trending topics.

Buzzsumo trending contents


To find trending contents or articles on internet buzzsumo is the one and only great resource which analyses the most shared content on  internet among all websites and provide the result of articles according to the number of shares it got.
You just need to go to buzzsumo and search any particular keyword and it will show you the results according to the more number of shares.

find trending topics using Social mention

Social mention tool

Social mention trend

social mention

Social mention is the search engine for finding not only trending content but also other related keywords.
It can find not only most trending keywords but also trending blogs,questions,images,videos etc things so it's worth of using to get trending content info.
You need to just search the keyword and select the category so that you can get the desired result.

Saturday, 10 February 2018

Learn the best way to drive traffic to your website for free

Hello everyone in this article I am going to share one of the easiest ways to get atleast 1000 views guaranteed genuine real high conversion traffic anywhere(url,social media profile and pages,YouTube videos)

Traffic is the root of your effectiveness on internet,without traffic you are nothing on internet so always work harder to have a better audience gathering and it's mostly dependent on your content.

The traffic making strategy which I am going to tell here is not from Google nor from social media sites and you need not to do any hard work to get it so let's start

best way to drive traffic to your website

best way to drive traffic to your website for free

In starting let me tell you in short what we are going to do in this method to drive traffic to your website.
We will download 1 image related to ok our content and share this image with a url to our related posts where we wanted views to a very nice place where easily on an average every shared image gets at least 1000 views a day.

Now let's see

First of all you need to choose the destination of your url and the topic of your content.

For example- I am choosing a blogpost about creating free wordpress site

After choosing the topic you need to go to Google images and search for any attractive high quality images related to your content or url where you are going to get traffic


Optional step

You can go to which is Google url shortener where you can check how much traffic or clicks you got and from what type of source.

url shortener

You need to just share the destination url where you are going to get traffic here and shorten that url.

Now whenever you click on that short url stats it will show you all interactions happened on it.

It's your wish to use url shortener shorten url or direct same url.

After that go to a photo sharing websites named imgur and create account their by signup through your email I'd.


Then click on new post and select upload images options,now browse the image you downloaded and just click in it so it will get uploaded.


Give the uploaded image a title
And a description,In description type an eye catchy title with link to the destination url forcing the viewers of photo to have more that same content by reaching your website post by clicking on that link.

After that just click on share to community and let the image get uploaded to the community.

Now leave that and check the image by reloading after just 5 minutes how much views it got.


In my experience any type of images on an average gets atleast 1000 views in a day.There is a system of upvote and downvotes on imgur just like like and dislike.
The more upvote any image gets the more visibility or views it gets.

So if you are able to choose extraordinary image and it got many upvotes after uploading on imgur then you can get unlimited views in millions within a day only so it depends how much efficient your work is.

After reloading you can check that it got 33 Views only within 2 minutes so you can imagine yourself how much views it can get within a day

I hope you use this best way to drive traffic to your website to get success easily online to grow audience and make money.

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